Silently suffering from hearing loss negatively affects quality of life

first_imgShare on Facebook Email Share LinkedIn Pinterestcenter_img Share on Twitter Hearing loss in adults is under treated despite evidence that hearing aid technology can significantly lessen depression and anxiety and improve cognitive functioning, according to a presentation at the American Psychological Association’s 123rd Annual Convention.“Many hard of hearing people battle silently with their invisible hearing difficulties, straining to stay connected to the world around them, reluctant to seek help,” said David Myers, PhD, a psychology professor and textbook writer at Hope College in Michigan who lives with hearing loss.In a National Council on Aging study of 2,304 people with hearing loss, those who didn’t wear hearing aids were 50 percent more likely to suffer from sadness or depression than people who did wear them, he said. Additionally, hearing aid users were much more likely to participate in social activities regularly. Although a genetic condition caused him to start losing his hearing as a teenager, Myers did not get hearing aids until he was in his 40s. Like many hard of hearing people, he resisted hearing technology. People wait an average of six years from the first signs of hearing loss before getting treatment, according to the National Center for Health Statistics, and adults with hearing loss between the ages of 20 and 69 are half as likely as adults 70 or older to use hearing aids, Myers said. Besides denial, vanity and less awareness of how much they are missing are some reasons for the delay, he added.“Anger, frustration, depression and anxiety are all common among people who find themselves hard of hearing,” Myers said. “Getting people to use the latest in hearing aid technology can help them regain control of their life, and achieve emotional stability and even better cognitive functioning.”Myers cited another study published in the Archives of Neurology that found hearing loss could also be a risk factor for dementia. Scientists who conducted the study said years of sensory loss leaves people more susceptible to dementia. Additionally, the social isolation common among the hard of hearing is another known risk factor for dementia and other cognitive disorders, he said.A technology known as a hearing loop could also help those with hearing loss become more social and involved, said Myers. Like Wi-Fi for hearing aids, the technology uses an inductive loop to transmit sound signals directly into an in-ear hearing aid or cochlear implant, where it is received by an inductive device called a telecoil. Efforts over the last dozen years to have hearing loops installed in public places around the U.S. have gained momentum in recent years with new American manufacturers stepping up to design and market hearing loop amplifiers for a wide variety of installations, from home TV rooms and taxis to auditoriums and airports.The loop system, which enables hearing aids to serve as wireless speakers, is popular in Great Britain and Scandinavia but less widespread in the U.S. Proponents of the system say it works especially well in public spaces with background noise or reverberant sound, such as train stations and places of worship. Myers’ hearing loop advocacy has contributed to more than 500 hearing loop installations in Michigan. He has also supported Hearing Loss Association of America efforts to advocate for hundreds of installations in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Minnesota, New Mexico, Utah, Washington state and even in New York City taxicabs, as well as the chambers of the U.S. House of Representatives and the Supreme Court.“Making public spaces directly hearing aid accessible is psychologically important for people with hearing loss,” Myers said.last_img read more

