4 R’s for Working Confidently

first_imgWomen now hold nearly 52 percent of professional-level jobs in the U.S. across all fields and outnumber men in earning college degrees, both undergraduate and advanced. In the top circles of leadership, however, women are rarely seen or heard. Among Fortune 500 companies, women claim about 25 percent of senior management positions and make up less than 5 percent of CEOs. What can women do to close the persistent power gap?Grace Killelea, author of The Confidence Effect: Every Woman’s Guide to the Attitude That Attracts Success (Amacom, 2016), has this advice for women striving for success: “You must be good at what you do. You must exceed expectations. But competence is only half the equation.” She focuses on helping women develop the other half—the critical link between being highly capable of leadership and being recognized and rewarded for that capability.Killelea, a veteran of corporate America who beat the odds to achieve executive status with two media giants, speaks from personal experience. For 13 years, she managed human resources for a large national retailer with 4,000 employees. She earned $58,000 a year and never once asked for a raise, promotion or title upgrade. Killelea thought that as long as she was “good,” she would be rewarded. But not only was she not rewarded, when she finally did ask to be promoted, she was told “no” without explanation or opportunity to discuss the reasons. The rejection was a turning point.Her book aims to offer other women a step-by-step action plan grounded in building confidence in one’s unique skills and abilities. The path to what Killelea calls “standing up, standing out and taking charge” follows the “4 R’s of Success”:Relationships. Women can’t go it alone and shouldn’t try. Relationships allow you to network in a way that accelerates both your personal and career goals.Reputation. How you perceive yourself has a huge influence on how others perceive you. Because reputations, like respect, are earned, women must master the fine art of justified bragging, burnish their personal brand, take risks, muster the courage to show more of themselves at work and work to protect their good name.Results. To believe in themselves, and allow others to believe in them, women must deliver results. “Confidence is like a mirror we hold up to reflect our accomplishments; the more we deliver, the more confidence we’ll have,” she writes.Resilience. Women must have the big picture in mind to weather the storms, rise to the challenges, and avoid the potholes and outright roadblocks that are part of the ultimate journey to success. All of us will stumble and fail over our careers. Resilience is the ability to bounce back.Killelea, @gracekillelea on Twitter, is CEO of the GKC Group​. She served as senior vice president of talent at Comcast Cable Corp. and senior vice president of human resources at Lifetime Television. Originally posted on the SHRM Book Blog.last_img read more

Email Syndication Services – Zookoda and Yutter promising

first_imgI spoke to Zookoda co-founder Nick McNaughton and he told me their user uptake isgoing very well (he provided me with the figures to back that up, but asked me not topublish them). They have a lot of great development plans too, which again I can’tdivulge. But what he did say for public consumption is that Zookoda is aimed at“publishers who are blogging to a non-technical audience” – that’s where he thinks thetarget market is. I also think it’s useful for a blog like mine, which is technical butprobably has a lot of readers who mainly want to keep track of media trends – or of mepersonally (e.g. family and friends) – and so are not necessarily RSS junkies. Anemail newsletter may help me attract more of those readers.To get started with Zookoda, check out this tutorial. It’s a fairly lengthy process to get an email newsletter up andrunning. I’m still working on it, so I haven’t yet published mine. The Zookoda blog has case studies. Yutter – simple yet hits the spotAnother interesting new email notification service is yutter (weird names must be a prerequisite for theseservices!). Yutter is currently in beta and they’re still working on advanced featureslike analytics and OPML support for importing/exporting. Other such services I’ve found include:blo.gsblogletsqueetMailFeedR | MailRSSFWDFeedlinxI’m sure there are others, but my intention with this post isn’t to doa Frank Gruber and compare a bunch of services. I’m really after the ‘nextgeneration’ email notification service – and two apps have come across my virtual deskrecently which look promising in that respect.Zookoda – compelling feature setZookoda is an Australian company that offers a range of email notification services,primarily email newsletters and “recurring broadcasts”. The Zookoda team describes it as“web-based email marketing application designed specifically for bloggers”. The bestthing about this service is its powerful set of functionality, together with itsflexibility. For example: a lot of non-RSS readers may not want to receive notificationof every single post from your blog, but a weekly email newsletter with all thehighlights may be just what those users need. Zookoda enables that and it also has reporting, which is a keyfeature for a ‘next gen’ email notification service to offer and especially relevant tomarketers. What I like about Yutter, even at this very early stage, is that it’s very simple touse and the interface is a joy to behold (unlike the much-maligned FeedBlitz). Also it’sgood to know that Yutter emails will be counted in my Feedburner stats.SummaryAlthough it’s early days for both Zookoda and Yutter, they look to be very promisingemail notification services for blogs. Zookoda has a compelling feature set and onewhich I anticipate a lot of uses for, but their challenge will be to create a simpleinterface for it all. Yutter is a simpler feature set, but so far I’m encouraged by theneat interface and RSS/Feedburner compatibility.Watch this space! I’ll update my progress on both of these services – and please feelfree to comment on your experiences or if you know of other promising email syndicationservices. Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Tags:#RSS & Feeds#web Related Posts richard macmanus A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… A couple of months ago Mike Arrington posted a plea to theblogosphere for more email syndication services for blogs. Mike didn’t like theoverly orange branding of Feedblitz, but more tothe point he noted that blogs still need email. Now I’m about as big an RSSadvocate as you’ll find on the Web, yet even I recognize that a lot ofpeople don’t use RSS – and until Microsoft embeds it into Outlook are unlikely to. I’msure there are a number of people who would like to subscribe to my blog, but haven’tdone so because they’re not interested in or intimidated by three letter acronyms and“news readers”. Well email syndication is for those people – perhaps also for folks whodon’t like the information overload that RSS brings (it’s still an issue in ’06, despitethe growing number of filter options).Overview of the email syndication spaceI agree with Mike that FeedBlitz is an eyesore. But it seems to be leading the packcurrently in the ‘blog email notification’ space: Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

