Five Subarus Unique to Colorado

first_img1. Subaru Baja – A car people only cared about once manufacturing ceased. Despite being named Consumer Report’s Most Reliable Pickup of 2006, Subaru’s attempt at an all-in-one utility vehicle spectacularly failed (projected to sell 24,000 annually, less than 30,000 Bajas were sold in the U.S. from 2003-2006). Only in Colorado do people desire a specific model of Subaru simply because it’s no longer being made. Or maybe they’re genuinely attracted to the because-we-can look of a truck-bed-toting sedan.2. Legacy Spec B – A 2006 limited edition with improved suspension and navigation systems, of which only 500 were made. The Spec B added a splash of much-needed youth to an otherwise plain car that’s essentially the auto industry’s equivalent of Dad Jeans.3. Impreza 22B STI – A hyper-rare Japanese-made model crafted to resemble Subaru’s own rally car. With a total release of less than 500, the majority never left the company’s homeland. Two known originals are famously in America today; one in New Jersey, home to Subaru of America’s headquarters, and the other (you guessed it) in Colorado. No, not Boulder, but Colorado Springs, where a Colorado Springs Subaru dealer keeps it tucked away in his private garage, like a famous stolen painting destined never to see the light of day.4. Any Hatchback – The most popular type of Subaru in Colorado, the hatchback’s allure lies in the realtive spaciousness of both its trunk and cab. It’s perfect for hauling a week’s-worth of camping gear deep in the mountains.  Or, more realistically, for hauling a carload of one’s friends and accessories to any of our country’s ever-multiplying music and arts festivals for a weekend of drug-fueled debauchery (please drive responsibly).5. Outback LLBean – Because Boulder. Never has a particular make and model of car ever been more closely associated with a specific geographic location. I don’t doubt that they’d make it their official city vehicle given the chance.last_img

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