Border agent unlawfully detained 2 women for speaking Spanish, ACLU says in lawsuit

first_imgJoe Raedle/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) — A border patrol officer has been accused of unlawfully stopping two women for speaking Spanish at a Montana convenience store, according to a law filed by the American Civil Liberties Union.Video of the incident, which occurred in May, went viral at the time.“Ma’am the reason I asked you for your ID is because you came in here and I saw you were speaking Spanish, which is very unheard of out here,” the officer tells one of the women in a video first released last year.When the incident was first reported, U.S. Customs and Border Protection spokesman Andrew Meehan said speaking Spanish alone “is not enough” to pull someone over or ask for ID.He added, however, that it’s possible the agent “very well could have been following procedure.”“[The] agent used a poor choice of words, for sure,” Meehan said in May.The women said the officer first asked where they were born, then asked to see their ID’s. Responding to questions from the women, the officer in the video maintains they were not racially profiled.The incident took place in Harve, a small town in northern Montana less than an hour drive from the Canadian border.A spokesperson said in a statement that CBP does not typically comment on pending litigation.The ACLU said the incident is consistent with the agency that is “out of control.”“More broadly, this kind of abusive CBP activity reflects an out-of-control agency emboldened by a vehemently anti-immigrant administration,” the ACLU said in a post explaining the Montana incident.Copyright © 2019, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

Unleashing the EU’s creativity to generate jobs

first_imgBut all this will be of no use if the pace of change remains leisurely and if the progress achieved on paper is not translated into real advances for Europe’s citizens on the ground.How to achieve this is quite another matter. But there is no alternative. We must increase our competitiveness and stimulate innovation in our companies and in society at large. The building of a short and strong link between innovation and job creation requires that we overcome a number of formidable barriers.There must be immediate action on six fronts, namely: changing attitudes; creating new businesses; research and development; knowledge and skills; finance and risk capital; and government and legislation.Attitudes must change in the labour market. Jobs associated with new technology do not follow the pattern of traditional jobs. It is important therefore to win public acceptance of the entrepreneurial model of employment: flexible, mobile, risk-taking and increasingly working at home for multiple employers.School-leavers must be ready for a working and living environment very different from that of their parents. Europe needs a highly knowledgeable workforce with a constantly evolving palette of skills and aptitudes. We need to train people to be able to adapt to future jobs in areas which have not been identified yet.Our European cultures favour achieving greater security, stability and equality over risk-taking, creativity and innovation. Our education system is more focused on avoiding failure than on taking risks. All too often, the education process is entrusted to people who appear to have no dialogue with, nor understanding of, industry and the path of progress. It does not have to be that way.We have the capability to create job opportunities for everyone if only we would unleash the creativity which lies dormant in all walks of life.For a generation, Europe has failed to match a substantial economic growth with job creation, despite its potentially formidable strengths: the largest single market in the world and a deep and wide knowledge base. It is now widely acknowledged that resistance to change, unwillingness to take risks, over-regulation, taxation and administrative disincentives, lack of entrepreneurship, and rigid labour market rules stand firm in the way of job creation.Other, lesser-known obstacles exist, such as unwieldy approval procedures for new products, slow and expensive patent systems, inefficient research funding and, of particular concern, an inability to move quickly from the research idea to market success.But there is light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. In countries where markets are freeing up, an increasing number of innovative companies are being founded, revealing a new economic vigour. There is an encouraging revival of venture capital and new stock markets are being created to target small companies.In other countries, regrettably, we are still visibly held back by barriers to entry and by limits placed on entrepreneurs and on established new businesses.It must be said that the EU and national governments are already