IT Best Practices: Embracing IT Marketing

first_imgProper marketing creates a connection between IT and our customers and partners. Effective marketing means connecting with customers at a personal level, transaction by transaction. The result will be delivery of the right services at the right time, based on the unique needs of the audience, and increased trust. Marketing Can’t Replace Good IT Practices and ExecutionDeveloping better relationships with our customers and using marketing techniques will not mask poor IT performance or service. However, marketing can re-enforce positive impressions and help deliver the competitive advantage our businesses want. I often hear IT professionals state, and I agree, that we must run IT as a business—optimize investment decisions, prioritize our programs like a portfolio, and monitor progress, making required course corrections. If that is the case, what business would choose toforgo marketing and miss the opportunity to understand its customers’ needs? We should embrace the concepts of marketing in IT. Four Effective Ways to Embrace IT MarketingIntel IT has embraced the importance of marketing our organization’s capability and solutions to our partners and employees. Here are a few of our “best practices.”1. Annual Performance Report. For the past 10 years, our IT organization has published an IT Annual Performance Report to communicate our operational strategies and results to our partners, employees, and other IT professionals. IT is often the silent hero, or visible to customers only when something goes wrong. People often know only the part of IT that they rely on, but don’t have an appreciation for the breadth of IT’s responsibilities. It’s easy to cry, “why aren’t you prioritizing me” when you don’t realize there are other programs on the priority list. Documenting and communicating the breadth of services we offer and the value we provide has helped uschange that perception.2. Productivity Tips for Employees. For the past five years, the Intel IT Products and Services Communications team has published an internal bi-weekly corporate-wide newsletter (we call it Digital Edge) focused on the technology and solutions available from Intel IT. Digital Edge articles educate Intel employees on a variety of information technology topics to help them improve productivity and take advantage of new IT products and services. Over time, readership of this newsletter has grown to 70 percent of its distribution, an incredibly high readership for a “pushed” communication. Some of these articles have been republished for external consumption at www.intel.com/IT.3. IT-to-Admin Audiocasts. No one markets to a homogeneous population, and therefore segmenting your customers is imperative. We found that the administrative assistant community is a key influence point that propagates awareness of IT service and perception. IT hosts a series of quarterly audiocasts for Intel’s administrative assistant community. This format provides quick, timely updates to an influential audience, with IT experts on hand to answer questions.4. Offering Information at Users’ “Point of Need.” Our IT communications and training teams develop content to help employees learn and make the most of IT solutions. Our internal IT intranet portal offers the latest “IT news,” optimized search, and a comprehensive product catalog. We monitor support calls, chats, and submitted help tickets to identify topics that warrant additional focus. A new focus for us is to deliver this content at the user’s “point of need”—for example, when an employee goes to investigate, order, or download a specific product or application, they also get theinformation, tips-and-tricks, and training on how to best use that specific product.Let’s Take Charge of Our Own Destiny through MarketingWe all seek better partnership with our business stakeholders. We want to improve IT’s ability to create a competitive advantage for our respective organizations. I believe there is a need to “market” IT. Create the connection between IT and the business – that’s marketing! Certainly, marketing is alive and well inside Intel IT.How are you working to market your department’s accomplishments and expertise?Do you have a formal plan in place? Marketing Helps Us Connect with Business Partners Every IT organization seems to be under constant performance pressure. The pace of business is increasing. Budget pressure is always present. The complexity of regulatory compliance is exploding. Employees expect full support of the latest, often consumer-orientated, technologies… yesterday.This pressure is amplified as our businesses become even more dependent on IT. The business looks to us in IT for a competitive advantage—solutions for faster product development and delivery cycles, business intelligence and automated analytics tools for better decision making, and an overall reduction in the cost of doing business. On this journey to forge a competitive advantage, we are faced with limitless challenges. To be successful, we need to market IT.Marketing is a SkillMarketing often has an undeserved negative perception as an instrument of deception and manipulation, or a creative “spin” of reality. Marketing is actually about understanding customer requirements and translating the value of a product or service into terms the user can understand and appreciate—a skill that is critical to achieving the goals discussed above.last_img read more

