By FFWPU Czech Republic  This year our Czech HARP

first_imgBy FFWPU Czech Republic This year, our Czech HARP committee coordinated the Il Shim program for the third time, welcoming eleven new applicants aged 13 to 15 years old on to the course, all of whom successfully completed it!As part of the course, participants were required to fulfil three main aspects: a spiritual condition, study and a confession.For many of the participants, the Il Shim course gave them the opportunity to experience doing their first personal spiritual condition, as all of them were required to take the time to choose the condition that they felt would be most valuable, commit themselves to a set amount of time and report their condition to their central figure; amongst others, participants reported reading conditions, prayer conditions as well as fasting conditions.Educational lectures were held at the Czech Headquarters in Prague every Sunday for five weeks, covering topics such as: how to become a true son/daughter of God, God’s expectations and the fulfilment of your own potential, building a relationship with God and the value of purity, and ownership during the Completed Testament Age.Lastly, perhaps the most transformational aspect of the program, for both the teenagers and their parents, was the confession. No matter how many or how few challenges we have faced, confessing our wrong doings is always difficult. Consequently, we were very proud of each of the participants for making the right conditions and having the courage and humility to conduct confessions with their parents.All the investment of both the participants and their parents was best illustrated in the culminating event, the Il Shim ring ceremony on 22nd January 2017. Following a moving sermon given by our National Leader Martine Masner and in front of a packed audience, each of the participants signed a pledge and received their purity ring from their parents. Tears of joy, nervous laughter, warm embraces, and a lot of clapping all contributed to the incredibly high spiritual atmosphere! We hope that this occasion can be a springboard for our youth to spiritually mature, not only taking more responsibility for their own life of faith, but also having the confidence to support one another and help others in realising our True Parents vision of families centred on absolute love.Congratulations to our Il Shim ring participants for all their hard work and effort!Il Shim pledge“This pledge is an expression of my desire, to live for the highest ideal of love, my commitment to this path and to never give up. Therefore, as a blessed child and second generation, I freely and sincerely pledge that I will:Love and honour God and True Parents by practicing my life with absolute love, absolute faith and absolute obedience.Love and honour my parents and will preserve the tradition of our lineage which began with True Parent’s Blessing and was transferred to me.Love and cherish my church and community by volunteering to serve others and to participate in church activities.Love and cherish my future partner, my future children and myself, and that I will retain my sexual purity before the Blessing.last_img

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