Man stuck in snowbound car for 5 days tells authorities he survived on taco sauce packets

first_imgDeschutes County Sheriff’s Office(SUNRIVER, Ore.) — An Oregon man whose car was stuck in the snow for five days survived on taco sauce packets until a snowmobile rider found him, authorities said.Jeremy Taylor, 36, filled up his black Toyota 4Runner with gas on Feb. 24 before driving with his dog, Allie, to a forested ridge, west of Sunriver, Oregon, where he would often enjoy off-roading. But, the SUV got stuck in snow on a Forest Service road, so they spent the night in the snowbound vehicle, according to the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office.Taylor awoke the next morning to even more snow on the ground and was unable to move his car. He tried to walk out with his dog but the snow was too deep so they returned to the vehicle.“Jeremy stayed warm over the next four days by periodically starting his vehicle and used a few taco sauce packets he had as food,” Sgt. William Bailey of the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement Saturday.A snowmobile rider came across the stranded SUV on Friday afternoon and contacted authorities. Rescuers located Taylor and his dog “in good condition, but hungry,” Bailey said.Taylor and his dog were transported to an intersection where he was reunited with family and friends.“The Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office would like to thank everyone who assisted with the search for Jeremy and his dog Allie,” Bailey said.Copyright © 2019, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

Yola Covers Nina Simone’s “To Be Young, Gifted And Black” On ‘Seth Meyers’ [Video]

first_imgYola appeared as the musical guest on Late Night with Seth Meyers Wednesday night, where the singer performed her rendition of Nina Simone‘s “To Be Young, Gifted and Black”.The performance took place remotely from the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, TN, where the British singer is scheduled to perform on May 11th, 2021. Despite being over seven months away, tickets for the concert at the legendary venue went on sale Thursday.From the stage of the Ryman, bathed in natural sunlight and facing away from the seats, Yola performed the tune from legendary singer/songwriter/activist’s 1958 album Little Girl Blue. While Yola’s musical prowess has been well-established since launching onto the scene in 2016 with her debut EP, Orphan Offering, this performance placed her on the level of an icon like Simone.Related: Yola Delivers Intimate, Acoustic ‘Tiny Desk (Home) Concert’ [Watch]From the song choice to her presence at the famed Ryman Auditorium, everything about Yola’s performance on Late Night rings of a vintage nature. Yet the song, while written over half a century ago, still rings true as Yola champions the social justice causes that remain just as relevant as in Simone’s heyday. The emotion that Yola pulls from for this rendition of “To Be Young, Gifted and Black” is the kind of thing that can’t be faked, and can only be found through years of discrimination and hardship as a result of one’s race, despite her remarkable ability.Watch Yola’s performance of “To Be Young, Gifted and Black” from the Ryman Auditorium.Yola – “To Be Young, Gifted and Black” (Nina Simone)[Video: Late Night with Seth Meyers]last_img read more

‘No evidence’ to support standard of proof shift

first_imgThe Law Society has demanded to see proof that would justify making it easier to strike practitioners off the roll. Chancery Lane says that no evidence has yet been produced to support altering the standard of proof for cases going through the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal.The tribunal is expected to review the standard it applies towards the end of this year, with backing from the Solicitors Regulation Authority to switch from a criminal to a civil standard.The Society formal position has been and remains to support the criminal standard of proof, requiring prosecutions to be proved ’beyond reasonable doubt’.  But in a discussion paper published today  the representative body puts forward both sides of the argument and acknowledges there is a perception that the criminal standard protects solicitors rather than clients.The Society stresses that it has seen no evidence that current rules make it any more difficult to prosecute cases, pointing out that the SRA’s rate of successful prosecutions is very high.The Society is seeking members’ views on what position to take with the tribunal and says it is not enough to justify reform simply by asserting that the civil standard (upon the ‘balance of probabilities’) is applied in other professions.It adds: ‘The tribunal can strike solicitors off and impose fines of unlimited financial value; these sanctions can have a profound and lasting effect on solicitors, ending careers and impacting on livelihoods.’The paper suggests the nature of the tribunal – where the ‘full might’ of the regulator goes up against an individual solicitor – more closely resembles a criminal trial than civil proceedings.But it acknowledges the discrepancy whereby the SRA prosecutes less serious rule breaches by applying the civil standard. The Society puts forward a potential third option, drawn from the US, where the standard switches depending on circumstances.last_img read more