addressing some of these issues. Implementation of the First Action Plan for Innovation in Europe has started, spearheaded by Commissioner Edith Cresson.Advances have been made in protecting intellectual property rights, financing innovation, administrative simplification, education and training, and gearing research to innovation. Far too many job opportunities in Europe’s network of businesses are lost because of obstacles set up by European traditions and over-prescriptive legislative systems.The key to unlocking the potential of all Europeans is innovation. Tomorrow’s jobs rely on our ability to build the right conditions for innovation today, whatever the strength or weakness of the current economic cycle. Only greater competitiveness and innovation can create sustainable new jobs.Innovation is not only about new technology, science and research; it is also about attitudes of mind which should permeate government, businesses, academia, indeed the whole of society. It is therefore neither useful nor helpful to address innovation as a strictly economic issue.Innovation is an antidote to inertia and complacency. By itself, it is not a panacea. It will not on its own provide a definitive solution to excessive unemployment.But innovation challenges stale and hidebound ways of thinking and acting. It invites us to look with fresh eyes, to think in different ways, to seek out new answers to old problems.More to the point, innovation leads to the creation of completely new markets, and there is no way to predict exactly what these will be, let alone how far they will transform our lives. It also enables us to organise our work and social structures in more efficient and thus more humane ways. It taps people’s creative energies. It makes the workplace more competitive and therefore more satisfying.That is why we have to establish a close connection in Europe between innovation, economic growth and job creation. While the task is huge, there is ground for optimism.Our single market of 350 million people will be significantly reinforced by economic and monetary union and the introduction of the single currency. This will quickly widen capital markets and provide greater venture opportunities.In addition, enlargement of the European Union in the not too distant future to new member states will add – in population terms – a new Germany in the first phase and a new France in the second.The new market conditions will inevitably transform our economies. This cannot but encourage companies of all sizes to be more mobile and forward-looking. The capital markets themselves will expand exponentially.The more money that is available, the greater the chances that entrepreneurs will benefit from this expansion. But before this happens, there are many obstacles which Europe must overcome. This goes some way to explaining the persistent mismatch between the skills required by employers and those offered by entrants in the labour market. We must improve Europe’s knowledge and skills by reigniting enthusiasm for innovation and entrepreneurship in the educational environment.The largest corporations already play an important part in generating new jobs by nurturing the creation and growth of small and medium enterprises which are in a better position to exploit new ideas. But this is not enough.Government must play a leading role in helping to change society by brokering the opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship to the public. They can themselves become more innovative and entrepreneurial, as the UK government has done. These cultural changes are as important as opening up markets and removing rules and regulations that visibly block progress.There is a great deal that governments in Europe can do to create an environment receptive to innovation.The more active European governments have started bench-marking their policies and services to ensure that quality keeps pace with new demands made by the public and imposed by new technologies. Others, however, declare their good intentions but with little real follow-up.It is essential to complete single market legislation and to enforce national implementation of EU laws. While there is broad agreement on the principle of liberalisation of markets for products, labour and capital, member states argue that this should be done in a way that does not undermine a European social model which aims to ensure job security.The irony of it all is that western Europe, despite its claim to job security for everyone, has long suffered the highest unemployment rate amongst industrial countries.It is obvious, therefore, that we need to act now. This is a critical time for Europe, with the single currency about to become reality and the enlargement of the European Union on the near horizon. Europe must create more jobs. We owe this to all our citizens.Baron Daniel Janssen is chairman of chemical giant Solvay and a member of the European Round Table of Industrialists (ERT) which has just published a report on ‘Job Creation and Competitiveness through Innovation’.last_img read more