Race and gender of scientists affect perception of credibility

first_imgShare on Facebook Share Pinterest In a series of five studies, Aquino and his co-authors asked more than 900 participants in the United States, Canada and India to read research reports that included photos of researchers that varied by gender or race. Participants then evaluated researchers’ credibility. Their ideological leanings from elitist to egalitarian were gauged in a separate survey asking if they agreed with statements like, “It’s OK if some groups have more of a chance in life than others,” or “We should strive to make incomes as equal as possible.”In the Indian sample, Aquino and his co-authors varied the researchers’ caste instead of race or gender and also assessed whether people endorsed socialist or conservative political parties.Importantly, the perceived credibility of the researcher impacted how the participants interpreted subsequent social situations.Aquino says a key finding was that the people whose ideologies colour their perceptions are those with the most extreme ideologies, at either end of the spectrum.“Elitists and egalitarians are equally susceptible to evaluating people in ways that reinforce their beliefs,” said Aquino. “In the business world, the statements made by academic experts can influence decisions, so it’s vital to be aware of how ideology influences whether people believe what comes from the mouth of an academic.”The study, “What Makes Professors Appear Credible: The Effect of Demographic Characteristics and Ideological Beliefs,” co-authored by UBC Sauder PhD alumnus Luke Zhu, Aquino and Abhijeet Vadera is forthcoming in the Journal of Applied Psychology. Emailcenter_img Ideology is a key factor in determining how people assess the credibility of scientific researchers, according to a new UBC Sauder School of Business study.People who tend toward an elitist world view are more inclined to judge white male researchers as more credible, while people who ascribe to egalitarian beliefs are the opposite: they’re more likely to judge women or people of colour as more credible researchers.“Our studies suggest that belief systems affect how we judge academics in ways we may not be aware of,” said study co-author Karl Aquino, the Richard Poon Professor of Organizations and Society at UBC Sauder. “People might believe in the merits of research, but biases can still overpower logic and prevent people from evaluating scholars objectively.” Share on Twitter LinkedInlast_img read more

Church of England appoints Jamaican-born as first black female bishop

first_img Faith Leaders’ Consultation convened in Guyana on… Share this:PrintTwitterFacebookLinkedInLike this:Like Loading… Read more at: The Guardian You may be interested in… Jun 3, 2019 Rose Hudson-Wilkin, born in Jamaica, will be consecrated in November as bishop of Dover (The Guardian) The Church of England’s first black female bishop has been appointed by Downing Street. Rose Hudson-Wilkin, the chaplain to the Speaker of the House of Commons, was announced as the new bishop of Dover. Church of England’s first black woman bishop calls for… Jul 2, 2019 Church of England’s first black woman bishop calls for more minority leaders(BBC) The leadership of the Church of England needs to better reflect the minorities who make up its congregations, the UK’s first black female bishop has said. Caribbean-born Reverend Rose Hudson-Wilkin said her appointment should broadcast how diverse the Church was. She described being racially abused in the street recently,…July 2, 2019In “General”Saluting our Women – Trinidad and Tobago PM Kamla Persad-Bissessar  The Honourable Kamla Persad-Bissessar, Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, is the seventh and current Prime Minister of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. She was sworn in as Prime Minister on May 26, 2010 and is the country’s first female Prime Minister. Persad-Bissessar is the political leader of…March 8, 2015In “Associate Member States”‘Black Panther’ inspires Suriname NGO to push education, youth developmentThe Black Panther movie has inspired a group of concerned people in Suriname to sponsor more than 1, 000 local students to see the blockbuster, news outlet Caribbean News Now has reported. Caribbean people, from The Bahamas to Guyana, are among the actors in the  highly acclaimed, superhero movie. Produced by…March 23, 2018In “CARICOM”Share this on WhatsApp Hudson-Wilkin, who was born in Jamaica, was introduced by Justin Welby, the archbishop of Canterbury, at St George’s C of E school in Broadstairs, Kent. He described her appointment as “groundbreaking and historic” and said it was one of the most exciting appointments the church had made for a long time. The new bishop and Welby spent 40 minutes answering questions from pupils. Hudson-Wilkin said she saw herself as “pretty ordinary – not necessarily ‘the black priest’ – but a priest with the good fortune to be black”.last_img read more

In pursuit of the civil

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Horizon Lines terminates five ship charter agreements

first_imgThe companies said that the deal will offer Ship Finance, the owner and operator of the 2,824 teu container ships that were built in Korea in 2006, warrants exercisable into ten percent of the common stock of the restructuring Horizon Lines, Inc and USD40 million in second lien notes.”Ship Finance will become a large stakeholder in the restructured Horizon Lines and expects to benefit from both the interest on the notes as well as the value of securities received,” said the chief executive of Ship Finance Management AS, Ole B. Hjertaker.”The redelivery of the five vessels to Ship Finance will enable Horizon Lines to focus entirely on its core domestic U.S Jones Act container market, and Horizon Lines should be well positioned to deliver positive results going forward,” Hjertaker said.Charlotte-based Horizons Lines says it has completed transactions with over 99 percent of its noteholders that will slash USD188.4 million worth of the shipping company’s debt.”The significant deleveraging resulting from these transactions greatly improves the company’s cash flow and liquidity, allowing for greater financial flexibility and stability,” said Michael T. Avara, executive vice president and chief financial officer for Horizon Lines.last_img read more