Woman athlete Pinki Pramanik arrested on rape charges

first_imgAsian Games gold medallist woman athlete Pinki Pramanik, who won a gold medal at the 2006 Asian Games in Doha, has been detained by the West Bengal police for allegedly torturing and attempting to rape a woman. The victim has claimed that Pinki is actually a male.Police sources said that Pinki could not be arrested on Thursday as she refused to undergo medical tests in a government hospital. For this reason, she could neither be arrested on Thursday nor produced in the court.Following the complaint, Pinki has been detained and permission has been sought for a medical test from the court on Pinki to ascertain her sex. Police sources said that Pinki would be arrested if the allegation is proved to be true.A complaint was lodged at the Baguihati police station in North 24-Parganas and accordingly the athlete was taken into the police custody on Thursday morning.Pinki won gold in 4×400 metres relay at the 2006 Asian Games in Doha, Qatar. She was a silver medallist at the Melbourne Commonwealth Games the same year and also won gold at the 2005 Asian Indoor Games.Pinki had achieved the special feat of triple of gold medals at the 2006 South Asian Games, winning the 400 and 800 metre events as well as the relay. The 25-year-old athlete works with Eastern Railway’s Sealdah division as a travelling ticket examiner.”We picked up Pinki Pramanik on Thursday morning following complaint lodged by a woman. The victim alleged she was raped by the athlete and claimed that Pinki is actually a male and has been cohabiting with her for past several months,” a police officer of Baguihati police station said. The police officer said Pinki had promised to marry her (the victim) but later refused to do so.advertisementDaughter of Durgacharan Pramanik, Pinki hails from a poor family in West Bengal’s Purulia district. Her village Tilakdih, bordering neighbouring Jharkhand, lacks in basic facilities. Training in this remote hamlet meant running about 10 km everyday by the river-side, till she was brought to Kolkata. Pinki couldn’t continue studies after class X.Pinki’s talent got noticed in March 2002 during an inter-district sports meet. Two months later, she created three state records in 100m, 200m and 400m in her age-group. Later, the Sports Authority India (SAI) took her under its fold and former national record holder Geeta Zutsi helped her hone athletic skills. She retired from athletics almost three years ago.last_img read more