Prime Minister visits Ironman New Zealand

first_img Related Helping to celebrate 25 years of Ironman New Zealand, Prime Minister John Key visited Taupo and reaffirmed the importance of the event for the local economy and wider tourism industry.“Ironman New Zealand is critically important for us here in New Zealand,” he said. “We’re a big tourism destination, we want to attract people down here and make sure they see a lot of New Zealand. Something like the Ironman anchors a natural string of tourism into the country but it also showcases New Zealand. We’re going to be in the homes of millions of people around the world, so it’s a fantastic way for them to have a look in to our part of the world and hopefully it’ll wet their appetite to come down and visit.“Attracting off-peak tourism is really important. We get a lot people in January and February, it’s getting people to come the rest of the year. The other thing is the exposure. It’s one thing for people to come here and go back and tell their friends. It’s quite another matter for millions of people to see the race and think that looks like a place to go. They’ve been making such fantastic shows from the previous 24 years of competitions.” read more

Shawnee Mission will end transfers, move English Language Learner program to address Briarwood overcrowding

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Overland Park council denies permit request for Two Dogs and a Cat pet day care on Metcalf

first_imgThe building on Metcalf where the new pet daycare would have been located. Photo credit Johnson County Appraiser’s Office.In a victory for neighbors but a setback for pet owners in new downtown apartments, Overland Park denied a permit for a pet boarding facility and day care with outdoor play area close to downtown.The facility proposed for 7620 Metcalf Avenue, would have been a second location for Two Dogs and a Cat, owned by John Cavalcanti. He said afterward he would start looking for a different location rather than remove the outdoor play area, which had been the main sticking point.Council members took an hour and a half and four votes to turn the project down. Several neighbors, who had filed a valid protest petition, also waited through to the end of an otherwise long meeting to urge denial vote.“Pretty much everybody, including Mr. Cavalcanti, would stand up here and be in my shoes if it was going across the street from his house,” said Matt Van Becelaere, who owns property nearby.The area in question is a mixture, with some businesses and homes. The neighbors live across Floyd Street, some within 200 feet of the play area.Cavalcanti had asked for a five-year special use permit to allow overnight boarding and the outdoor play area, which would have been buffered with a solid wall of about nine feet. The facility would have a capacity for 90 animals, but Cavalcanti said only around 20 to 25 would be outside in the play area at any one time.He stressed that well-trained staff assess dogs for aggression before allowing them in the play zone. The barking is also curbed by the wall because it limits the dogs’ visual triggers, and classical music is played to soothe them as well, he said.Still neighbors doubted that the dogs in the outdoor area would be quiet. They worried about being able to open their windows in warm weather or that the barking would trigger their own dogs to bark.Several council members said they did some freelance research on the subject by visiting other dog facilities to listen for noise. Based on that, some council members sided with the neighbors. “I don’t agree with the applicant that those dogs are not going to bark,” said Councilmember Paul Lyons. “I’ve never seen 25 dogs together not making a bunch of noise.”“I would not want to live across the street and listen to that,” said Councilmember Terry Happer Scheier. “I had a dog next door for years that drove me frickin’ insane, barked every time I walked in the back yard. I know what it’s like.”However Councilmember Jim Kite, who noise-tested a pet facility by driving past its outdoor play yard with his own dog leaning out the car window, said he heard no barking response. There are permit rules already in place to deal with neighborhood complaints, he said, and Cavalcanti knows it’s in his best interest to keep the neighbors happy. “I think we could make this work,” Kite said.Those thoughts were echoed by Dale Griffin, owner of the building the pet facility would be moving into. Griffin also noted five units in that building have been vacant for about a year.While council members sided with the neighbors, they also acknowledged that there will be a need for more pet friendly facilities once the