Galaxy S10 5Gs insane Verizon data speeds are only the first step

first_img Phones Now playing: Watch this: We tested Verizon’s new 5G network The Galaxy S10 5G’s battery life held on, but…At 10 a.m., the Galaxy S10 5G started at 100% battery. By 2 p.m., it was at 53%, and at 3:30 p.m., it had dipped down to 40%. That’s a steep decline on a device with a 4,500mAh battery. I think the phone actually did OK considering that I pummeled it nonstop with download requests and kept its 6.7-inch screen on full brightness for five and a half hours.  Verizon says it can do better. “You can expect [the phone’s battery life] to be augmented. That’s not something Samsung does,  Haberman said, “That’s something done on the network.” Comments 8:24 This round of Chicago tests was certainly promising, but it’s good to remember that these next-gen “G” rollouts don’t happen overnight. This is a reality that affects every one of these fledgling networks.  If money is no object and you’re yearning to be ready when 5G comes on board in your area, the S10 5G is a large-screen phone with proven performance (it shares core features with the Galaxy S10 Plus). The rest of us should see these first phones and networks as a starting point that will become more robust and compelling with time. 5G will be up and coming for years while the carriers and phone-makers work out the kinks. Most of us will have to be patient.  Originally published May 16, 8:46 a.m. PT and updated most recently May 20 at 5 a.m. PT. Willis Tower is definitely a place where you want 5G, and this node has been consistently delivering. Three tests at 1Gbps+, one at 750, one at 643 (side by side with a 4G test) #Verizon #GalaxyS105G @cnet— Jessica Dolcourt (@jdolcourt) May 16, 2019 13 Photos Holy shit, I just downloaded Wine Country from Netflix on 5G (1 hour, 43 minutes) in just over 8 seconds. Night and day compared to my tests here 6 weeks ago #Verizon #GalaxyS105G @CNET— Jessica Dolcourt (@jdolcourt) May 16, 2019 When everything’s right, a large game can download in under two and a half minutes (versus 6 minutes over 4G) and an almost two-hour Netflix movie can download in just more than eight seconds (rather than the 15 minutes it took my over a 4G connection). When it goes wrong, your 5G speeds could be inconsistent, if you find them at all.Here’s what went right this time around and why you shouldn’t run out and buy a 5G phone. Share your voice See Galaxy S10 5G’s jaw-dropping real-world speedscenter_img Hot damn, this is like a whole different 5G network #Verizon #GalaxyS105G #SpeedTest— Jessica Dolcourt (@jdolcourt) May 16, 2019 Similarly, an almost 2-hour movie (Wine Country) downloaded from Netflix in just over 8 seconds. The second attempt took slightly longer, at 10.4 seconds. After two attempts to download over 4G, I gave up after the progress wheels failed to advance two minutes into the download.Verizon spokespeople suggested that Amazon Prime Video and Netflix have been optimized for its 5G network in varying degrees, something I’ve asked for clarity on.The startling real-world download results are encouraging because it means that in the best-case network scenario, you can achieve lightning fast download speeds (it stormed during our tests, so there was actual lightning). It’s clear that Verizon has worked to tune its network. Ahead of today’s test, Haberman said to expect improved performance, but not improved coverage, though that’s coming as well. “You’ll easily see a doubling of sites in the next month,” Haberman said over the phone, while also emphasizing Verizon’s commitment to launching 5G in 30 US markets by the end of 2019. Read: How to see 5G networks where you live Galaxy S10 5G data tests broke the 1Gbps barrier I took a loaner Galaxy S10 5G that Samsung had preloaded with an account and apps like, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix out into Chicago for testing. Because coverage is limited to specific areas where Verizon has set up its 5G network nodes, we couldn’t just go anywhere we wanted.  For example, you can’t use 5G signal most places indoors (Verizon’s store on Michigan Avenue is one exception). But we did hit seven areas around downtown.  s10-5g-verizon-1That 5G icon is much improved. Six weeks ago it flickered on and off, making you doubt you were locked onto 5G speeds. Jessica Dolcourt/CNET I ran at least two speeds tests at each of these stops, both on the Galaxy S10 5G and on a 4G-only Galaxy S10 Plus, both on Verizon’s network and both using the Verizon server. Speeds consistently ranged from 400Mbps up past 1Gbps, hitting those peaks in four different locations (oftentimes, but not always, more than once).  While download speeds are 5G, upload speeds are still in 4G ranges, which Verizon is well aware of.  “With the state of the software and where it was, we just needed to see very good reliability,” Verizon’s network VP, Mike Haberman, told journalists on a call ahead of these Galaxy S10 5G tests in Chicago and Minneapolis. “With the NR uplink in the very early version of the software, we weren’t seeing that reliability…so it’s an evolution,” he said, adding that getting download speeds reliable was more important. “When you think of 5G, you think of the download,” Haberman said. Read: Verizon uses mmWave 5G, but there are different kinds. Here’s what you should know What makes this Verizon 5G test different than the last This test with the Galaxy S10 5G gave us much better results than our first test using Motorola’s Moto Z3, and there are numerous reasons for that. Verizon has had 6 weeks to tune its networkThe Galaxy S10 5G has its own 5G modem (Qualcomm X50), where the Moto Z3 gets 5G data through its magnetic Moto Mod.The 5G UWB logo (Ultra-wideband) is smaller and didn’t flicker as much, giving a more stable indication of when you’re using 5G data (the icon drops back to 4G when you’re not using 5G data).Verizon set expectations on where to stand and what to expect (e.g., the sweet spot is between 100 and 300 feet away within line of sight of the 5G node). galaxy-note-10-galaxy-s10-5gThe Galaxy S10 5G will eventually come to carriers worldwide. Jessica Dolcourt/CNET Despite great results, 5G has a long way to go 5G is an inevitability, but right now we’re getting a curated sampler platter. The buffet isn’t quite ready. Here are the major issues. Network coverage: There’s not enough to go around yet and it isn’t clear what happens when more people come on board.Cost: 5G phones cost hundreds more and you should expect to pay more for a plan (Verizon suspended its $10 monthly surcharge for now).70% signal loss of Verizon’s mmWave type of 5G through windows and walls, which means you won’t get it indoors if nodes are outside (nearly all will be at the start).It will take years to get those next-generation benefits like streaming real-time sports from any angle.Qualcomm’s 5G chips are already obsolete. Now playing: Watch this: 8:44 Samsung, LG, Motorola: How soon can we expect 5G phones? 77 Tags This is what I’m talking about. Jessica Dolcourt/CNET Verizon and Samsung are both restless to get the 5G data speeds that signify a world of ludicrously fast downloads, real-time sports streaming from every angle and pin-sharp online games off the ground. Last week’s test of the Galaxy S10 5G in Chicago planted that flag for both of them, one that wavered precariously when I first tested Verizon’s then-day-old 5G network — an experience that left me frustrated and concerned about the reality of what we’ve been promised. But even though insanely fast download speeds breaking 1Gbps restored my faith in what’s to come — that’s about 4x faster than my home internet — there’s still a long road from these early tests to 5G that everyone can use. 5G represents a huge shift for data connections. Not only will you get those ultra-fast downloads, but 5G is credited with being able to bring advanced new AR and camera features to life, and paving the way for remote surgery, connected security cameras and cars and buses that talk to each other on the road. Carriers that can build out the most robust networks first believe they’ll have an advantage over rivals for signing on new subscribers.However, it’ll take years for most people to even get ultrafast speeds. 5G phones will cost more, and the service will, too. For example, the S10 5G costs $1,300, which is $300, or 30%, more than the already premium Galaxy S10 Plus. My 5G test in Chicago produced amazing download speeds, but only in specific pockets that Verizon tightly controlled. During my first Verizon 5G test, with the Moto Z3 and 5G Moto Mod in April, speeds were all over the place, a result that demonstrates how wrong 5G can go. Ultra fast real-world tests blew my mindEven more impressive and important than these benchmarking speeds are the real-world tests of downloading movies, TV shows and large apps. It’s those that really convey what it will be like to live life in 5G. At one fast spot (and with a 4G phone serving as a stopwatch), I downloaded Season 2 of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (in 4K) from Amazon Prime Video in under 5 minutes. That’s roughly 10 hours of footage. The 4G phone took 4 minutes to finish downloading the first episode.At another location, I downloaded and installed the 1.86GB game PUBG in under 2.5 minutes on 5G. It took just over 3 minutes on 5G, which still demonstrates an advantage since Google Play’s servers haven’t been optimized for Verizon’s 5G network, the carrier said.  5G AT&T Motorola Samsung Sprint T-Mobile Verizonlast_img read more