The Warriors Improbable Comeback

YEARTEAMOPPONENTROUNDGAMEQTRODDS Win probability calculated at the end of each quarter or overtime, based on FiveThirtyEight’s Elo ratingsSource: basketball-reference.com 41994RocketsSuns2312.4 32000LakersTrail Blazers3732.0 51995RocketsSuns2513.5 As the Oklahoma City Thunder learned Monday night, it’s really tough to eliminate a defending NBA champion. After opening up a 3-1 series lead in the Western Conference finals, the Thunder were poised to knock the Golden State Warriors out for good — they led for almost the entirety of Game 6 before collapsing down the stretch, and they took a 6-point lead into the second half of Game 7. None of that mattered; the finishing blow was always just outside of OKC’s reach.But, man, did the Thunder come close. In fact, according to our quarter-by-quarter analysis of seven-game playoff series since 1984,1The year the NBA playoffs expanded to 16 teams. the Thunder — with a peak win probability of 95.8 percent going into the fourth quarter of Game 6 — came the seventh-closest to a series victory of any modern team that went on to lose. And in the conference finals, only the Portland Trail Blazers’ infamous collapse against the Los Angeles Lakers in 2000 was more unlikely.(The least likely comeback overall? Last year’s Houston Rockets, who went down three games to one against the Clippers before storming back to win three straight games — just like this year’s Warriors team.) 82001BucksHornets2624.7 LOWEST WIN PROBABILITY MOMENT But the Dubs pulled out a dramatic win in Game 6. Their reward: a Game 7 at home that had them as 66 percent favorites to win the series.2It’s worth noting that the betting markets (as measured by Inpredictable’s in-game odds) were never quite as bullish on OKC’s upset chances as the statistical models were. Perhaps the markets were factoring in the invisible aura of Golden State’s championship experience?The rest is history. The defending champions are returning to the Finals, in a rematch against LeBron and the Cavs.Check out our NBA Finals predictions. 102005MavericksRockets1337.5 Greatest best-of-seven NBA playoff series comebacks 91997HeatKnicks2616.6 12015RocketsClippers2630.3% 72016WarriorsThunder3634.2 Here’s how we crunched those numbers: First, we gathered quarter-by-quarter line score data for every NBA playoff game since ’84 and used Wayne Winston’s method of converting point margins to win probabilities to generate a win expectancy number for each team after every quarter. (Given the data we were working with, we couldn’t go deeper to, say, the play-by-play level to find the most dire circumstances within a quarter.) We then plugged those game-level probabilities into the formulae for winning a series, which allowed us to incorporate both the results of games already played and the expected outcomes of future games based on Elo.In terms of series win probability, the Warriors rode a wild roller coaster against the Thunder. At the start, our Elo-based projections gave them a 70 percent chance to win the series. However, by the end of Game 4, that had dropped to just 17.5 percent. A solid Game 5 win helped their odds, but by Game 6 the Thunder had them on the ropes. Entering the fourth quarter of that game, the Warriors stood only a 4.3 percent chance of winning the series. 22000KnicksHeat2621.8 62013HeatSpurs4634.2 read more

Supervisors say farewell to outgoing board members Horn Roberts

first_img KUSI Newsroom, KUSI Newsroom Posted: December 12, 2018 Supervisors say farewell to outgoing board members Horn, Roberts December 12, 2018 SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Members of the San Diego County Board of Supervisors Wednesday saluted two termed-out colleagues, Bill Horn and Ron Roberts, for their decades of leadership in local government.Horn and Roberts offered brief reflections on their public service and received a standing ovation from their colleagues during a meeting of the board at the County Administration Center.A former Marine and business owner who served on the Escondido Union High School District board in the early 1990s, Horn was first elected as a county supervisor in 1994 for District 5, an area that spans roughly 1,800 square miles from the Pacific Ocean to Imperial County.Roberts, an architect and former San Diego councilman, was elected to the board in 1994 to represent District 4, which encompasses dozens of neighborhoods, mostly within that city’s boundaries.Former San Marcos Mayor Jim Desmond won Horn’s seat last month, while former state Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher was elected to replace Roberts.During his time on the board, Horn told his colleagues that he “tried to be a champion for North County,” adding that he hoped “the voters look at it that way.”Horn said the county is in good financial shape because board members had managed to agree on major issues and served their constituents well.When he and Roberts joined the legislative body, Horn recalled, they were told the county needed to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Instead, its leaders froze budgets, paid down bonds and sold off trash service.Along with his staff and other county departments, Horn thanked first responders for their efforts, especially during major wildfires.Roberts, for his part, said he would not trade his 31 years in government for anything. He credited numerous staff members for putting the county on a stable course.“I thank all of you collectively for your friendship, support and camaraderie,” Roberts said.He also praised citizens and community groups for their efforts on numerous projects, asserting that “they’re why we do this work.”Roberts cited Veterans’ Village on Pacific Highway, the county operations center in Kearny Mesa, several sporting facilities, and Waterfront Park on Harbor Drive as major achievements in which he took part. He called the latter civic amenity “a landmark in San Diego — you can travel all over and won’t find anything like it.”Board Chairwoman Kristin Gaspar described the two termed-out politicos’ final remarks as “a long goodbye.”Supervisor Greg Cox called the departure of Horn and Roberts the end of an era. He credited Roberts for being a fierce advocate of foster children who “never stopped thinking about ways to make San Diego a better place to live.”“Without Ron, there would have been no Waterfront Park,” Cox said. “Ron (also) was the driving force behind the county operations center.”As for Horn, whose tenure at times could be controversial, Cox said the ex-Marine deserves credit for strong support of veterans and, outside the county purview, humanitarian work in Uganda.“There’s a side of Bill that most people aren’t aware of,” Cox said. “His gruff exterior hides the fact that he cares about people.”Supervisor Dianne Jacob opined that Horn and Roberts would leave lasting legacies.“There are times we have fought in public, but in the end, we’re like family,” she said.Jacob lauded the two men’s efforts to improve public safety and secure better pay for law enforcement personnel. She added that they were instrumental in transformed the county from near-insolvency in the 1990s to a regional government that boasts a “triple A” credit rating.County Chief Administrative Officer Helen Robbins-Meyer said Horn and Roberts “always treated staff as if it’s one team working together.” As a parting gift, she presented them with a book documenting their successes on county programs and projects. Categories: Local San Diego News, Politics FacebookTwitterlast_img read more