new downtown apartments fill up. Market Lofts, The Vue, Avenue 80 and 81 and Interurban Lofts will start an influx of pet owners to the suddenly more densely-populated downtown. By Cavalcanti’s reckoning, there will be potentially about 600 new pets moving into the area.The city should start looking at its pet infrastructure because of that, said Councilmember Logan Heley. There are relatively few pet boarding facilities near downtown, and dog parks are also a drive away. “Do we know what our dog policy is going to be at Thompson Park? What facilities will be at Thompson Park for pets? These are some things I hope we’re thinking about in a broader context.”Some council members told Cavalcanti they like his business, but thought the location close to homes was a bad choice. A few asked if he’d be willing to open the business without the outdoor area or on only a two-year permit, but he declined, saying the outdoor area is central to keeping the dogs on good behavior.The council briefly got hung up on procedural issues before turning the permit down. Because of the protest petition, they needed 10 votes to approve it. Overturning the planning commission’s prior approval required nine votes. After a few tries, they denied it, 9-2.last_img read more

NFL cuts tracker 2019: Roster news, updates, notable cuts for all 32 teams

first_imgBecause of how NFL roster cuts work in 2019, with coaches having to trim their rosters from 90 players all the way down to 53 in one period, news and updates from around the league came in fast and furious before and after the 4 p.m. ET deadline on Saturday, Aug. 31.As soon as Week 4 NFL preseason games ended Thursday night, coaches were tasked with a handful of key roster decisions, but the work didn’t end there. A total of 1,184 players became available either as free agents or via the waiver system, so those coaches were paying attention to who got cut around the league. Tampa Bay BuccaneersS Lukas Denis, WR Matthew Eaton, CB De’Vante Harris, G Ruben Holcomb, OLB Farrington Huguenin, WR Anthony Johnson, OLB David Kenney, C Josh LeRibeus, WR DaMarkus Lodge, ILB Corey Nelson, TE Scott Orndoff, OT William Poehls, DL Elijah Qualls, OT Brock Ruble, WR Spencer Schnell, ILB Emmanuel Smith, QB Vincent Testaverde, DL Stevie Tu’ikolovatu, G Salasi Uhatafe, RB Bruce Anderson, S John Battle, DL Terry Beckner, T Cole Boozer, S Kentrell Brice, WR Emanuel Hall, S Isaiah Johnson, TE Jordan Leggett, OLB Noah Spence, C Nate Trewyn, CB Mazzi Wilkins, WR K.J. Brent (waived/injured), DL Jeremiah Ledbetter (waived/injured), WR Cortrelle Simpson (waived/injured), QB Nick Fitzgerald (waived/non-football injury), RB Andre Ellington, K Cairo Santos, OLB Jason Pierre-Paul (reserve/non-football injury), CB Ryan Smith (reserve/suspended)Tennessee TitansOL Hroniss Grasu, OL Austin Pasztor, TE Ryan Hewitt, DB Kenneth Durden, DB D’Andre Payne, DB JoJo Tillery, DB Michael Jordan, DB Kareem Orr, DB LaDarius Wiley, DL Chris Nelson, DL Braxton Hoyett, DL Frank Herron, DL Amani Bledsoe, LB Derick Roberson, LB Ukeme Eligwe, LB Quart’e Sapp, LB LaTroy Lewis, LB Eric Cotton, OL A.T. Hall, OL Aaron Stinnie, OL Corey Levin, OL Tyler Marz, P Austin Barnard, QB Logan Woodside, RB Akeem Hunt, RB Jeremy McNichols, RB Alex Barnes, TE Parker Hesse, WR DeAngelo Yancey, WR Anthony Ratliff-Williams, WR Papi White, WR Cody Hollister, WR Tanner McEvoy, DL Jeffery Simmons (reserve/non-football injury), LT Taylor Lewan (reserve/suspended)Washington RedskinsCB Adonis Alexander, LB Andrew Ankrah, DL Ryan Bee, LB B.J. Blunt, DL Jonathan Bonner, WR Jehu Chesson, DL Khairi Clark, WR Josh Doctson, LB Marquis Flowers, G Jerald Foster, OT Blake Hance, CB Deion Harris, TE J.P. Holtz, LB Gary Johnson, G Zac Kerin, WR Darvin Kidsy Jr., CB Ashton Lampkin, DL Austin Maloata, QB Jalan McClendon, S JoJo McIntosh, TE Donald Parham Jr., OT Timon Parris, RB Samaje Perine, WR Brian Quick, S Jeremy Reaves, RB Craig Reynolds, OT Corey Robinson, WR Cam Sims, LB Marcus Smith II, G Hugh Thornton, CB D.J. White, DL JoJo Wicker, LB Darrell Williams, TE Matt Flanagan (waived/injured) MORE: Explaining NFL roster cut rules, scheduleNow that the the NFL roster cut deadline has arrived, there is a 24-hour window for teams to claim players who were placed on waivers. An hour after that waiver claim period ends Sunday, teams will be permitted to begin forming their 10-player practice squads.So, yeah; there’s a lot going on. We tracked all the notable cuts as rosters were trimmed Friday and Saturday.NFL cuts tracker 2019: Notable roster cutsSaturday, Aug. 31LeSean McCoy, RB, Bills Cardale Jones, QB, ChargersMalik Jefferson, LB, BengalsDavid Mayo, LB, 49ersJordan Matthews, WR, 49ers Brian Hoyer, QB, Patriots Kevin Hogan, QB, BroncosDeShone Kizer, QB, PackersKurt Coleman, S, BillsKeelan Doss, WR, RaidersLuke Falk, QB, JetsDavis Webb, QB, JetsKyle Fuller, CB, DolphinsBraxton