Family in need of help after fire destroys home

first_imgBonita Adams, left, shows the damage to neighbour Rowena Stoffels and activist Roegshanda Pascoe. A Manenberg family are in dire straits after a fire destroyed a wendy house in their backyard – and with the country in lockdown, it has added to the challenge of getting assistance.Bonita Adams said she and her family must slowly pick up the pieces. Her daughter, Crystal Adams, and her five children were now forced to move intothe main house, which does not have the necessary space for them. Ms Adams said she is grateful that none of her five grandchildren, between the ages of 13 years and 15 months, were harmed. “Things were challenging before, but now it is even more difficult for us. I appreciate the people who gave donations of clothing and we are really grateful for that. We don’t have clothes for the youngest of my grandchildren – the 15-month-old baby girl – and I would appreciate any assistance,” she said.Activist Roegshanda Pascoe said she was informed about the fire, and met with the family to see how she could assist. She put out an appeal on social media, and arranged with Manenberg SAPS that the police station could be used as a drop-off point.“I stepped up because there are children involved. I would like to thank all those who assisted the family. The day of the fire, I was praying for a miracle, because the family did not even have food to eat that day. Somebody donated money, and by the grace of God, the family was able to have a meal on Thursday evening. Someone also donated a single mattress, which we are grateful for. “With the lockdown in place, it was a challenge, because people wanted to know where to drop off donations. Luckily those who could, dropped off donations at Manenberg SAPS, and a police officer at the station also went beyond the call of duty to go to some people to collect donations. We are grateful for this. Our heartfelt thanks go out to all those who reached out and assisted the family,” Ms Pascoe said.At the time of going to print, the City of Cape Town’s Fire and Rescue Services could not confirm the cause of the fire.last_img read more

​Crackdown on corrupt lawyers who help criminals

first_imgSolicitors and other professionals who collude with criminal gangs could face up to five years in prison under legislation to be proposed by the Home Office.A serious crime bill, expected to be announced in tomorrow’s Queen’s Speech, will create an offence of ‘participation in an organised crime group’ to catch professionals who assist gangsters.Prosecutors will have to prove defendants had ‘reasonable grounds to suspect’ they were helping criminals carry out their activitiesThe bill will include tougher measures to seize criminal assets and to close loopholes that enable criminals to hang onto their gains.The Home Office said lawyers, accountants and other professionals assist criminals by failing to ask questions about why their services are required and then claiming they were unaware of what was going on.Home Office minister Karen Bradley said: ‘Nobody is above the law. But for too long corrupt lawyers, accountants and other professionals have tried to evade justice by hiding behind a veneer of respectability. ‘This new offence sends out a clear message to those individuals – if you are helping to oil the wheels of organised crime, you will be prosecuted and face being jailed.’President of the London Criminal Courts Solicitors’ Association, Nicola Hill, said the move was unnecessary. ‘There is already legislation to catch these people. All this will create is more red tape and legislation for those who abide by the rules.’Chairman of the Law Society’s criminal law committee Richard Atkinson said: ‘Without seeing the detail it’s difficult to see how this will make significant difference to the way lawyers will behave. ‘Are they seeking to impose on lawyers and other professionals a duty to enquire into the workings of their clients?’last_img read more

