Prime Minister visits Ironman New Zealand

first_img Related Helping to celebrate 25 years of Ironman New Zealand, Prime Minister John Key visited Taupo and reaffirmed the importance of the event for the local economy and wider tourism industry.“Ironman New Zealand is critically important for us here in New Zealand,” he said. “We’re a big tourism destination, we want to attract people down here and make sure they see a lot of New Zealand. Something like the Ironman anchors a natural string of tourism into the country but it also showcases New Zealand. We’re going to be in the homes of millions of people around the world, so it’s a fantastic way for them to have a look in to our part of the world and hopefully it’ll wet their appetite to come down and visit.“Attracting off-peak tourism is really important. We get a lot people in January and February, it’s getting people to come the rest of the year. The other thing is the exposure. It’s one thing for people to come here and go back and tell their friends. It’s quite another matter for millions of people to see the race and think that looks like a place to go. They’ve been making such fantastic shows from the previous 24 years of competitions.”

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