Miller, WR, BrownsEli Rogers, WR, SteelersMarcus Allen, CB, SteelersCorey Levin, OL, TitansDakota Allen, CB, RamsBlair Walsh, K, FalconsZiggy Hood, DT, SaintsDemaryius Thomas, WR, PatriotsJaylen Watkins, S, ChargersTom Savage, QB, LionsLaquon Treadwell, WR, VikingsJosh Doctson, WR, Redskins Bo Scarborough, RB, SeahawksFriday, Aug. 30Brandon Marshall, ILB, RaidersShane Ray, OLB, RavensTerrelle Pryor, WR, JaguarsSu’a Cravens, S, BroncosTeez Tabor, CB, LionsPharoh Cooper, WR, CardinalsDatone Jones, DT, JaguarsElijah McGuire, RB, JetsDarius Jackson, RB, CowboysSam Young, OT, 49ersLuke Willson, TE, RaidersElliott Fry, K, RavensCorn Elder, CB, PanthersJosh Ferguson, RB, TexansChristian Westerman, G, BengalsJacquizz Rodgers, RB, SaintsCameron Artis-Payne, RB, PanthersMichael Floyd, WR, RavensBryan Anger, P, TexansPaxton Lynch, QB, SeahawksCody Kessler, QB, EaglesKayvon Webster, CB, SaintsGeorge Iloka, S, CowboysJ’Marcus Webb, OT, ColtsWhen is the NFL roster cut deadline?Date and time: Saturday, Aug. 31 at 4 p.m. ETPrior to 2017, teams utilized multiple roster cut deadlines throughout the preseason to trim their personnel. Then the league’s owners voted to create the format still used today — one deadline to trim rosters from 90 players to 53 players upon the conclusion of the preseason.In 2019, that deadline was Saturday, Aug. 31 at 4 p.m. ET. Because all Week 4 NFL preseason games were played Thursday, Aug. 29, the majority of NFL roster cuts were expected to occur Friday, Aug. 30, but will continue to trickle out after the deadline.On Sunday, Sept. 1, the claiming period for players placed on waivers at the final roster reduction will expire at noon ET.List of final NFL roster cuts by team(Final roster cuts began upon the conclusion of all Week 4 NFL preseason games. The cutdown period continued through its 4 p.m. ET deadline on Saturday, Aug. 31. Team tracker via CardinalsQB Drew Anderson, QB Charles Kanoff, RB Wes Hills (waived/injury settlement), RB Dontae Strickland, WR Pharoh Cooper, WR Chad Williams, WR A.J. Richardson, WR Isaac Zico, OL Rees Odhiambo (waived/injured), OL Colby Gossett, OL Coleman Shelton, OL William Sweet (waived/injured), OL Parker Ehinger, OL Patrick Lawrence, OL Jacob Ohnesorge, TE Ricky Seals-Jones, TE Darrell Daniels, TE Caleb Wilson, TE Drew Belcher, DL Bruce Hector, DL Pasoni Tasini, DL Siupeli Anau, DL Sterling Bailey, LB Vontarrius Dora, LB Cameron Malveaux, LB Pita Taumoepenu (waived/injured), LB Dante Booker, S Jonathan Owens, S Tyler Sigler, CB Brandon Williams (waived/injured), CB Nate Brooks, CB Deatrick Nichols, P Ryan WinslowAtlanta FalconsS Parker Baldwin, LB Yurik Bethune, WR Christian Blake, RB Tony Brooks-James, LB Richie Brown (waived/injured), CB Taveze Calhoun (waived/injured), LB Bruce Carter, DT Stefan Charles, S Chris Cooper, LB Tre Crawford, TE Thomas Duarte, QB Danny Etling, OL Adam Gettis, TE Alex Gray (waived/injured), WR Devin Gray, WR Marcus Green, OL Sean Harlow, DE Austin Larkin, S Ronald Martin, LB Chase Middleton, DE Durrant Miles, C Chandler Miller, CB Jalen Myrick, CB Ryan Neal, DE Chris Odom, TE Logan Paulsen, LB Del’Shawn Phillips (waived/injury settlement), OT Jaelin Robinson, CB Jayson Stanley (waived/injury settlement), K Giorgio Tavecchio, DT Jacob Tuioti-Mariner, K Blair Walsh, OL John Wetzel, WR C.J. Worton, DT Justin ZimmerBaltimore RavensQB Joe Callahan, K Elliott Fry, WR Jaylen Smith, WR Joe Horn Jr., WR Michael Floyd, TE Matt Orzech, LB Shane Ray, LB Silas Stewart, G Patrick Vahe, G Isaiah Williams, OT Darrell Williams, WR, Antoine Wesley, WR Sean Modster, TE Cole Herdman, TE Charles Scarff, OT Marcus Applefield, G R.J. Prince. P Cameron Nizialek, RB Christopher Ezeala, RB De’Lance Turner, RB Tyler Ervin, DE Aaron Adeoye, DE Zach Sieler, DB Stanley Jean-Baptiste, DB Brynden Trawick, DB Maurice Canady, DB Terrell Bonds, LB Donald Payne, LB E.J. Ejiya, DT Gerald Willis, DT Willie Henry, RB Kenneth Dixon (reserve/injured), DB Tavon Young (reserve/injured), DB Fish Smithson (reserve/injured), OT Randin Crecelius (reserve/injured), LB Alvin Jones (reserve/injured)Buffalo BillsDE Sam Acho, TE Nate Becker, WR Victor Bolden Jr., TE Kyle Carter, S Kurt Coleman, WR Nick Easley, DE Jeff Holland, QB Tyree Jackson, OT Jarron Jones, LB Deon Lacey, CB Cam Lewis, CB Ryan Lewis, OL Erik Magnuson, WR Ray-Ray McCloud, RB LeSean McCoy, K Chase McLaughlin, CB Captain Munnerlyn, RB Marcus Murphy, DT Kyle Peko, WR Cam Phillips, CB Lafayette Pitts, OL Demetrius Rhaney, CB Denzel Rice, WR David Sills, TE Keith Towbridge, RB Christian Wade, S Abraham Wallace, DT L.T. Walton, WR Duke Williams, DE Eddie Yarbrough, DT Roderick Young, LB Tyrel Dodson (commissioner’s exempt list), LB Vosean Joseph (reserve/injured), RB Senorise Perry (reserve/injured)Carolina PanthersRB Cameron Artis-Payne, QB Taylor Heinicke, CB Lorenzo Doss, WR Aldrick Robinson, LS Andew DePaola, LB Brandon Bell, G Tyler