‘No evidence’ to support standard of proof shift

first_imgThe Law Society has demanded to see proof that would justify making it easier to strike practitioners off the roll. Chancery Lane says that no evidence has yet been produced to support altering the standard of proof for cases going through the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal.The tribunal is expected to review the standard it applies towards the end of this year, with backing from the Solicitors Regulation Authority to switch from a criminal to a civil standard.The Society formal position has been and remains to support the criminal standard of proof, requiring prosecutions to be proved ’beyond reasonable doubt’.  But in a discussion paper published today  the representative body puts forward both sides of the argument and acknowledges there is a perception that the criminal standard protects solicitors rather than clients.The Society stresses that it has seen no evidence that current rules make it any more difficult to prosecute cases, pointing out that the SRA’s rate of successful prosecutions is very high.The Society is seeking members’ views on what position to take with the tribunal and says it is not enough to justify reform simply by asserting that the civil standard (upon the ‘balance of probabilities’) is applied in other professions.It adds: ‘The tribunal can strike solicitors off and impose fines of unlimited financial value; these sanctions can have a profound and lasting effect on solicitors, ending careers and impacting on livelihoods.’The paper suggests the nature of the tribunal – where the ‘full might’ of the regulator goes up against an individual solicitor – more closely resembles a criminal trial than civil proceedings.But it acknowledges the discrepancy whereby the SRA prosecutes less serious rule breaches by applying the civil standard. The Society puts forward a potential third option, drawn from the US, where the standard switches depending on circumstances.last_img read more

Trüberbrook review

first_imgCredit: Headup GamesAmerican quantum mechanics student Hans Tannhauser wins a vacation to a remote German Village known as Trüberbrook but he has no recollection of entering a competition to do so. Arriving in the village to work on his thesis, Hans notices that things are a little strange and following a theft from his hotel room, he gets pulled into the middle of a mystery that you have to help him solve.Trüberbrook is a new addition into the point-and-click adventure genre, which may be past its peak in terms of popularity but is still throwing up a few surprises here and there. The game immediately disarms you by not putting you in control of Hans. For the introduction you take control of Greta Lemke, a researcher on her way to Trüberbrook who eventually crosses paths with Hans and becomes his accomplice.Set in the 1960s, Trüberbrook aims for a Twin Peaks like feel and for the most part it achieves it. The game’s unique visual style is what will grab you first and it was created in a painstaking but effective way. The scenery is handmade and features more than 30 hand-crafted backgrounds. These were built as models and then digitised using a technique called photogrammetry, before being simplified for real-time rendering.Credit: Headup GamesInterestingly each scene features physical lighting too, which gives a more realistic feel for the passing of time while playing the game. Those touches are really effective and they do make the game quite beautiful to play through. It’s an impressive effort to go to and the game definitely benefits from it.The story of the game is interesting enough, unfurling slowly enough to keep you intrigued and providing some interesting twists and turns. It’s somewhat let down by the voice acting, which really lacks enthusiasm and conviction. Most of the actors sound half asleep, which is a shame as it makes the game feel as if it’s lacking in energy. The delivery of the voice actors is a little odd in places too.In terms of gameplay, it’s pretty standard point-and-click fare. To progress you need to search the environments and interact with people and objects. There are a series of puzzles throughout the game that you need to work out. Most of them are fairly obvious but as with all point-and-click adventures, there are a few that will leave you scratching your head as you try to figure it out. For the most part though it’s not insanely difficult and you don’t have to take too many leaps in logic to move forward.Credit: Headup GamesWhen interacting with other characters you are presented with a list of conversation points. The majority of the time you’ll get what you need by simply cycling through them all so there’s not a whole lot of skill required when you’re picking what to say. It’s more a test of patience as you wait for the conversations to unfold and play out.Trüberbrook features a Kids Mode, which removes some of the more adult items that appear throughout the game to make it more family friendly. This extends to characters smoking with all cigarettes absent if you switch to this mode.While visually it’s a stunning achievement, Trüberbrook lacks the genuine excitement that a point-and-click adventure can bring. When you think back to some of the genre’s best – Monkey Island springs to mind – Trüberbrook simply doesn’t have the charm and humour to fully win you over. It’s a decent enough experience to play through but it’s not the kind of game you’re going to be telling all of your friends about after you’ve played it. Weird and kooky, the game is definitely a little different but it never fully embraces its wacky side enough to make it truly memorable.Trüberbrook was reviewed using a digital code supplied by the publisher.Publisher: Headup Games Developer: btf Release Date: 18th April 2019 Reviewed On: PS4 Also Available On: Mac, PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One Buy Trüberbrooklast_img read more