Reed Elsevier Considers Loan to RBI Buyer

first_imgIn the months since, rumors have circulated about who RBI’s potential suitors could be, and whether Reed would sell RBI in pieces-the most recent that Reed could sell the U.S. division of RBI separate from the European group.RBI publishes a number of trade magazines, including Variety and Publishers Weekly. In an effort to assure its business sector magazine group is sold in one piece, London-based Reed Elsevier is putting together a group of banks to lend nearly $1.5 billion to the eventual buyer of Reed Business Information.Banks including UBS, JP Morgan and Lloyds TSB have been approached and are expected to participate if Reed Elsevier in fact decides to offer the loan, according to a report in England’s Telegraph newspaper. The loan is nearly five times RBI’s underlying earnings of about $317 million. UBS is acting as the primary advisor to Reed Elsevier, according to the report. “It is very likely now that UBS has gotten more involved,” says DeSilva + Phillips managing partner Reed Phillips. “They’ve convinced Reed Elsevier that the best strategy is to try to sell it in one piece and to use the stapled financing to help ensure the sale.”Reed Elsevier announced its plans to divest RBI in February as part of its preliminary financial results statement for 2007. Early estimates put that sale at about $2 billion.last_img read more

An elegant new tower speaker for upscale audiophiles

first_img Comment Meet the Spendor A7 speakers Spendor American and British speaker design ethoses have always been very different. American brands such as Klipsch, Tekton, Vandersteen and Zu all share a common proclivity for dynamics and colorful sound. Brit brands such as Harbeth, KEF and Spendor are more reserved. Their Britishness always shines through as they seduce the ear. Take this new speaker from Spendor, the A7. It looks the part; nothing flashy going on here, just an elegant design that should stand the test of time. The sound, however, is something new.The British-made A7 is 37 inches (nearly 1 meter) high, the front baffle is fitted with a 1 inch (22mm) polyamide tweeter and a 7 inch (178mm) polymer woofer. At first I thought the A7 was a sealed (acoustic suspension) design, but a closer look revealed a rectangular bass port just below the speaker cable connectors. The A7’s internal cables are silver plated copper, the crossover features high linearity capacitors, and the speaker’s impedance is rated at 8 ohms. The handsome black ash, dark walnut, or natural oak real wood finishes are commensurate with the A7’s price: $4,995 in the US, £3,200 in the UK, and AU$5,999 in Australia (per pair).I partnered the A7s with a Bryston B135.3 integrated amp and Bryston BCD-3 CD player, and played LPs on a Dr. Feickert Volare turntable for all of my listening tests at the Sound by Singer store in NYC. Straight away the music was unerringly precise and clear; there’s no blurring or muddiness going on here! It’s very British, but with stepped-up clarity.img-0608The A7 (left), Harbeth M 30.2 (right) Steve Guttenberg/CNET No baby boomer audiophile would mistake the A7 for the polite British sound of years past, the A7s immediacy came to the fore with Paul Simon’s recent In The Blue Light album, There’s an unforced purity to the sound that puts the music first on these old Simon tunes, spiffed up with wonderful new arrangements. Simon’s vocals are upfront and very present, though a little thin, but this recording sounds like that. The A7 tells it like it is.On jazz guitarist Bill Frisell and bassist Thomas Morgan’s Small Town duets album, the sound balance warmed up nicely, especially on Morgan’s dexterous bass fingerings. There’s nice weight down there, and Frisell’s airy, almost ambient guitar floated free of the speakers. I really felt the connection between the two improvising players. For comparison listening tests I used a pair of Harbeth M 30.2 stand mount speakers ($6,995/£3,895/AU$6,950 per pair), and the sound took a sharp turn to fuller and richer than the A7’s. The contrast was bigger than I expected; the A7 is leaner, and its cooler tonal balance sounded faster and more dynamically alive. The M 30.2’s softer presentation was no less musically engaging, but it’s less vivid overall. The Doors’ Waiting for the Sun album rocked with gusto on both speakers, but there was something about the way Jim Morrison’s vocal swagger really cut through over the A7s. In comparison the M 30.2s’ sound had more flesh-and-blood soul to it. Both speakers are strong performers, but they will appeal to different tastes. The Harbeth M 30.2 is more old-school British, the Spendor A7 is more 2019 transparent and dynamic. If you want to hear every last detail, a pair of Spendor A7s deserve your consideration. Tags 1 Share your voice The Audiophiliac Speakers Home Entertainmentlast_img read more