Free Medication Giveaway in Swain County

first_imgNC MedAssist will bring back a free over the counter medicine GiveAway event to Swain County on Saturday, Sept. 29 at West Swain Elementary School from 9 a.m.-2 p.m.  The event is open to all Swain County residents and their families needing OTC medication. The Give Away will be held from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at West Elementary School. Participants must be 18 years of age or older and proof of residency is required (identification card or utility bill showing name and address).This will be the first OTC event held in Swain County. Individuals will receive $100 worth of OTC products, which include items such as allergy relief, pain relief, indigestion relief, cold medicine, first-aid and vitamins.Last year, NC MedAssist distributed more than $1.9 million dollars of donated OTC medication to North Carolina individuals and clinic partners. Swain County Health Department encourages every Swain County resident to take part in the FREE OTC Medicine Give Away.last_img read more

Marketing Day: Instagram’s new payment feature, augmented reality games & Google Assistant

first_img HomeDigital MarketingMarketing Day: Instagram’s new payment feature, augmented reality games & Google Assistant Marketing Day: Instagram’s new payment feature, augmented reality games & Google AssistantYou are here: Related postsLytics now integrates with Google Marketing Platform to enable customer data-informed campaigns14th December 2019The California Consumer Privacy Act goes live in a few short weeks — Are you ready?14th December 2019ML 2019121313th December 2019Global email benchmark report finds email isn’t dead – it’s essential13th December 20192019 benchmark report: brand vs. non-brand traffic in Google Shopping12th December 2019Keep your LinkedIn advertising strategy focused in 202012th December 2019 Posted on 5th May 2018Digital Marketing FacebookshareTwittertweetGoogle+share Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Using machine learning to get more value out of your Facebook campaignsMay 4, 2018 by Laura CollinsContributor Laura Collins explains how to securely get the most out of Facebook’s trove of user rich data and take advantage of its sophisticated machine learning to improve campaign performance.Instagram testing a booking & payments feature it first announced more than a year agoMay 4, 2018 by Amy GesenhuesFor now, the feature is available to a limited set of partners and businesses on Instagram.Augmented reality games: Will this summer’s releases be booms or busts?May 4, 2018 by Adam DorfmanContributor Adam Dorfman tells marketers what they need to know and how they might benefit from the upcoming launches of four AR games.Google betting its Assistant can close the wearables gap with AppleMay 4, 2018 by Greg SterlingNew Assistant capabilities announced for Wear OS ahead of Google’s developer conference next weekThe 5 big disruptions to marketing in 2018May 4, 2018 by Digital Marketing DepotThe marketing world is in the middle of five major disruptions that are reshaping the industry as we know it: Digital transformation. Microservices and APIs. Vertical competition. Digital everything. Artificial intelligence. These trends are dramatically altering the digital landscape in which business operate and changing how brands function internally.The ultimate guide to bot herding and spider wrangling — Part TwoMay 4, 2018 by Stephan SpencerNext up in a series on bots and why crawl budgets are important, Columnist Stephan Spencer explains how to direct the engine bots to what’s important on your site and how to avoid common coding issues.Where to find ideas for content your audience will love, look at and link toMay 4, 2018 by Jeremy KnauffIf you’re looking for new, inspirational and trendy content ideas, consider using sites that provide answers and solutions, says contributor Jeremy Knauff. Here are 5 good places to start.6 ways ABM turns classical lead scoring on its headMay 3, 2018 by John SteinertDon’t be afraid to break the “rules” to drive the results you need, argues contributor John Steinert.Facebook Pages will be getting new video metrics & chart tracking engagement throughout videoMay 3, 2018 by Amy GesenhuesFacebook says it also fixed a bug that resulted in inaccurate retention graph data for videos running longer than two minutes.Recent Headlines From MarTech Today, Our Sister Site Dedicated To Marketing Technology:The F8 Developer Conference is over: Here’s everything Facebook announcedMay 4, 2018 by Amy GesenhuesFacebook rolled out several features for its platform, Instagram and Messenger during the conference and gave a deep dive into all the ways it is using AI.This week in GDPRMay 4, 2018 by Robin KurzerA weekly wrap-up of how companies are preparing for the General Data Protection Regulation.Facebook Messenger rolls out AR and other enhancements at its F8 developer conferenceMay 4, 2018 by Robin KurzerWhile several companies tout their success using the platform, Kia and Octane AI announce new Messenger integrations.Online Marketing News From Around The Web:4 Hidden Variables Sellers Must Master to Beat Amazon’s Buy Box Algorithm, Multichannel Merchant5 Things Brands Can Do To Win Back Customer Trust, CMS WireBe Selfish With Your Data, AdExchangerContent Marketing and Sales Alignment: Bridging the Gap [New Research], Content Marketing InstituteCustomer-First Marketing: What every entrepreneur and SMB marketer can learn from successful Etsy sellers, MarketingSherpa BlogHow salesy should your newsletter be?, VerticalResponseHow to get started with video marketing, My EmmaStudy: Facebook’s focus on ‘meaningful interactions’ doesn’t slow video’s explosive growth, Mobile MarketerThe post Marketing Day: Instagram’s new payment feature, augmented reality games & Google Assistant appeared first on Marketing Land.From our sponsors: Marketing Day: Instagram’s new payment feature, augmented reality games & Google Assistantlast_img read more

