5G Indoor Wireless Equipment Deployments to Represent only 5% of the $10 Billion Market

first_imgAccording to ABI Research, Indoor 5G deployments at venues might be delayed by over a year when compared to outdoor 5G deployments which are expected to start in 2020. ABI Research estimates the global equipment market for in-building wireless, including active distributed antenna systems (DAS), passive DAS, and repeaters in 2025, will reach close to $10 billion. The overall system revenue in 2025, which includes services and equipment, will grow to about $19 billion. The 5G in-building wireless equipment will account for only $509 million in 2025.As 5G nears full specification, mobile network operators will face challenges for indoor mobile coverage, including signal propagation, next-generation fronthaul/backhaul, and massive MIMO. Early indoor 5G deployments at venues will be a migration of the features of LTE-Advanced and LTE-Advanced Pro. This will happen technology by technology and frequency by frequency, avoiding costly ‘rip and replace’ style deployments.With 5G standards yet to be finalized, many equipment vendors are actively researching and developing 5G equipment with a variety of approaches. These companies include Nokia with its AirFrame/AirScale Radio Access, Ericsson with its ERS, and CommScope with its OneCell. Click here to learn more about this in the In-Building Wireless in the 5G Era report.last_img read more

Marshfield Brazilian jiu jitsu students test their medal

first_imgFor Hub City TimesHUDSON — Students of Ki Nagare Dojo’s Brazilian jiu jitsu program found success at the Saint Croix Valley Grappling Games held in Hudson on May 20.Coached by Cody M. Strey, Kade McManus, 16, placed first in the gi and second no-gi; Andrea Wentzel, 28, took second in her gi bracket; Mack Scheppler, 23, finished third in his gi bracket; and Clayton Green, 42, came in second in his no-gi bracket and third in his gi bracket.Brazilian jiu jitsu is a martial art and sport where two competitors attempt to submit one another with the use of throws, joint locks, and chokes. The sport is practiced with 100 percent resistance like wrestling or boxing.More information for the program can be found at KNDojo.com.last_img

Sponsor Opportunities

first_imgA Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Tags:#Admin#web richard macmanus A quick note that we have a couple of sponsor slots available for October. Read/WriteWeb is currently the 24th ranked blog in the world according to Technorati and is one of the leading web 2.0 blogs. We’re also among the 25 Largest Tech Business Websites, according to eBizMBA. Read/WriteWeb is read by early adopters, analysts, CIO‚Äôs, VC‚Äôs, developers, designers, leading thinkers. Sponsoring us helps you reach the hubs of influence – and you’ll also be supporting a quality tech news source that is growing every month.To enquire, please email the editor Richard MacManus.center_img Related Posts Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