Catalina, C Parker Collins, CB Corn Elder, DT Woodrow Hamilton, G Taylor Hearn, TE Cole Hunt, WR Damion Jeanpiere, WR Andre Levrone, WR Jaydon Mickens, CB Ryan Pulley, WR Rashad Ross, TE Jason Vander Laan, LB Antwione Williams, C John Yarbrough, G Kofi Amichia (waived/injured), S Damian Parms (waived/injured), WR Terry Godwin, DE Bryan Cox Jr., LB Jared Norris, S Cole Luke, G Rishard Cook, S Corrion Ballard, CB Josh Thornton, S Quin Blanding, TE Temarrick Hemingway, DT Bijhon Jackson, LB Sione Teuhema, WR DeAndrew White, TE Marcus Baugh (waived/injured), K Graham Gano (reserve/injured), G Kitt O’Brien (reserve/injured)Chicago BearsRB Ryan Nall, WR Tanner Gentry, DE Jonathan Bullard, OLB Kylie Fitts, OLB James Vaughters, CB Stephen Denmark, RB Josh Caldwell, WR Joe Walker, WR Taquan Mizzell Sr., WR Marvin Hall, WR Thomas Ives, WR Jordan Williams-Lambert, TE Ellis Richardson, TE Jesper Horsted, TE Ian Bunting, OL Jordan McCray, OL Alex Bars, OL Sam Mustipher, OL Marquez Tucker, OL Joe Lowery, OL Tommy Doles; DL Jonathan Harris, DL Jalen Dalton, DL Daryle Banfield, ILB Jameer Thurman, OLB Chuck Harris, OLB Matt Betts, CB Michael Joseph, CB John Franklin III, CB Clifton Duck, S Jonathon Mincy Sr., S Doyin Jibowu, LS John Wirtel, QB Tyler Bray, TE Dax Raymond (reserve/injured), G Blake Blackmar (reserve/injured)Cincinnati BengalsG John Jerry, TE Moritz Böhringer, CB Jordan Brown, WR Ventell Bryant, CB Anthony Chesley, WR Cody Core, LB Deshaun Davis, LB Noah Dawkins, RB Jordan Ellis, OT Justin Evans, RB Quinton Flowers, TE Jordan Franks, CB Davontae Harris, S Trayvon Henderson, LB Malik Jefferson, S Tyree Kinnel, C Brad Lundblade, WR Stanley Morgan, CB KeiVarae Russell, TE Mason Schreck, WR Hunter Sharp (injury settlement), G Keaton Sutherland, LB Curtis Akins, C Kirk Barron, S Demetrious Cox, LS Dan Godsil, CB Tony Lippett, DT Dare Odeyingbo, DT Christian Ringo (injury settlement), LB Sterling Sheffield, DE Immanuel Turner, K Tristan Vizcaino, G Christian Westerman, RB Rodney Anderson (reserve/injured), QB Jeff Driskel (reserve/injured), CB Darqueze Dennard (reserve/physically unable), OT Jonah Williams (reserve/physically unable), G Alex Redmond (reserve/suspended)Cleveland BrownsLB Ray-Ray Armstrong, P Britton Colquitt, DT Carl Davis, T Bryan Witzmann, WR Dorian Baker, DT Brandin Bryant, TE Stephen Carlson, TE Seth DeValve, T Brian Fineanganofo, RB Trayone Gray, LB Willie Harvey, S J.T. Hassell, WR Ishmael Hyman, CB Robert Jackson, K Greg Joseph, CB Donnie Lewis Jr., S Montrel Meander, WR Braxton Miller, RB A.J. Ouellette, DE Jarrell Owens, CB Lenzy Pipkins, DT Brian Price, DE Wyatt Ray, S Tigie Sankoh, T Brad Seaton, WR Damon Sheehy-Guiseppi, LB Anthony Stubbs, T Travis Vornkahl, LB Dedrick Young II, WR Derrick Willies, G Willie Wright, DE Anthony Zettel, G Kyle Kalis (waived/injured), FB Joe Kerridge (waived/injured), CB Phillip Gaines (reserve/injured), WR Antonio Callaway (reseve/suspended), RB Kareem Hunt (reserve/suspended), TE Rico Gathers (reserve/suspended)Dallas CowboysJuwann Bushell-Beatty, Jake Campos, Taryn Christion, Jordan Chunn, Chris Covington, Reggie Davis, Treston Decoud, Jalen Guyton, Nate Hall, Mitch Hyatt, Darius Jackson, Mike Jackson, Marcus Lucas, Lukayus McNeil, Donovan Olumba, Justin Phillips, Kyle Quiero, Kasey Redfern, Drew Scott, Shakir Soto, Ricky Walker, Mike Weber, Mike White, Cedrick Wilson, Daniel Wise, Ryan Yurachek, George Iloka, Codey McElroy (waived/injured), Tyvis Powell (waived/injured), Jameill Showers (waived/injured), Noah Brown (reserve/physically unable), Jalen Jelks (reserve/injured), Jon’Vea Johnson (reserve/injured), Daniel Ross (reserve/injured), Chris Westry (reserve/injured), Cody Wichmann (reserve/injured), Robert Quinn (reserve/suspended)Denver BroncosG Don Barclay, TE/FB Orson Charles, OL Chaz Green, S Shamarko Thomas, FB George Aston, T Quinn Bailey, WR Trinity Benson, LB Keishawn Bierria, OL Adam Bisnowaty, OL Jake Brendel, WR Fred Brown, LB Jamal Carter, CB Rashard Causey, S Su’a Cravens, WR Steven Dunbar Jr., OLB Ahmad Gooden, QB Kevin Hogan, CB Alijah Holder, RB Devontae Jackson, CB Trey Johnson, G/C Sam Jones, OL Tyler Jones, WR Brendan Langley, T John Leglue, WR Kelvin McKnight, RB Khalfani Muhammad, QB Brett Rypien, DL Deyon Sizer, CB Linden Stephens, TE Moral Stephens, RB David Williams, DE DeShawn Williams, C Ryan Crozier (waived/injured), LB Joe Dineen (waived/injured, OLB Dadi Nicolas (waived/injured), S Dymonte Thomas (waived/injured)Detroit LionsS Andrew Adams, OL Luke Bowanko, CB Andre Chachere, WR Jordan Lasley, DE Eric Lee, WR Tommylee Lewis, DE Mitchell Loewen, T Ryan Pope, P Ryan Santoso, G Micah St. Andrew, CB Jamar Summers, RB James Williams, CB Johnathan Alston, DT John Atkins, LB Malik Carney, TE Jerome Cunningham, OT Andrew Donnal, LB Garret Dooley, WR Jonathan Duhart, DT P.J. Johnson, DT Fredrick Jones, WR Tom Kennedy, C Leo Koloamatangi, LB Steven