IT Best Practices: Embracing IT Marketing

first_imgProper marketing creates a connection between IT and our customers and partners. Effective marketing means connecting with customers at a personal level, transaction by transaction. The result will be delivery of the right services at the right time, based on the unique needs of the audience, and increased trust. Marketing Can’t Replace Good IT Practices and ExecutionDeveloping better relationships with our customers and using marketing techniques will not mask poor IT performance or service. However, marketing can re-enforce positive impressions and help deliver the competitive advantage our businesses want. I often hear IT professionals state, and I agree, that we must run IT as a business—optimize investment decisions, prioritize our programs like a portfolio, and monitor progress, making required course corrections. If that is the case, what business would choose toforgo marketing and miss the opportunity to understand its customers’ needs? We should embrace the concepts of marketing in IT. Four Effective Ways to Embrace IT MarketingIntel IT has embraced the importance of marketing our organization’s capability and solutions to our partners and employees. Here are a few of our “best practices.”1. Annual Performance Report. For the past 10 years, our IT organization has published an IT Annual Performance Report to communicate our operational strategies and results to our partners, employees, and other IT professionals. IT is often the silent hero, or visible to customers only when something goes wrong. People often know only the part of IT that they rely on, but don’t have an appreciation for the breadth of IT’s responsibilities. It’s easy to cry, “why aren’t you prioritizing me” when you don’t realize there are other programs on the priority list. Documenting and communicating the breadth of services we offer and the value we provide has helped uschange that perception.2. Productivity Tips for Employees. For the past five years, the Intel IT Products and Services Communications team has published an internal bi-weekly corporate-wide newsletter (we call it Digital Edge) focused on the technology and solutions available from Intel IT. Digital Edge articles educate Intel employees on a variety of information technology topics to help them improve productivity and take advantage of new IT products and services. Over time, readership of this newsletter has grown to 70 percent of its distribution, an incredibly high readership for a “pushed” communication. Some of these articles have been republished for external consumption at IT-to-Admin Audiocasts. No one markets to a homogeneous population, and therefore segmenting your customers is imperative. We found that the administrative assistant community is a key influence point that propagates awareness of IT service and perception. IT hosts a series of quarterly audiocasts for Intel’s administrative assistant community. This format provides quick, timely updates to an influential audience, with IT experts on hand to answer questions.4. Offering Information at Users’ “Point of Need.” Our IT communications and training teams develop content to help employees learn and make the most of IT solutions. Our internal IT intranet portal offers the latest “IT news,” optimized search, and a comprehensive product catalog. We monitor support calls, chats, and submitted help tickets to identify topics that warrant additional focus. A new focus for us is to deliver this content at the user’s “point of need”—for example, when an employee goes to investigate, order, or download a specific product or application, they also get theinformation, tips-and-tricks, and training on how to best use that specific product.Let’s Take Charge of Our Own Destiny through MarketingWe all seek better partnership with our business stakeholders. We want to improve IT’s ability to create a competitive advantage for our respective organizations. I believe there is a need to “market” IT. Create the connection between IT and the business – that’s marketing! Certainly, marketing is alive and well inside Intel IT.How are you working to market your department’s accomplishments and expertise?Do you have a formal plan in place? Marketing Helps Us Connect with Business Partners Every IT organization seems to be under constant performance pressure. The pace of business is increasing. Budget pressure is always present. The complexity of regulatory compliance is exploding. Employees expect full support of the latest, often consumer-orientated, technologies… yesterday.This pressure is amplified as our businesses become even more dependent on IT. The business looks to us in IT for a competitive advantage—solutions for faster product development and delivery cycles, business intelligence and automated analytics tools for better decision making, and an overall reduction in the cost of doing business. On this journey to forge a competitive advantage, we are faced with limitless challenges. To be successful, we need to market IT.Marketing is a SkillMarketing often has an undeserved negative perception as an instrument of deception and manipulation, or a creative “spin” of reality. Marketing is actually about understanding customer requirements and translating the value of a product or service into terms the user can understand and appreciate—a skill that is critical to achieving the goals discussed above.last_img read more