Day in the Cloud at IDF Beijing and Building Cloud Computing Foundations

first_imgBut then we moved  into the reference architecture room, with leading partners highlighting things like cloud on-boarding, trusted compute pools, and efficient data center  delivery.  There was Lenovo’s solution that provided a client aware  experience based on embedded APIs from Intel running on the hardware.  There were senior executives from Vmware and Microsoft speaking passionately  about how their reference architecture solutions are solving customer  requirements. There were senior technologists talking about the value  reference architecture collaboration with Intel has represented in hardening  their solutions. As groups of editors moved from solution to solution in a  frantic dance that Reuven Cohen CTO of Enomaly called “speed dating for the  cloud”, the rare glow of the results of deep collaboration was in there air,  and I think our guests saw the foundation being poured for broad cloud  deployments. We like to view it that as it has many times in the past, Intel  architecture forms the heart of this foundation with the performance engine to  fuel cloud technology integration and workloads such as Intel Trusted  Compute Technology (pdf) and Intel  Power Node Manager that help deliver the capabilities that will make  cloud evolution something IT can confidently navigate in driving to that vision  of cloud ubiquity.  Why Intel in the cloud? Because we want to continue to  enable the industry to build their castles in the air and provide the industry  the platform foundations to make these dreams a reality. Maybe it’s because I’m in the capital city of a thousands  year old culture, but I found myself being philosophical in viewing the Day  in the Cloud event in Beijing yesterday.  As I walked around  the room looking at partners showcasing their cloud computing solutions developed in partnership with our Cloud  Builders program, I thought back on a quote from Thoreau that I’ve  always liked:If you have built  castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be.  Now put the foundations under them.Listening to the cloud zeitgeist over the past couple of  years, one could easily surmise that cloud meant many things to many  people.  Software services, the next wave of virtualization…or web.   The death of the corporate data center perhaps or a one fits all model offered  by a large solutions provider.  To say that the industry has spent a lot  of time talking about cloud would be an understatement, but as you pull back the  curtains on the hype real value is revealed.  We see an ability to deliver  IT resources when and where they’re needed and to empower users the access to  the services they need in a timeframe that is inconceivable in traditional  terms.  With this change we also see the capability of IT organizations to  streamline operations and place their investment in solution innovation and  business value, not the steady stream of money going to oversight of current  assets that bleeds IT budgets today.  And ultimately, if done well, we see  a world where data centers can interconnect to flow compute capacity where  required and provide both individual users and corporations the security of  having the right IT compute capacity without the cost of  over-provisioning.  So perhaps the industry is correct in building our  castles in the air as we know that as an industry that’s where we’ve always  placed them and that’s where the greatest visions of the future can become  reality.But just as we dream about this bold vision of a new  computing reality, we must reflect on the fact that the data centers of  tomorrow will continue to be run on hardware, and this hardware working  together with software developed to provide the security, efficiency and  automation the cloud requires, will form the foundation of our computing  future.  Intel  Cloud Builders is all about building that foundation in the form of  industry collaboration on focused cloud  computing reference architectures that address unique challenges  facing the evolution of data center computing to cloud models.  These are  the sticky technical requirements that IT is seek…things like trusted compute  pools, data center level automated efficiency…standard approaches to cloud  on-boarding…that will let cloud infrastructure grow from the early deployments  of today to the expected ubiquity of tomorrow’s vision.  And it’s in this  ubiquity that cloud delivers its real value and the wide scale federation of  data centers become a reality. Our second Day in the Cloud event featured eight  of our most recent reference architectures from some of the leading cloud  computing solutions providers in the China market as well as some of  our global partners.  For details on each of the reference architectures check out my teammate Rekha  Raghu’s blog.What was fascinating about the  event for me as we started with presentations from Intel’s Jason Waxman and  Billy Cox, and as they told the story of Intel’s vision for cloud and the  details of the cloud builders program one editor raised his hand and said “I  have a simple question…why Intel and cloud”.  It’s a question I’ve heard  before (not unique to China), and it’s an understandable one that usually comes  from people who have heard all about the vision of cloud but not reflected on  the technology stacks required to deliver this vision.  Billy described  our deep engagement with leaders in the industry on our collaborative solutions  delivery, but I think the editor still didn’t buy it.last_img read more