Fans fume that Neon Genesis Evangelion is back without Fly Me to

first_imgNeon Genesis Evangelion, which first aired in 1995, was a hit in Japan. The 26-episode series was translated and distributed in the US by ADV Films in 1997 and found success among American viewers too. Netflix announced in late 2018 it would stream a version of the show featuring a new English-language voice cast. The streaming platform also has the two Evangelion movies, Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death & Rebirth and The End of Evangelion. Netflix didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. Originally published June 21, 6:34 a.m. PT.Correction, 10:13 a.m.: An earlier version of this story incorrectly listed the two movies as coming out later this year when they are currently available.Update, 1:20 p.m.:  Adds more details.  Genesis Netflix They couldn’t even acquire the rights to Fly me to the Moon #flymetothemoon pic.twitter.com/G26JfV6NGS— Ghost Waves (@NewPesi) June 21, 2019 They removed Fly Me To The Moon from the Netflix release. 🙁 #NeonGenesisEvangelion— alessandro fillari (@afillari) June 21, 2019 Comments Share your voice That feeling when Fly me to the Moon doesn’t start playing at the end of #Evangelion. What the hell kind of decision was that? pic.twitter.com/ga6RWOIVAq— Valsu (@Valsu) June 21, 2019center_img 7 Neon Genesis Evangelion is back, sans Frank Sinatra.  Netflix Netflix added the popular, mid-’90s anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion to its catalog Friday. Fans initially rejoiced about getting access to the shows, but that changed when they reached the end of the first episode. The streaming platform replaced “Fly Me to the Moon,” the song used during the credits of every episode of Neon Genesis Evangelion, with another piece of music from the show’s score: “Hostility Restrained.” The track was also replaced in certain scenes where it was used as background music. Netflix didn’t acquire the license for the song because of its price for global use, a unnamed source with knowledge of the production told The Wrap. The “Fly Me to the Moon” outro is available for those using Netflix in Japan.  Fans of the series took to Twitter to show their dismay over the removal of the tune made popular by Frank Sinatra in 1964. Many were critical of the apparent choice to remove the song instead of paying for the licensing rights. Tags TV and Movies Netflix will spend $100 million to license Friends but says that licensing the song “Fly Me To The Moon” for Evangelion was too much.Fans: pic.twitter.com/QKxQuuusWj— Ken Williams (@Worsel555) June 21, 2019last_img read more

Shah Rukh Khans daughter Suhana Khan sets Instagram on fire with her

first_imgSuhana KhanInstagramShah Rukh Khan’s daughter Suhana Khan recently turned 19 on May 22 and some of the stunning photos from her birthday celebration have now gone viral on social media.Sporting a black tube top, Suhana was oozing glamour and hotness as she posed for a few pictures with her friends in the dim lights in the background.In other photographs, Suhana was seen posing for a group photo with her friends wearing a stunning white top and let her hair loose as she flashed her million dollar smile to the cameras.Suhana is known for taking the internet by storm with her breathtaking pictures and is quite popular on social media among the youth. Take a look. Suhana Khan with friendInstagram Suhana Khan with friendsInstagram Suhana Khan with friendsInstagram Suhana Khan with friendInstagram Suhana Khan with friendInstagram Suhana Khan with friendInstagramlast_img read more