India can and must become a developed nation by 2020: Atal Bihari Vajpayee

first_imgAtal Bihari VajpayeeVision India: A.B. Vajpayee spells out the wordmap of progressAtal Bihari Vajpayee says that India can and must become a developed nation by 2020 and declares his resolve to secure a meaningful role for India in world affairs.The context of this event has enhanced its importance. Conclave 2004,Atal Bihari VajpayeeVision India: A.B. Vajpayee spells out the wordmap of progressAtal Bihari Vajpayee says that India can and must become a developed nation by 2020 and declares his resolve to secure a meaningful role for India in world affairs.The context of this event has enhanced its importance. Conclave 2004 has coincided with Election 2004. INDIA TODAY is talking about India Tomorrow. And the tomorrow it dreams of is the dream of Building an Indian Century.Now that’s a theme tailor made for those of us in this election battle who have a lot to say about our achievements today and, equally, a lot to say about our vision for tomorrow. We are ready for the debate. Indeed, the debate is already taking place all across the country-in homes and on streets, in teashops and on TV channels. One can say that India has become a conclave today, discussing the claims and counter-claims, arguments and counter-arguments of various contenders in the elections.As the world’s largest democracy, we can be proud that this electoral battle is taking place in a completely peaceful, tension-free atmosphere. I have no doubt that irrespective of who wins or loses in the elections and by whatever margin, our democracy will emerge victorious, stronger and more resilient than before.Every Indian, whether living in India or abroad, has always believed that India is a great nation and has wondered why the world has not acknowledged this obvious truth. Perhaps we have tended to judge ourselves by our potential, whereas others judge us by our performance. However, this gap between our potential and our performance is now getting bridged. India is changing, and changing very rapidly. The imprint of this change is becoming bolder and more attention-catching by the day.The world acknowledges our prowess in IT and in other sectors of the knowledge-based economy. Our growing markets and our rapidly expanding economy compel global recognition. Indian businesses have learnt from globalisation and the technology revolution the imperative of becoming globally competitive.advertisementToday “Made in India” or “Sourced from India” labels are becoming a matter of national pride. It cannot be anybody’s claim that India’s achievements belong only to the recent past.As an Indian, I am as proud as anyone else of India’s achievements under previous governments. I have never looked at them with jaundiced eyes and have never been sparing in giving credit where it was due.However, few would deny that the progress we made in the past did not measure up either to India’s potential or to her manifest needs. As a result, enormous developmental challenges continue to confront our country. The greatest of these challenges is to banish poverty which still grips nearly one-fourth of our population. We have a long way to go and an immense lot to accomplish.But we have decided to traverse this long journey in a short time. We have started to speed up everything that is essential for making India a stronger and more prosperous nation, one capable of meeting any emergency that the future may throw up. Towards this end we have begun to: speed up our GDP growth; speed up the reform of our economy and our institutions; speed up the expansion and modernisation of our infrastructure and speed up the expansion and improvement of our social infrastructure.Raising productivity and profitability in agriculture is central to our strategy of making rural India prosperous and vibrant. The Green Revolution helped India achieve self sufficiency in food production.Now, the country needs a second Green Revolution to create efficiency and capture value at every stage in the food chain linking the farmer to the consumer. We have initiated many efforts in this direction. Enlarging and intensifying them will be a priority for us in the coming years.There is much talk these days about unemployment. I recognise that it is a major concern for the youth. However, I would like to stress two salient aspects of this problem. Firstly, unemployment is not a recent creation. Secondly, the nature of employment generation is changing with the changing nature of the economy. Jobs in government and organised industry have shrunk not only in India but also all over the world. At the same time, new employment and self-employment opportunities have sprung up on a large scale in recent years. These are in housing, road construction and transportation, cottage industries, financial sector, tourism, services and enterprises in the informal sector, and IT.Our strategy for the future will be three-pronged: promote productive employment in all sectors of the economy, especially in agriculture and rural enterprises; enhance employability of the employment-seeking people through suitable training and skill development; and further strengthen social security schemes for those in the unorganised sector. Turning to India’s interaction with the international community in the years to come by mentioning only a few key issues. We are seeing increasingly that as India adjusts to globalisation, the globe is adjusting to a quiet “Indianisation”. Indians and people of Indian origin have earned recognition abroad as political leaders and heads of multinationals, as film directors and sports captains, as editors and authors. The most prestigious universities of the world have Indians in top faculty positions.There are some who do not like to describe all this as “India Shining”. They would at least have to admit that these facts testify to the vigour and vitality of India’s international profile today. Our economic growth and development have enhanced our international standing. Conversely, our network of international cooperation has also provided new opportunities for India’s growth and development. As the world seeks to fashion a new global order from the debris of the Cold War, India will creatively pursue her foreign policy to widen the web of friendly relations with all the countries in the world. Our aim will be to secure for India a meaningful role in world affairs.India does not believe that unipolarity is a state of equilibrium in today’s world. At the same time, we do not advocate a form of multipolarity that creates tension between the poles. We believe a stable equilibrium lies in a cooperative, multipolar world which accommodates the legitimate aspirations and interests of all its component poles and of the international community as a whole. This is the world