Tabloid offered me money and British Passport: Yasir Hameed

first_imgCategorically denying that he gave an interview to News of the World, Pakistan Test opener Yasir Hameed on Sunday claimed that the tabloid has offered him money and British passport for not denying the story.The tabloid quoted Yasir Hameed as saying that almost all Pakistan matches were fixed and he himself denied a mouth- watering offer from a bookie.The new revelations further deepened the crisis which has engulfed Pakistan cricket as three of their players were suspended by the ICC and are being questioned by Scotland Yard in London for their alleged role in spot-fixing.However, Hameed denied giving an interview to the News of the World.”I never knew they were recording anything. This guy came to me to talk about a bat sticker sponsorship deal. He started talking about the News of the World stories and I just repeated them. I had general discussion with him.”The News of the World called up my brother and offered him money and British passport to not deny this story,” Hameed claimed.Hameed, who played in the last two Tests against England, also claimed that the video had also been doctored.”I have told the team management that the newspaper is claiming that I have given them an interview. This is not correct. I deny it,” he said.Spot-Fixing Scandal: ICC writes to AkmalScotland Yard might not have called him for questioning but Pakistani wicket-keeper Kamran Akmal remains under the ICC’s scanner with cricket’s world governing body reportedly writing to him in the wake of the ‘spot-fixing’ scandal.advertisementAccording to the BBC, “Akmal has been contacted in writing by the ICC, though there is no suggestion that he is the fourth player (under investigation) and it is not in relation to incidents in the recent fourth Test at Lord’s.”Akmal was suspected of match-fixing earlier this year as well when he dropped as many as four catches during the Sydney Test against Australia, which Ricky Ponting’s men miraculously won by 36 runs.The latest corruption scandal, which has left Pakistan embarrassed and angry in equal measure, has so far led to the suspension of Salman Butt, Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Aamir.Pakistan High Commissioner Wajid Shamsul Hasan, who has been lambasting the ICC for suspending the players and calling the entire episode a conspiracy against Pakistan, climbed down slightly.After vouching for the players’ innocence for days, he said, “If the News of the World evidence is correct, then I would banish them from cricket.last_img read more

2011 Australian Masters Games

first_imgTouch Football is just one of the 61 sports that will be contested at the Games. It is open to anyone aged 30 years and older with so many divisions on offer, including Men’s (30+, 35+, 40+, 45+, 50+, 55+), Women’s (30+, 35+, 40+) and Mixed (30+, 35+). Australian Masters Games Project Manager, Ian Fitzpatrick, said this is one of the largest sporting festivals in the country and Adelaide is gearing up for a great event. “We expect 14,000 participants will take part in the event, with more than 10,000 athletes competing,” Fitzpatrick said. “The Games are open to such a wide portion of the community to participate. You just need to meet the minimum age requirement for the sport, which is only 30 years old for Touch and most other sports.”“Among all the sporting events there will be so much to do and see throughout the Games. An athlete village will be built in central Adelaide that will be home to all the event activities, including the opening and closing ceremonies, registration and much more,” said Mr Fitzpatrick.The Australian Masters Games provides an occasion to make the wider community aware of the benefits of sport. Also, it encourages and engages the 30 plus age group in ongoing activity that is beneficial to their long term health and wellbeing. Nominations close on Sunday, 7 August. For more information and to register for the 2011 13th Australian Masters Games, please visit the event website: www.australianmastersgames.com.aulast_img read more

Iqaluit gets royal visit

first_imgAPTN National NewsIqaluit got the royal treatment Thursday when Prince Edward and his wife Sophie dropped by for a visit as part of their Canadian tour.APTN National News reporter Kent Driscoll was there and brings this report.last_img

‘Actors make the worst friends’

first_imgMumbai: Actor Sunny Leone says entertainers make the worst friends because they are never available. “Actors and entertainers make the worst friends because they are never available, neither emotionally nor physically. We are not there for our own birthdays, let alone somebody else’s birthday,” Sunny Leone said. On the appreciation she has received from the industry, she said: “I don’t set very high expectations when it comes to the industry reaching out and appreciating me, so I’m never really disappointed.” Also Read – Hilarie Burton, Jeffery Dean Morgan tie the knotThe mother of three children has been trolled time and again. But she said that she wouldn’t want to be trolled about her children. “I don’t care what people say about me but I wouldn’t want people to say bad things about my kids,” said the actor, who has three children. The actor expressed that if she sees people trolling her children on social media or television, it would irritate her but if she hears it in person, they better watch out as she is a “mumma bear when it comes to her kids”. I Since 2011, Leone has been married to musician Daniel Weber, and in 2017, they adopted a baby girl Nisha and later they became parents to Noah and Asher, who were born via surrogacy.last_img read more

