How negative thoughts affect body?

first_imgYou must be wondering what I just said. Believe me its true, that negative thoughts affect our emotions, mental health and body.Why do we get negative thoughts?The answer is clear we tend to “focus on things we don’t have, rather than appreciate the things we have “.We are wanderers set on a vacation on planet Earth, nobody is staying here permanently. We must enjoy every moment LIFE has to offer. You must be having MONEY, a lot of MONEY indeed. Since you have worked hard in earning it you know How many sleepless nights you spent? How many pennies you saved so that your family can be happy. But the truth is also this that you must enjoy the money you have earned and not just see them grow in the Bank sheets… Another way of expressing Happiness is by spreading Happiness. You worked hard, earned an income, your family future is now safe. So why not spend some amount in expressing GRATITUDE. By expressing, I mean you can help the needy, pick up some old age home, an orphanage or may donate some amount to a person who is in need of MONEY but can’t afford the operation. You can be his HOPE. Try doing this and feelthe satisfaction when you see a smile on their face.The law of attraction says,” whatever you give, comes back to you in some or the other form ( it could be love, care, good health )Let me share a small instance which changed my life completely…My child was diagnosed with Hernia at the tender age of 2. When other children his age were busy playing he was constantly sick and unable to hold anything he ate or drunk … it was a series of nightmare vomits I remember the dark Saturday night we had to rush him to the nearby hospital. He was under observation on Sunday. The city doctors had an annual function at the same hospital. My kid was serious, suddenly a Doctor stepped in and started the procedures for an emergency operation that night. I witnessed a ray of light in the darkness. The kindness we do to others returns back in some or the other way. For me, the Doctor was an angel sent by God, else who would imagine an emergency operation on a Sunday.GRATITUDE has its own magic multiples. The more you practice daily the more it gives you.Try doing this –Thank every person who helps you from morning to evening. Be it your housemaid , grocery store boy, laundryman, auto driver, gardener or anybody who has just helped you. Just say the magical words “ Thankyou “ and feel the magic within.This exercise will give you inner happiness. When you are happy from within you will spread more happiness and attract more happiness. This will eventually kill negative thoughts like anger, fear, insecurity, jealousy.What can we do to remove the negative bias?You all have been doing this since the day you are born. Close your eyes, take a deep breath while you inhale a lot of Oxygen. Let it pass from your head to toe. Now while you exhale release your mind of blockages like sadness, fear, insecurity. Open up your hand raise them high, accept happiness, love and care.Don’t forget what we learnt in kindergarten “ Sharing is Caring “. Feel the difference. You are the one who can make or break yourself.It is true what the human mind needs are love, care, appreciation to blossom and be happy. if we don’t get appreciation we are dejected thus multiplying the negative chemicals present in the body. Negativity multiplied faster than positivity so stays away from it. The human mind is a powerful magnet so attract only positive thoughts.I have known my closest family member who was very fit in his early days. He struggled a lot after his father’s death and rose from rags to riches by his hard work and dedication. But the only thing that ripped him apart was lack of appreciation and acknowledgement by his family for whom he stood by mothers side as an elder son by educating his siblings, looking after bread and butter of family of 6 with very much little savings left at the end of the month. His only mistake was he expected them to visit him on his death bed during his difficult days but he only got disappointment which made him sick very sick with a 4th stage cancerous rooster in his stomach weighing nothing less than 6 kgs. His mind was not at peace and this affected his health as he lacked appreciation from his family whom he treated as his own kids. Had he opened up his emotions he would live another 5 long years? Negative thoughts as just like deadly cancer which burns your cells with anger, fear, sadness.Role of forgiveness –When you forgive others you set yourself free. You don’t forgive because they deserve forgiveness but because you deserve inner peace. Don’t hold a grudge on someone because he/she hurt you .?Forgiveness is the best form of love. It takes a strong person to say a SORRY and strongest person to FORGIVE.By being POSITIVE it is to see the good in everything. Wake up daily with a positive thought. Thank GOD you could see the sunrise, thank your people, spread love, practice meditation. Remember you can fly leave everything that puts you down. Happiness is a state of mind. Emotions have to be expressed. Accumulated emotions are cancerous. Don’t compare yourself with others. Both the sun and moon have their time to shine .always focus on the good, the good gets better.“If you want to see the brave, look at those who can FORGIVE. If you want to see the heroic, look at those who can love in return of hatred “– Bhagwad Gita extractlast_img

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