What are Timothy Dalton’s top 15 roles outside of James Bond?

first_imgWe’ve already said why we love Timothy Dalton as Bond, and why he may even be the definitive Bond. But there’s way, way more to this fine actor than his portrayal of the super spy.I have to admit, even though I have been a fan of Timothy Dalton’s work for thirty years, I haven’t seen every role he ever played, so I won’t include in my roundup anything I haven’t seen. There are some glaring omissions. I’d love to see Permission to Kill, in which he shared screen time with another favourite of mine, Dirk Bogarde. I haven’t seen Brenda Starr, which he was making when he was offered Bond. Nor have I yet tuned in to his latest TV series Doom Patrol, or caught up with his turn in Chuck.Then there are a few performances in forgettable productions. I thought he and Joanne Whalley were the best things about the 1994 Scarlett, an indifferent sequel to Gone With The Wind. He was a fine Rhett Butler, but I’m afraid I gave up on that one. My distaste for the new Doctor Who left me in a quandary when he turned up in 2010 to play Rassilon. I hated the episode, but that’s hardly Tim’s fault. And for my money the nadir of his career is American Outlaws, but nobody came out of that movie well… (At least Sextette was deliberately bad. Wasn’t it?)There are a few other credits that nearly troubled the list, but which were bumped out in favour of something else. The Tourist is a decent film, but it doesn’t stand up to multiple viewings. Loony Tunes Back in Action is fun, especially as Dalton takes the mickey out of his James Bond persona, but the rest of the film is low on quality. The Beautician and the Beast sees Dalton excel at comedy, but there’s a much better example of that at number three…The following is a list in chronological order, most recent first. They are all productions that Dalton shines in, proves the range of his talents, and demonstrates the star power he brings to his profession.1. Penny Dreadful (2014-16)The big advantage of TV over film is that it gives actors more time to explore and expand their character, and viewing audiences get to spend longer in the company of their favourite actors. I always enjoyed Penny Dreadful, which ran for three seasons, but felt that it was right that it quit whilst it was ahead. Dalton’s Sir Malcolm Murray was a kind of Victorian Indiana Jones, or maybe even James Bond’s grandfather. Badass comes effortlessly to him. But we saw here too his paternalistic instincts for Vanessa Ives. The scenes Dalton shared with Eva Green were always electrifying – two fine actors who brought the best out of one another. Penny Dreadful was a series that was more hit than miss, and gave Dalton plenty of standout moments.2. Toy Story 3 & 4 (2010/2019)I wonder if Dalton was always at the top of the casting director’s list for the character of Mr Pricklepants, the rather uncertain hedgehog that he lends his voice to? His dulcet tones are immediately recognisable, but there’s nothing heroic or moody about Mr Pricklepants. This is Dalton playing completely against type, but doing it brilliantly. The Toy Story franchise is one of the most popular and lauded in cinema history, and each is a great film in its own right. It’s a boon for fans to see Dalton’s name attached to it.3. Hot Fuzz (2007)Deliberate efforts were made during Dalton’s tenure as Bond to tone down the humour of the Roger Moore era. A lazy assumption grew up that Dalton was humourless and couldn’t do comedy. Anyone holding to that view would do well to watch Hot Fuzz, which is perhaps Dalton’s most outrageously funny performance. The brainchild of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, who had previously made Shaun of the Dead and Spaced, Hot Fuzz sees rookie cops trying to solve a series of brutal murders in a quiet and idyllic English village. Dalton plays the egotistical manager of a supermarket, who has a taste for flash cars and clothes. Dalton’s showdown with Pegg in a miniature village is undoubtedly the highlight of the film. The all-star cast includes Billie Whitelaw, Edward Woodward, Jim Broadbent and Olivia Colman.4. Made Men (1999)Taken in its entirety, Made Men has its share of problems. But for fans of Timothy Dalton, it has its charms. Sheriff