Football Manager 2015 PC review: It’s not love at first sight but you won’t be able to stop playing

first_img People who don’t like Football Manager never will. They would have to completely change the nature of the game – which right now is stats, stats and more stats – to bring in a different crowd. 08/12/2014 It’s the best management sim around and if you want to spoil someone’s new year by getting them addicted to it, then it would probably make an ideal Christmas gift. If they have’t introduced that many new features, it’s because the game’s pretty close to being an accurate a depiction of being a football manager as you can get – right down to dealing with annoying journalists like us.  Even if that realism means picking yourself up off the floor after your fourth sacking and starting a new game. CET Upd. at 21:13 Reader, I was sacked. Several times. The latest edition of Football Manager is not a game to dip in and out of. If you’ve played the game before you know that it requires plenty of attention, planning and devotion. Never was something that can be so frustrating be loved by so many. With perhaps the exception of golf. It’s not changed unrecognisably from the last version; in recent years that’s been the case. Sports Interactive are not trying to re-invent the wheel. To use a more appropriate example, just as how the ball at each international tournament gets “rounder”, the game is refined.  Rik Sharma There are a couple of new additions, the first of which being the screen where you can assign “points” to your manager’s attributes – whether you’re a tracksuit manager a la Sam Allardyce, or more of a tactician, a Pep Guardiola. Not that Pep was afraid to get his shoes dirty on the sidelines.  In the past these stats have always started at 10 out of 20, and then changed as the game goes along. Here you can move them up and down, depending on how you want to manage. In essence you create a character for yourself, whereas before you just picked up the game and played. You choose your previous experience – from international footballer down to Sunday league merchant. It feels like cheating to pick one of the higher rungs, but perhaps that’s where I’m going wrong.  Obviously, it’s not a patch on FIFA or Pro Evolution Soccer graphically and nor does it try to be. Those are games where you control the footballers, where you get to pretend you are Lionel Messi. This is a game where what’s in store for you is realism. Some have complained the game is less joyful than before. Based on my experiences of being repeatedly sacked, that is the case. But really, once you get into your rhythm you’ll slowly begin to appreciate and even love it, the same way you slowly fell in love with each edition down the years. last_img

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