BSE closes points 22351 down on November 12

first_imgNew Delhi, Nov 12 (ANI): Trading at the Bombay Stock Exchange today closed 223.51 points down to stand at 20267.45. At the National Stock Exchange the Nifty closed 66.35 points down to stand at 6,012.45. Torrent Power and Bata India were among the top gainers of Group A with an increase of 5.60% and 4.31% along with National Aluminium Company Ltd. and Divis Lab with an increase of 4.08% and 3.74% respectively, while the top losers of Group A include MCX and Corporation Bank with a decrease of 10.03% and 8.88% along with Financial Technologies and Reliance Communications Ltd. with a decrease of 6.23% and 5.80% at the close of the markets. The Auto sector is down 168.62 points at 11,705.74, while the banking sector is down 224.91 points at 12,056.51 and the realty sector is down 15.62 points at 1,290.24. The Indian currency is down 0.85% at Rs 63.78 per dollar.last_img read more

Xiaomi posts 1 billion first quarter loss ahead of IPO

first_imgA Xiaomi company’s logo is pictured during a presentation to celebrate the entry of the company into the Mexican market, in Mexico City, Mexico, May 9, 2017. [ representational image]REUTERS/Edgard GarridoChinese smartphone maker Xiaomi recorded a first-quarter net loss of 7 billion yuan ($1.09 billion) ahead of its blockbuster initial public offering, according to a filing.That compares with a net loss of 43.89 billion yuan for the whole of 2017, according to its draft prospectus for what is expected to be the first Chinese depository receipts (CDR) offering.Reporting by Sijia Jiang; Editing by Anne Marie Roantree and Edwina GibbsOur Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.Source- Reuterslast_img