Gupta slams AAP govt over health services

first_imgNEW DELHI: Leader of Opposition, Vijender Gupta on Saturday asked the CM Kejriwal led Delhi Government which claims to spend Rs 7500 crore annually on health services as to what happened to 30,000 additional beds with all attendant medical staff and facilities which it had promised in its election manifesto 50 months back.He said that AAP had also promised that additional beds would include 4000 maternity beds. He added that when the AAP Government came to power in 2015, there were 9,817 beds in its hospitals. Accordingly, today this figure should have gone up to about 39,817 after 50 months of governance. “But it is surprising that in place of taking the bed strength to 30,000, AAP Government could struggle to increase just 213 beds in its hospitals. It failed to increase even a single bed in the maternity ward out of 4,000 promised. Thus, the Government could achieve 0.71% of its target. The poor performance should put the Government to shame which claims to spend 25% of its total budget on the health sector,” he said.last_img read more

The Warriors Improbable Comeback

YEARTEAMOPPONENTROUNDGAMEQTRODDS Win probability calculated at the end of each quarter or overtime, based on FiveThirtyEight’s Elo ratingsSource: basketball-reference.com 41994RocketsSuns2312.4 32000LakersTrail Blazers3732.0 51995RocketsSuns2513.5 As the Oklahoma City Thunder learned Monday night, it’s really tough to eliminate a defending NBA champion. After opening up a 3-1 series lead in the Western Conference finals, the Thunder were poised to knock the Golden State Warriors out for good — they led for almost the entirety of Game 6 before collapsing down the stretch, and they took a 6-point lead into the second half of Game 7. None of that mattered; the finishing blow was always just outside of OKC’s reach.But, man, did the Thunder come close. In fact, according to our quarter-by-quarter analysis of seven-game playoff series since 1984,1The year the NBA playoffs expanded to 16 teams. the Thunder — with a peak win probability of 95.8 percent going into the fourth quarter of Game 6 — came the seventh-closest to a series victory of any modern team that went on to lose. And in the conference finals, only the Portland Trail Blazers’ infamous collapse against the Los Angeles Lakers in 2000 was more unlikely.(The least likely comeback overall? Last year’s Houston Rockets, who went down three games to one against the Clippers before storming back to win three straight games — just like this year’s Warriors team.) 82001BucksHornets2624.7 LOWEST WIN PROBABILITY MOMENT But the Dubs pulled out a dramatic win in Game 6. Their reward: a Game 7 at home that had them as 66 percent favorites to win the series.2It’s worth noting that the betting markets (as measured by Inpredictable’s in-game odds) were never quite as bullish on OKC’s upset chances as the statistical models were. Perhaps the markets were factoring in the invisible aura of Golden State’s championship experience?The rest is history. The defending champions are returning to the Finals, in a rematch against LeBron and the Cavs.Check out our NBA Finals predictions. 102005MavericksRockets1337.5 Greatest best-of-seven NBA playoff series comebacks 91997HeatKnicks2616.6 12015RocketsClippers2630.3% 72016WarriorsThunder3634.2 Here’s how we crunched those numbers: First, we gathered quarter-by-quarter line score data for every NBA playoff game since ’84 and used Wayne Winston’s method of converting point margins to win probabilities to generate a win expectancy number for each team after every quarter. (Given the data we were working with, we couldn’t go deeper to, say, the play-by-play level to find the most dire circumstances within a quarter.) We then plugged those game-level probabilities into the formulae for winning a series, which allowed us to incorporate both the results of games already played and the expected outcomes of future games based on Elo.In terms of series win probability, the Warriors rode a wild roller coaster against the Thunder. At the start, our Elo-based projections gave them a 70 percent chance to win the series. However, by the end of Game 4, that had dropped to just 17.5 percent. A solid Game 5 win helped their odds, but by Game 6 the Thunder had them on the ropes. Entering the fourth quarter of that game, the Warriors stood only a 4.3 percent chance of winning the series. 22000KnicksHeat2621.8 62013HeatSpurs4634.2 read more