which India is committed to working for.In Asia, regional economic cooperation has already changed the contours of our international engagement. The ASEAN-India relationship is gaining strength and maturity. We have recently given economic cooperation within SAARC a new impetus. Through BIMST-EC (Bangladesh-India-Myanmar-Sri Lanka-Thailand Economic Cooperation) we are trying to exploit the synergies of sub-regional cooperation in a way that will also promote the rapid economic development of our northeastern states. We have taken forward our relations with China by strengthening the underpinning of a vibrant economic cooperation.It is this language of cooperation, detente and dialogue that we have consistently used in our neighbourhood policy. The agreement that we reached with Pakistan in January flowed from our consistent stand that it is only bilateral dialogue that can solve our problems; that this dialogue cannot be pursued or sustained if terrorism continues; and that all problems, including Jammu and Kashmir, should be addressed in this dialogue.Throughout the recent difficult years, when we had to fashion responses appropriate to immediate challenges, we have consistently had this clarity of purpose. I have also frequently said that in this changing and fast-moving world, we cannot afford to remain shackled by history. We should be willing to look at innovative ideas for the resolution of our bilateral differences.Of course, it is public opinion in both countries that has to lead the politicians to pragmatic and acceptable solutions. That is why we have been advocating the intensification of trade, economic cooperation, cultural exchanges and sporting links so that public opinion in both the countries can be mobilised in support of the peace dividend.It is also our vision for the entire South Asian region that the economic stakes we develop in each other will eventually wipe away misunderstanding and suspicions and create a South Asian Economic Union which will promote progress and prosperity in a strongly interconnected subcontinent.The two defining security-related preoccupations of the 21st century are terrorism and proliferation. We in India know that international terrorism inspired by religious extremism did not start with 9/11. But it imprinted itself on the consciousness of the international community on that date. It enabled the world to put in better perspective India’s own experiences. We willingly joined the international coalition against terrorism, applauded the provisions of UN Security Council Resolutions 1373 and 1456, and called for a strict and universal application of all these provisions.This is a continuing struggle. We have to resist the temptation of short-term political goals diverting us from the long term objective. India is convinced that ultimately the battle against international terrorism can only be effectively won by the widest possible coalition of democracies acting in concert.It is an objective we will continue to pursue. We hear a lot these days about the indiscriminate proliferation of weapons of mass destruction feeding a black market of non-state actors.advertisementadvertisementWe have always maintained that the existing non-proliferation regimes are all grossly unequal and would not serve the purpose of military denuclearisation. They have restrained the responsible and rewarded the reckless.Let me declare unequivocally that India supports the objective of genuine non-proliferation. We have pursued it from our own perspectives and for our own good. India can contribute meaningfully and even add value to a multilateral cooperative framework for this.In the past few years, India has taken important measures to orient its economy to the demands of globalization. We have done so with deliberation and with sensitivity. Even at the risk of attracting the impatience of some, we have tried to ensure that our economic liberalization does not retard the objective of equitable development. We have warned the world of the dangers of headlong globalization seriously eroding political support for economic reform measures in developing countries.Together with other developing countries, we emphasized this at Cancun. Decisions on agriculture affect the livelihood of billions of farmers in the developing world which could not be sacrificed at the altar of globalization. We will continue to work with the developing and the developed world for win-win solutions to these issues. India is convinced that such solutions exist.While talking about globalization, I should mention the strange controversies that have been generated on what is called business process outsourcing. The very process of liberalization on which we have been lectured for so many years has created competitive skills which are available for utilization by businesses everywhere. Outsourcing is a natural consequence of this process.As economists around the world have been saying, outsourcing makes businesses more competitive, increases their exports and profits, and places more investible surpluses in their hands which can be deployed to create more jobs. The world has spent the past decade trying to make sensible economics prevail over the temptation of short-term political gains. We should not now drive a reverse process. Today, India stands at a unique point in her ascendant movement in history. I believe that there is a law of growth in the life of every nation. Understood and followed properly, it brings about national resurgence and takes the nation to strength, prosperity and greatness.The objective conditions, including the international situation, have never been more conducive for this law of growth to operate with full power in the case of India. Therefore, we must not let cynicism or negativism, despondency or disunity clog our veins and weaken our muscles.India faces a big challenge today. We will always remain a democracy, of course. That is an abiding source of India’s pride and strength. But the challenge is: Can our democracy create a common national purpose around the issue of development and deliver it on a scale that all of us dream of?Can we remove regional and social disparities and bridge the urban-rural divide fast enough? Can we speedily enlarge the basket of opportunities to match the growing aspirations of our predominantly youthful population?In short, can we make India a developed nation in a holistic way by 2020? Within the lifespan of a single generation? Yes, we can. We must. To work toward this goal has been the endeavor of my Government for the past five years. It is our resolve to accelerate this process over the next five years. And this is precisely why we are seeking a renewed mandate from the people of India in the hope and confidence that we will get it.Atal Bihari Vajpayee is the Prime Minister of India.last_img read more