Safe roads only in words

first_img.After assuming office in 2009, the Bangladesh Awami League (AL)-led government announced that buses older than 20 years would be shortly withdrawn. In 2011, Obaidul Quader, also the president of road transport advisory council, took office of the road transport and bridges ministry.Quader, after one year of taking office, came up with an announcement to withdraw all unfit vehicles. He made the same announcement in a meeting of the road transport advisory council in June of the following year, also the last year of this government’s previous tenure.Sometime close to the end of the tenure, minister Quader said, “We cannot do everything now even if we want to.”The AL came to power again after the 5 January elections in 2014 and Quader was handed over the responsibilities of the same ministry. Then, once again he made the announcement in a programme to withdraw unfit vehicles to ease traffic congestion in the Dhaka airport area. An 11-member taskforce, headed by the then chairman of the Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA), was also formed.A few days back, teenage students, who took to the streets after two of their fellows had been killed in a road accident on 29 July, showed the country that all those announcements made in the past nine years were just empty words.Even the drivers of the vehicles of the cabinet members, high police or government officials do not have licences or if they do, they are date-expired.Obaidul Quader is the road transport minister for the last seven years. The secretary of the ministry Nazrul Islam was chairman of BRTA, a regulatory body to control, manage and ensure discipline in the road transport sector, for three years. Current BRTA chairman Moshiar Rahman, who took charge two years ago, was a director of the body for six years.The Mirpur office of BRTA controls vehicles in and around Dhaka. The in-charge of the office is also stationed there for the last seven years.Media reports say the minister visited the works of mobile courts, got into buses as a passenger to check whether people are being robbed with extra fare. But he has not taken any initiative to resolve the main problems of the transport sector, ministry insiders say.The ministry officials further said Quader, also general secretary of ruling Awami League, is hardly found at the office. Instead he spends much time on roads and attends party programmes. His personal assistants carry the ministry’s official files with them to get his signature.Prothom Alo tried to reach the minister for his responses to these allegations. But, Obaidul Quader did not respond to recurrent phone calls or even answered to the short message sent to him.Road transport and highways division secretary Md Nazrul Islam, however, told Prothom Alo that they do not have lack in effort.”Maintaining discipline on the roads is not the responsibility of my division alone as several other offices of the government are also involved with the matter,” he said.Regarding anomalies in the fares, the secretary said, “I don’t agree with you that there are anomalies. This is your opinion.”He further said the ministry did not take any decision about withdrawing older vehicles.Former adviser to a caretaker government Sultana Kamal said, “The prime minister had given five directives to the authorities concerned to ensure safe roads … Now we want to know which of those directives have been implemented.”“If any of those directives have not been implemented, this only suggests the office bearers are careless… they have to answer why the people are not getting services,” she said. Dire straits of public transport in Dhaka Bus, CNG-run auto-rickshaw and rickshaw are three mainstays of public transport in the capital, says two Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) surveys done in 2009 and 2014 under the Dhaka Urban Transport Network Development Project. It says bus and auto-rickshaw contribute to as many as 87.40 per cent of road transport communication in Dhaka while bus alone makes 72 per cent.The road transport ministry is to issue fitness certificates and route permits to the buses and fix the fares. But the transport owners and workers are not complying with the fare fixed by the ministry. Many buses are operating in the city without fitness certificates. Many do have it but they run in a shabby condition.BRTA says there are 216,000 unfit vehicles in Dhaka. The authorities issue a fitness certificate after a vehicle meets 60 conditions. Except the technical side, 80-90 per cent vehicles are found unfit in terms of outlook.Media reports say the late mayor of the Dhaka North City Corporation, Annisul Huq, took an initiative to bring the unruly busses under regulation. He then got a survey done by a group of experts. The study revealed that half of the running busses and minibuses in the city are not fit enough to ply on the streets.As many as 14,000 auto-rickshaws have approval to run on the streets of the capital. At the beginning, the auto-rickshaws followed the government fixed rate of fare for two or three years. Now, they do not comply with any rule. The fare policy has now become a farce.The ministry has increased the fare five times in the last 10 years ignoring the passengers’ cause. The government even has extended expiry dates of the auto-rickshaws two times. Due to the government’s indulgence, the owners and workers are exploiting the passengers.Meanwhile, the taxicabs, which were introduced in Dhaka in 1998, have already gone extinct as Uber and some ride sharing services have replaced them.As per the law, BRTA is the legal authority who is also responsible to take care of the services along with its policy-making duty. The record says the BRTA earned Tk 15.89 billion in the last year.But, the media reports say people do not get services even after the paying taxes and fees. The BRTA is full of brokers and people have to bribe them to get a service.Ravaged roadsAs per roads and highways department’s statistics published in May, 26.32 per cent roads and highways are in very bad shape. The length of the roads is 4,732 kilometres.Officials at the roads and highways department said the statistics are of dry season. The volume of the ravaged roads has increased in the monsoon.Formation of road safety sub-committeeAfter the death of renowned filmmaker Tareque Masud and cinematographer and broadcast journalist Mishuk Munier, the ministry formed a nine-member road safety sub-committee headed by professor Anwar Hossain. The committee submitted a 52-point recommendation to ensure safe roads. The list of recommendations includes implementation of traffic law, raising public awareness, training the drivers, and creating an information hub.The recommendations also include setting up cameras and police check posts on highways and keeping 1.5 per cent of money of the road projects for safety purposes.Road safety issues in limboIn 2015, during a meeting with the National Road Safety Authority, minister Obaidul Quader said the highest speed of vehicle on highways would be fixed at 80 kilometres per hour. Also, a High Court bench ordered the vehicle owners to use speedometer. But, records say, none of the decisions have been executed as yet.On the other hand, the roads and highways authorities banned auto-rickshaws on the highways in 2015. In 2016, the High Court in another order asked the authorities concerned to remove the locally made three wheelers from 22 highways. None of these decisions has been implemented as of yet.Asked about the matter, BUET’s civil engineering department professor and Accident Research Institute (ARI) director Moazzem Hossain told Prothom Alo that the government has lack of understanding of the matter and it is indifferent to implementing decisions.”If not, why Dhaka will be compared with Syria’s Damascus? It is disgraceful,” he added.He also said it is easy to spend money through big projects, because it makes an opportunity for vested quarters to loot money. But providing service is different and it is a tough job.*This report, originally published in print edition, has been rewritten in English by Toriqul Islam and Shameem Rezalast_img read more

