Kraft leaves ‘young guns’ in his wake

first_imgWe had a slew of followers that tied for second on 36 points, namely Bill Thompson, Larry Emerson and Joe St. Laurent.  They were all going over the count-back until Paul put them in the back seat.  They still needed the second place winner so it didn’t go to waste.  Just behind the list at 36 was Sus Ige with 35 points.Monthly winner Paul Kraft, left, with Joe St. Laurent.At their gathering place at Caddy Shack II, plans were laid out for next week’s competition – a two men scramble will be held.  Teams were formed and as usual, the bragging rights began on who had the best team.  It will be interesting to see how it will turn out.  Entry fee will be 200 hundred baht and will be divided for 3 places.  Hope to see you all there. PSC golf from The Three Sisters BarAs the end of the month rolled around and with the holidays behind us, our numbers finally picked up.  The ‘oldster’ of the group rose to the top again to show the rest of us that it’s not age that counts but the way you play the game.  Paul Kraft shot a score that was half his age.  He came in with 38 points and could have easily come in with more. last_img

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