Sunil Gavaskar says Virat Kohli missed a trick in Ranchi

first_imgLegendary Sunil Gavaskar feels India missed a fifth bowler in the third and penultimate cricket Test against Australia which ended in a tame draw in Ranchi on Monday. (SCORECARD)Gavaskar was of the opinion that with Wriddhiman Saha, Ravichandran Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja in good nick, India can afford to bring in a fifth bowler in the playing eleven to share the burden of its four-men bowling attack.Also watch: Cheteshwar Pujara is definitely India’s wall: Michael Clarke to India Today”India’s batting has benefited by the fact that you have somebody like (Ravichandran) Ashwin, somebody like a Wriddhiman Saha at No 6, 7 and 8. And if Jadeja can come score runs as he has done in this series then I think it really makes sense to go back to five bowlers and six batsmen theory,” Gavaskar told a news channel. (Ranchi Test: Australia hold on for draw, series-decider in Dharamsala)” India clearly missed a fifth bowler on Monday. I am not saying a fifth bowler would have ripped through the opposition but he would have given just that little bit of break to our hard working fast bowlers. Both Umesh (Yadav) and Ishant (Sharma) bowled their hearts out,” he said.The former India captain also differed with Australia captain Steven Smith and said it is not the visitors, but India who has the momentum on its side going into the fourth and final Test in Dharamsala starting Saturday. (Steve Smith says Peter Handscomb, Shaun Marsh repaid his faith)”I think the momentum is still with India because they are ones who came back, having batted second and chasing 450 plus score. They might not have bowled Australia out, but I think the momentum definitely is still with India,” Gavaskar said.advertisement”At the end of the day momentum doesn’t matter much because after the Bangalore win we thought India has the momentum, but things didn’t go well. So what happens on the day is important.” (Inability to bowl us out will be hurting India, says Steven Smith)Gavaskar also praised Peter Handscomb and Shaun Marsh for their gritty batting effort to bail Australia out in the game. The duo stitched match-saving 124 runs for the fifth wicket to deny India a win.”I think the way these two (Handscomb and marsh) batted, they denied India a win. It was good old fashioned Test match batting. It didn’t mean that they were playing for a draw from the first ball of the game. It’s fine when you find that you are not in a position to win then it’s better to save the game and live to fight for another day. (Virat Kohli alleges Australia of disrespecting team physio Patrick Farhart)”And that’s exactly what the Australians have done because if Australia would have lost on Monday, it would have been an uphill climb. Now they have an opportunity to win the series,” he said.last_img read more