Tonight AFROs First Edition Friday Jan 23

first_imgListen at WEAA Live Stream: roundup of this week’s top news stories taken directly from the pages of the AFRO American Newspaper with AFRO reporter Roberto Alejandro, who wrote about the dismissal of the Phylicia Barnes murder case, as well as the Maryland General Assembly. Plus, we’ll focus on Baltimore City Hall politics with Fox 45 investigative producer Stephen Janis and Taya Graham, co-editor of, “You Can’t Stop Murder: Truths About Policing in Baltimore and Beyond.” It’s all coming up this evening on AFRO’s First Edition with Sean Yoes.last_img

Google Internet Stats Introduced

first_img Google launches search tool ‘Google Squared’ Citation: Google Internet Stats Introduced (2009, September 14) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Google Internet Stats Introduced Explore further Google Internet Stats gathers its information from a range of International third party sources to present twitter-like entries covering the areas of Consumer Trends, Macro-Economic Trends, Media Consumption and Landscape, and Technology. Each area is broken down into sub-categories. You can locate data by drilling down through the links, or by using the search engine.Using Google Internet Stats you can find all kinds of snippets of statistics such as: 57% of young people watched a YouTube music video in the last year; 1.6 billion people, or 24% of global population, are now online; over a quarter of Internet users surveyed in six countries in 2008 said most of the time they watch TV at the same time as being on the Internet; and iTunes has sold over six billion songs.Google gathers the information from an impressive list of sources, including research companies like Nielsen and Comscore, and publications such as The Economist and the Wall Street Journal, but at present the depth of the data is not impressive, and little of it is dated later than June 2009.While many of the sources it uses have a global presence, the statistics center is hosted on Google’s UK domain, and there is a definite slant towards the UK and Europe, but the database does include global data as well. The site is new and the statistics database is growing rapidly. You can even submit your own statistics provided you can supply links to support them. The Internet Stat Center quietly appeared at the following: link, and it is not yet clear whether Google intends to release similar statistics centers on other regional domains. At its present state of development it is little more than a curiosity, but it may grow to become interesting and useful.© 2009 ( — Google has quietly introduced a Google Internet Stats website, which presents snippets of statistics and insights for a number of focus areas, and allows you to search within the statistics for specific areas of interest. If you’re looking for quick facts, this website could eventually become the favorite place to check out first. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

Celebrating femininity through performing arts

first_imgAt a time when public outrage had spilled over to the roads across the country following the gang-rape in Delhi last December, miles away in Israel Shaked Dagan was busy scouting for women to be part of a multicultural group to represent freedom and femininity through the performing arts. It was a fallout of the incident that set off ripples globally.‘This news from India represented an extremely sad and disturbing reality of violence towards women. I have been to India before as a traveller and share a beautiful relationship with the people and the country,’ said the 26-year-old choreographer and dancer. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’‘Sitting there miles away, I was helpless. But being a woman how could I just sit and discuss it with friends and then forget the issue entirely? I decided to bring together the medium of performing arts and women from different countries to express our strength and weakness through this performance,’ she added.Encapsulating her aim and vision in a small video, Dagan uploaded it on YouTube and received an overwhelming response from various countries to be a part of the ‘Kindling’ project. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixIt has brought together seven women from different nationalities, the US, Israel, Canada, Denmark and Poland, including Dagan, and encapsulated the vast spectrum of their varied backgrounds – music, dance, video and art into a musical performance that will be staged at Epicentre Mall and the India Habitat Centre on weekend.The multicultural performance isn’t about preaching to anyone, Dagan insists, adding they have used techniques like silence, monologues and dance to allow the audience to interpret the performance in the manner they want to. ‘Awareness is more about being open to accepting different behaviour and not being restricted to define the role of a woman. We are trying to portray different aspects of femininity and show it from a different perspective,’ Dagan explained.‘We didn’t want to teach, be provocative or harsh… we just wanted to show what we have,’ she added, saying the performance has already been well-received in Kolkata and Imphal.One can’t miss the Indian influence in the performance, probably because the two months spent in the serene and quaint Challa village in Himachal Pradesh gave them enough time to interact with local women.‘We observed the role of women in the village and it was quite inspiring. Their role is very different. They are extremely strong women and are responsible for holding the entire village together. We tried to connect to them,’ said Biirgitte Lundtoft, a dancer from Denmark.This apart, a week-long class on the basics of the Kathak dance and singing allowed them to broaden their spectrum and incorporate a few elements in their performance. During the performance, these closed observations have been interspersed in different ways to portray strength and weakness, at the same time.last_img read more