Longa, TE Isaac Nauta, OT Matt Nelson, QB Luis Perez, LB Anthony Pittman, WR Brandon Powell, QB Tom Savage, DT Ray Smith, RB Justin Stockton, CB Teez Tabor, RB Mark Thompson, TE Austin Traylor, S Charles Washington, DE Jonathan Wynn, WR Andy Jones (waived/injured)Green Bay PackersG Dejon Allen, TE Evan Baylis, FB Tommy Bohanon, RB Tra Carson, G Anthony Coyle, T Gerhard de Beer, CB Kabion Ento, K Sam Ficken, LB James Folston, RB Keith Ford, S Natrell Jamerson, LB Markus Jones, CB Jocquez Kalili, QB DeShone Kizer, WR Allen Lazard, DL James Looney, S Tray Matthews, TE Pharoah McKever, WR J’Mon Moore, T Yosh Nijman, G/T Adam Pankey, CB Jackson Porter, LB Randy Ramsey, WR Teo Redding, CB Nydair Rouse, DL Olive Sagapolu, LB Brady Sheldon, DL Deon Simon, WR Malik Taylor, QB Manny Wilkins, FB Malcolm Johnson (waived/injured), WR Equanimeous St. Brown (reserve/injured), OLB Greg Roberts (reserve/physically unable), OLB Curtis Bolton (waived/injured), S Ibraheim Campbell (reserve/physically unable)Houston TexansILB Tyrell Adams, P Bryan Anger, WR Floyd Allen, OLB Jesse Aniebonam, CB Derrick Baity Jr., OLB Davin Bellamy, CB Briean Boddy-Calhoun, RB Damarea Crockett, OLB Jamal Davis II, OT Christian DiLauro, WR Johnnie Dixon, NT Javi Edwards, S Austin Exford, RB Josh Ferguson, WR Chad Hansen, DE Joel Heath, S A.J. Hendy, RB Karan Higdon Jr., DE Albert Huggins, S Chris Johnson, WR Tyron Johnson, T Rick Leonard, WR Steven Mitchell Jr., NT Walter Palmore, CB Jermaine Ponder, OLB Gimel President, G Malcolm Pridgeon, G Maurquice Shakir, WR Vyncint Smith, DE Tracy Sprinkle, QB Jordan Ta’amu and WR Jester Weah. ILB B.J. Bello (waived/injured), ILB Xavier Woodson (waived/injured), QB Joe Webb III (reserve/injured)Indianapolis ColtsTE Gabe Holmes, DT Caraun Reid, TE Ross Travis, OT J’Marcus Webb, RB Charcandrick West, S Micah Abernathy, OT Jackson Barton, CB Jalen Collins, WR Ashton Dulin, G Jake Eldrenkamp, OT Antonio Garcia, DE Gerri Green, DE Obum Gwacham, K Cole Hedlund, WR Krishawn Hogan, CB Isaiah Langley, WR Roger Lewis, LB Skai Moore, C Daniel Munyer, DE Carroll Phillips, DT Johnny Robinson, DT Sterling Shippy, G Nate Theaker, S Jacob Thieneman, WR Jordan Veasy, QB Phillip Walker, RB Aca’Cedric Ware, RB Marquis Young, WR Penny Hart (waived/injured), S Isaiah Johnson (waived/injured), WR Marcus Johnson (waived/injured), S Kai Nacua (waived/injured), CB Shakial Taylor (waived/injured), LB Ahmad Thomas (waived/injured), QB Chad Kelly (reserve/suspended)Jacksonville JaguarsDL Datone Jones, OT Josh Wells, LB Ramik Wilson, RB Thomas Rawls, LB Davis Tull (injury settlement), DT Lyndon Johnson, S C.J. Reavis, CB Quenton Meeks, OL Ka’John Armstrong, WR Tyre Brady, CB Tae Hayes, RB Elijah Hood, TE Charles Jones, WR Raphael Leonard, TE Carson Meier, Joshua Moon, CB Picasso Nelson, CB Saivion Smith, OL Bunchy Stallings, LB Connor Strachan, DT Kalani Vakameilalo, WR Michael Walker, CB Brandon Watson,DL Andrew Williams, TE Donnie Ernsberger, QB Alex McGough, TE Ethan Wolf, WR Quadree Henderson, DT Michael Hughes, WR Tre McBride, OL Donnell Greene (waived/injured), RB Devante Mays (waived/injured), OL KC McDermott (waived/injured) OL Leonard Wester (waived/injured), OL Ben Ijalana (reserve/injured), WR Terrelle Pryor Sr. (reserve/injured), LB Jake Ryan (reserve/non-football injury)Kansas City ChiefsG Jeff Allen, OT Dino Boyd, WR Jamal Custis, WR Rashard Davis, LB Raymond Davison, DE Hunter Dimick, WR Jody Fortson, P Jack Fox, TE Manasseh Garner, G Zack Golditch, DT Justin Hamilton, LB D’Juan Hines, S Harold Jones-Quartey, TE Nick Keizer, QB Chase Litton, RB Marcus Marshall, DE Rob McCray, G Kahlil McKenzie, CB Herb Miller, CB Dakari Monroe, OT Pace Murphy, C Jimmy Murray, OT Chidi Okeke, QB Kyle Shurmur, S Andrew Soroh, WR Cody Thompson, WR Jalen Tolliver, CB D’Montre Wade, DT Cavon Walker, WR Felton Davis (waived/injured), CB Michael Hunter (waived/injured), WR Gehrig Dieter (reserve/injured), DE Breeland Speaks (reserve/injured), LB Darius Harris (reserve/non-football injury), CB Morris Claiborne (reserve/suspended), WR De’Anthony Thomas (reserve/suspended)Los Angeles ChargersDE Patrick Afriyie, G Larry Allen, G Chris Brown, OT Blake Camper, DE Thomas Costigan, RB Jeremy Cox, G Spencer Drango, WR Malachi Dupre, RB Derrick Gore, CB Kemon Hall, DT Reggie Howard, TE Ben Johnson, QB Cardale Jones, DE Anthony Lanier, CB Bradford Lemmons, WR Justice Liggins, DT Dee Liner, TE Vince Mayle, DT T.Y. McGill, OT Jamar McGloster, WR Jason Moore, RB Detrez Newsome, P Tyler Newsome, WR Andre Patton, S Adarius Pickett, CB Rodney Randle, CB Jeff Richards, WR Artavis Scott, WR Jordan Smallwood, TE Matt Sokol, CB Arrion Springs, C Tanner Volson, S Jaylen Watkins, OT Brant Weiss, LB Kyle Wilson, LB Elijah Zeise, OT Russell Okung (reserve/non-football illness)Los Angeles RamsQB Brandon Allen, G Abdul Beecham, TE Kendall Blanton, TE Romelio Brooker, TE Keenen Brown, RB