Dex Drier is about as badass as Dalton has ever been. There’s one scene in particular when he taunts the victim of a car accident whilst they are dangling from inside the wreckage, fuel leaking all around them. Needless to say, Dalton plays it brilliantly, and it’s inarguably the most memorable sequence in the movie, which is otherwise a run-of-the-mill potboiler. Check out that scene in the clip below.5. The Informant (1997)There have been painfully few dramas about The Troubles, and out of those that have been made, they tend to be partisan and agenda-pushing. The Informant (sometimes called The IRA Informant) takes a look at the British army’s involvement in Northern Ireland, and the activities of the IRA, with no romanticism or sentimentality. Dalton plays an edgy police inspector who wants to persuade a young IRA recruit to give evidence against his own. Cary Elwes plays a young British army officer who tries to win the confidence of the young terrorist, using friendship where Dalton’s blunt intimidation techniques have failed. There are some truly shocking moments in the film, which is taut, suspenseful, and captures something of the tragedy of The Troubles, and the fragility of peace in the region. Great to see Dalton is such an intelligent and thought-provoking drama.6. Framed (1992)This is a serial that converted me into being a firm fan of Dalton’s. Framed is a clever police thriller from the pen of Lynda La Plante. Dalton plays Eddie Myers, a top criminal on the police’s most wanted list. Young cop Larry Jackson (David Morrissey) can’t believe his luck when he identifies Myers and has him arrested. But his troubles are only just beginning. What plays out is a brilliant psychological drama in which the manipulative, charming and ingenious Myers attempts to win over Jackson, and persuade him to release him from custody. Who will crack first? This is a very strong performance from Dalton as – much like his James Bond – a charming yet amoral player who is capable of anything when it comes to self-preservation.7. The Rocketeer (1991)At face value, The Rocketeer is an unremarkable Hollywood family movie. What I love about it is that Dalton finally gets to unleash his inner Errol Flynn that we’ve long suspected has been there. As the villainous Nazi-cum-film star Neville Sinclair, he gets to swing about on ropes with a rapier swishing in his hand. It all makes everything worth it, even Billy Campbell’s rather turgid leading man performance.8. Hawks (1988)The film that Dalton made between his James Bond outings sees him playing a middle-aged man dying from cancer. His choice is reflective of the kind of actor Dalton has always been, seeing a duty to his trade to keep stretching himself and remain chameleonic. It’s hard to imagine that Bancroft is played by the same actor who would go on a revenge mission in Licence to Kill the following year. The sensitivity of the film, in dealing with premature death, is affecting. The subject matter has been covered in more detail, and better, in productions since Hawks, which can seem a little tame and far-fetched now. But Dalton and Anthony Edwards (of ER and Top Gun fame) are incredibly believable as two people forging a friendship out of the tragedy of their own sickness and impending deaths. No other Bond (with the exception of Daniel Craig) could have played the part and done it such justice.9. Florence Nightingale (1985)This slightly niche television production is still rather lavish, and benefits from having Dalton playing not only the love interest Richard Milnes, but also supplying the voiceover. Another favourite actor of mine is Jeremy Brett, best-remembered as the definitive Sherlock Holmes. Here he plays Florence’s father, and has scenes opposite Dalton – the production is worth it for that alone. Claire Bloom, Timothy West and Brian Cox are also part of a great cast. The end product doesn’t quite live up to the stellar cast, as it’s a touch saccharine and low on moments of high drama, but Dalton fans who haven’t seen it should check it out. He never looks out of place in period costume, does he?10. Jane Eyre (1983)In one of the earlier editions of board game Trivial Pursuit, a question posed was: “Which James Bond actor played Mr Rochester in Jane Eyre?” Although