Falcons TTC keep faith in Sanil Shetty, Dabang Smashers T.T.C to continue with Sathiyan

first_imgMumbai, Mar 27 (PTI) Defending champions Falcons TTC and Dabang Smashers T.T.C have made an early move ahead of the Player Draft, retaining their top Indian players for the second season of the CEAT Ultimate Table Tennis. 11SPORTS revealed that Falcons TTC have retained their faith in giant-slayer Sanil Shetty, who won many important games for them on their way to the title in the inaugural season; the Dabang Smashers T.T.C too put their weight behind Indias highest world-ranked player (World No. 49) Sathiyan Gnanasekaran. The RP-SG Mavericks surprisingly decided against continuing with Sharath Kamal, leaving the eight-time national champion in the Player Draft pool. Having opted for player retention, Falcons TTC and Dabang Smashers T.T.C will be able to opt for their first player during the Player Draft to be held at the National Sports Club of India (NSCI) here on Wednesday only after the other teams have made their choices in the first round. Sharath Kamal, Sathiyan Gnanasekaran and Sanil Shetty along with other top Indian table tennis stars Amalraj Anthony, Harmeet Desai, Manika Batra, Madhurika Patkar will be lending star value to the draft picks with their presence. All franchises have been given enough time to plan their strategy for the draft pick, having roped in their Indian and foreign coaches via the coach draft held earlier this month. The Indian coaches A Muralidhara Rao (Challengers), R Rajesh (Yoddhas), Sachin Shetty (Dabang Smashers T.T.C), Arup Basak (RP-SG Mavericks), N Ravichandran (Maharashtra United) will be playing a key role on Wednesday in making smart choices for their respective teams.advertisement The Players Draft is another big step in the conduct of CEAT UTT Season 2, which will be heading to new venues with a new format this season from June 14, 2018. Punes Balewadi Indoor Stadium will witness the first leg from June 14-19, 2018 before heading to Delhis Thyagaraj stadium from June 20-25, 2018. The final leg of the tournament will be played at Kolkatas Netaji Indoor Stadium from June 26 to July 1, 2018. PTI AH AHlast_img read more

a month ago​Coleman says Sheffield Utd win can restore Everton confidence

first_imgAbout the authorFreddie TaylorShare the loveHave your say ​Coleman says Sheffield Utd win can restore Everton confidenceby Freddie Taylora month agoSend to a friendShare the loveSeamus Coleman believes that Sheffield United is the best chance for Everton to get their season back on track.The Blues face off against the newly promoted side off the back of a disappointing loss to Bournemouth.The consistency necessary to grab a top four or top six finish is still eluding Everton.But Coleman thinks they can start with a win against Sheffield and go from there.”We have to make sure we retain our confidence from our home form and try to make amends [following Bournemouth] against Sheffield United and go on from there,” Coleman told evertontv.”When you put on the Everton shirt – whether you are old or young – you have to take responsibility, to be brave and look for the ball at all times and help your teammates.”Not many of us could hold our heads high coming off the pitch [on Sunday] and that’s the truth.”Our home form is good but away from home at the minute it is disappointing and something we need to put right very fast if we want to be better this season.”We have to go into the Sheffield United game… and hopefully get three points and move forward and try to put it right.” last_img read more