Email Syndication Services – Zookoda and Yutter promising

first_imgI spoke to Zookoda co-founder Nick McNaughton and he told me their user uptake isgoing very well (he provided me with the figures to back that up, but asked me not topublish them). They have a lot of great development plans too, which again I can’tdivulge. But what he did say for public consumption is that Zookoda is aimed at“publishers who are blogging to a non-technical audience” – that’s where he thinks thetarget market is. I also think it’s useful for a blog like mine, which is technical butprobably has a lot of readers who mainly want to keep track of media trends – or of mepersonally (e.g. family and friends) – and so are not necessarily RSS junkies. Anemail newsletter may help me attract more of those readers.To get started with Zookoda, check out this tutorial. It’s a fairly lengthy process to get an email newsletter up andrunning. I’m still working on it, so I haven’t yet published mine. The Zookoda blog has case studies. Yutter – simple yet hits the spotAnother interesting new email notification service is yutter (weird names must be a prerequisite for theseservices!). Yutter is currently in beta and they’re still working on advanced featureslike analytics and OPML support for importing/exporting. Other such services I’ve found include:blo.gsblogletsqueetMailFeedR | MailRSSFWDFeedlinxI’m sure there are others, but my intention with this post isn’t to doa Frank Gruber and compare a bunch of services. I’m really after the ‘nextgeneration’ email notification service – and two apps have come across my virtual deskrecently which look promising in that respect.Zookoda – compelling feature setZookoda is an Australian company that offers a range of email notification services,primarily email newsletters and “recurring broadcasts”. The Zookoda team describes it as“web-based email marketing application designed specifically for bloggers”. The bestthing about this service is its powerful set of functionality, together with itsflexibility. For example: a lot of non-RSS readers may not want to receive notificationof every single post from your blog, but a weekly email newsletter with all thehighlights may be just what those users need. Zookoda enables that and it also has reporting, which is a keyfeature for a ‘next gen’ email notification service to offer and especially relevant tomarketers. What I like about Yutter, even at this very early stage, is that it’s very simple touse and the interface is a joy to behold (unlike the much-maligned FeedBlitz). Also it’sgood to know that Yutter emails will be counted in my Feedburner stats.SummaryAlthough it’s early days for both Zookoda and Yutter, they look to be very promisingemail notification services for blogs. Zookoda has a compelling feature set and onewhich I anticipate a lot of uses for, but their challenge will be to create a simpleinterface for it all. Yutter is a simpler feature set, but so far I’m encouraged by theneat interface and RSS/Feedburner compatibility.Watch this space! I’ll update my progress on both of these services – and please feelfree to comment on your experiences or if you know of other promising email syndicationservices. Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Tags:#RSS & Feeds#web Related Posts richard macmanus A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… A couple of months ago Mike Arrington posted a plea to theblogosphere for more email syndication services for blogs. Mike didn’t like theoverly orange branding of Feedblitz, but more tothe point he noted that blogs still need email. Now I’m about as big an RSSadvocate as you’ll find on the Web, yet even I recognize that a lot ofpeople don’t use RSS – and until Microsoft embeds it into Outlook are unlikely to. I’msure there are a number of people who would like to subscribe to my blog, but haven’tdone so because they’re not interested in or intimidated by three letter acronyms and“news readers”. Well email syndication is for those people – perhaps also for folks whodon’t like the information overload that RSS brings (it’s still an issue in ’06, despitethe growing number of filter options).Overview of the email syndication spaceI agree with Mike that FeedBlitz is an eyesore. But it seems to be leading the packcurrently in the ‘blog email notification’ space: Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

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Rep Lucidos civics test legislation approved by Senate

first_img16Dec Rep. Lucido’s civics test legislation approved by Senate Categories: Lucido News,News LANSING – State Rep. Peter Lucido’s legislation that will require high school students to pass a civics test is heading to the governor’s desk after it was approved by the state Senate on Wednesday.“Knowing who our vice president is or how a bill becomes a law are crucial items to know for everyone in this country, yet we require immigrants to know this and not our students?” said Rep. Lucido, R-Shelby Township. “Young adults need to have a basic understanding of our government and how it operates. This bill will require passing a civics test before graduating, while giving districts the option to pick questions within the test available through the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).”House Bill 4136 stipulates passing the test as a condition of the student earning credit in high school civics with the results of the test to not affect the student’s grade point average. The legislation will:Specify that a pupil, beginning in the 2017-18 school year, cannot be awarded credit for completing a high school civics course unless the individual passes a test that includes test questions given to anyone seeking U.S. citizenship by the USCIS.Allow for a local board of education to determine the manner in which to administer a civics test.Require a local school board to permit a pupil to retake a civics test on multiple occasions until earning a passing score.“This is the greatest country in the world and we have to make sure our kids understand what goes into it, from the three branches of government to the Bill of Rights,” said Rep. Lucido. “It’s much more important for students to have a clear understanding of our government than the latest gossip on Kanye West.”last_img read more