the other Bonds had considerable acting merits, a moment’s thought reveals that only Timothy Dalton could possibly have played a literary hero (Moore was excellent as Ivanhoe, but the part was swashbuckling rather than literary). The production is dated: the videotape medium on which the studio work was shot looks cheap now, though it was of course standard at the time. If you can look beyond the theatrical nature of TV drama of that era, the production is very good. Dalton is at his glowering, saturnine best as arguably the greatest and most memorable of the Bronte anti-heroes. It is a shame not much more was seen of Zelah Clarke, as she is a fine Jane Eyre, but it’s Dalton’s Rochester that lives on in the memory. For a whole generation, Dalton was Mr Rochester!11. Flash Gordon (1980)A great film and a cult classic, but something of a ‘good bad’ film, and probably about the campest production to bear Dalton’s name in its credits. That said, he plays to type as moody, bad-tempered and swashbuckling royalty. Sam Jones’ rather wooden turn as the title character leaves a whole host of great character actors with room to shine. Brian Blessed shouts his way through, Peter Wyngarde does it all with his voice from behind the mask of Klytus, and Max Von Sydow is the stuff of legend as Ming the Merciless. Dalton gets most of the best lines as Prince Barin, notably, “Freeze, you bloody bastards!” Hard to believe Mike Hodges also directed Get Carter…12. Charlie’s Angels (1979)Dalton appeared in the episode of the hit TV series called Fallen Angel. He plays Damien Roth, a diamond thief whom the girls are assigned to identify and bring to justice. In a cute premonition of things to come, Damien is described as being “James Bond-ian”. The same thing happened to Roger Moore on the Saint. Some things are meant to be…!13. Mary Queen of Scots (1971)Blond Dalton! This production is probably about the best of the glut of British historical films that he made early in his career. His small role in Cromwell is overshadowed by a shouty central performance by Richard Harris, in a largely historically inaccurate film. In Mary Queen of Scots he has plenty more screen time to shine as the duplicitous Lord Darnley. He is playing opposite Vanessa Redgrave, his partner for many years. Again, very early in his career, Dalton finds himself surrounded by a brilliant ensemble. The wonderfully eccentric Patrick McGoohan plays James Stuart, with a convincing Scottish accent, whilst Glenda Jackson steals the limelight as Queen Elizabeth, the ostensible villain of the piece.14. Wuthering Heights (1970)Heathcliff is the sort of part that Dalton was born to play. Romantic, handsome, glowering, animalistic, he’s a character that plays to all of Dalton’s obvious strengths as a performer. This adaptation, in which he played opposite Anna Calder-Marshall, is bleaker and more realistic than the Hollywood version Laurence Olivier starred in towards the end of the 1930s. The location filming in Yorkshire is also much more suitable to Emily Bronte’s story than the rugged yet sun-scorched Californian hills seen in the Olivier version. If anything, Dalton is a little too young for the part, which occasionally makes him seem rather more impetuous than Heathcliff is generally considered. That’s a minor gripe. Director Robert Fuest brought an excellent performance out of a very young Dalton and certainly helped him on the way to international stardom. You can see how he later grew into being the definitive Mr Rochester.15. The Lion in Winter (1968)Dalton certainly hit the ground running. He made his film debut alongside Anthony Hopkins. And they were supporting Peter O’Toole and Hollywood legend Katharine Hepburn no less! A big screen adaptation of James Goldman’s play about Henry II’s warring family is theatrical but good fun, especially when O’Toole as Henry rants and raves at his sons. Dalton is astonishingly fresh-faced and handsome, and it’s no wonder he was, in his early 20s, being talked up as a future star. You can see the potential, and history bears out that he lived up to it.I hope you enjoy my selection of the best from Timothy Dalton’s long and illustrious career. Here’s to many more fine performances from one of Britain’s best actors!last_img read more