Matt Colburn, DE Jake Gervase, WR Jalen Greene, OT Brandon Hitner, C Vitas Hrynkiewicz, DT Bryant Jones, OT Matt Kaskey, LB Ketner Kupp, WR Johnathan Lloyd, P Brock Miller, WR Austin Proehl, DB Ramon Richards, DT Boogie Roberts, LB Dakota Allen, OT Chandler Brewer, DT Marquise Copeland, RB Justin Davis, DB Donte Deayon, DE Landis Durham, DE John Franklin, WR Khadarel Hodge, RB John Kelly, G Jeremiah Kolone, DB Steven Parker, DB Kevin Peterson, QB John Wolford, WR Alex Bachman (waived/injured), LB Josh Carraway (waived/injured), DB Dominique Hatfield (waived/injured), LB Trevon Young (waived/injured), LB Micah Kaiser (reserve/injured), C Aaron Neary (reserve/suspended)Miami DolphinsBrice Butler, Tank Carradine, Tyler Patmon, Dwayne Allen (injury settlement), Tony Adams, Cornell Armstrong, Jalen Davis, Nick DeLuca, Michael Dunn, Wesley Farnsworth, Kenneth Farrow, Isaiah Ford, Kyle Fuller, Dewayne Hendrix, Tyrone Holmes, Reece Horn, Trenton Irwin, Jaryd Jones-Smith, Joey Mbu, Torry McTyer, Aaron Monteiro, Nik Needham, Jamiyus Pittman, Durval Queiroz Neto, T.J. Rahming, David Rivers, Jake Rudock, Maurice Smith, Terrance Smith, Cory Thomas, Tre’ Watson, Robert Nkemdiche (reserve/physically unable), Cordrea Tankersley (reserve/physically unable)Minnesota VikingsDE Ade Aruna (waived/injured), WR Jeff Badet, FB Khari Blasingame, QB Jake Browning, LB Reshard Cliett, T Aviante Collins, DT Curtis Cothran, WR Davion Davis, LB Devante Downs, C Cornelius Edison, RB De’Angelo Henderson, TE Cole Hikutini, WR Alexander Hollins, CB Craig James, DE Stacy Keely, C John Keenoy, LB Greer Martini, CB Nate Meadors, WR Dillon Mitchell, T Storm Norton, DT Tito Odenigbo, DE Anree Saint-Amour, DE Karter Schult, QB Kyle Sloter, LB Cameron Smith, S Derron Smith, CB Duke Thomas, WR Laquon Treadwell, P/K Kaare Vedvik, T Nate Wozniak, S Isaiah Wharton (waived/injured), WR Brandon Zylstra, CB Holton Hill (reserve/suspended), TE David Morgan (reserve/physically unable), DE Tashawn Bower (reserve/non-football injury)New England PatriotsTE Stephen Anderson, TE Andrew Beck, WR Braxton Berrios, RB Nick Brossette, OL Cole Croston, WR Ryan Davis, OL James Ferentz, OL Tyler Gauthier, LB Terez Hall, DL Trent Harris, DB A.J. Howard, QB Brian Hoyer, OL Martez Ivey, FB Jakob Johnson, DL Ufomba Kamalu, OL Cedrick Lang, LB Calvin Munson, DL David Parry, WR Damoun Patterson, LB Christian Sam, TE Eric Saubert, OL Dan Skipper, OL Tyree St. Louis, WR Demaryius Thomas, DL Nick Thurman, DB Ken Webster, LB Scooby Wright III, C David Andrews (reserve/injured), OL Hjalte Froholdt (reserve/injured), DB Malik Gant (reserve/injured), DL Derek Rivers (reserve/injured), OL Yodny Cajuste (reserve/non-football injury), WR Cameron Meredith (reserve/physically unable)New Orleans SaintsOL Fisayo Awolaja, WR Simmie Cobbs Jr., WR Travin Dural, WR Cyril Grayson Jr., DL Corbin Kaufusi, LB Drew Lewis, LB Darnell Sankey, FB Shane Smith, TE A.J. Derby, DL Geneo Grissom, G/C Ryan Groy, RB Jacquizz Rodgers, CB Kayvon Webster, RB Kerwynn Williams, S Chris Banjo, FB Michael Burton, DT Ziggy Hood, OT Michael Ola, DL Sylvester Williams, TE Dan Arnold, WR Emmanuel Butler, DB T.J. Green, LB Porter Gustin, C Marcus Henry, WR Lil’Jordan Humphrey, OL Derrick Kelly II, TE Alize Mack, DL Devine Ozigbo, DB Terrell Williams Jr., Jermon Bushrod (reserve/retired), CB Marcus Sherels (reserve/injured), G/OT Marshall Newhouse (reserve/injured), G/C Tom Cameron (reserve/injured), LB Will Compton (reserve/injured), LB Colton Jumper (reserve injured), LB Josh Martin (reserve/injured), DT David Onyemata (reserve/suspended)New York GiantsQB Kyle Lauletta, DT Chris Slayton, RB Jon Hilliman, WR TJ Jones, WR Reggie White, Jr., TE C.J. Conrad, TE Jake Powell, OL Paul Adams, OL Evan Brown, OL Malcolm Bunche, OL James O’Hagan, DL Freedom Akinmoladun, DL Jake Ceresna, DL John Jenkins, LB Joey Alfieri, LB Jake Carlock, LB Terrence Fede, LB Avery Moss, LB Josiah Tauaefa, DB Tenny Adewusi, DB Terrell Sinkfield, Jr., P Johnny Townsend, LS Taybor Pepper, LB Keion Adams, DB Kenny Ladler, T Victor Salako, DB Henre’ Toliver, WR Alex Wesley, T Chad Wheeler, DB Ronald Zamort, DB Kamrin Moore, LB Jonathan Anderson (injured/reserve), T George Asafo-Adjei (injured/reserve), WR Brittan Golden (injured/reserve), TE Scott Simonson (injured/reserve), RB Rod Smith (injured/reserve)New York JetsQB Luke Falk, QB Davis Webb, RB Valentine Holmes, RB Elijah McGuire, WR Quincy Adeboyejo, WR Deontay Burnett, WR Charone Peake, WR Jeff Smith, WR Deonte Thompson, WR Tim White, TE Eric Tomlinson, T Calvin Anderson, OL Ryan Anderson, OL Ben Braden, OL Wyatt Miller, G Jordan Morgan, T Eric Smith, C Jon Toth, DL Justin Alexandre, DL Trevon Sanders, DL MyQuon Stout, LB Stephone Anthony, LB James Burgess, LB Jamey Mosley, LB Jachai Polite, LB Anthony Wint, CB Bless Austin, CB Alex Brown, CB Kyron Brown, CB Tevaughn Campbell, CB Marcus Cooper, S Godwin Igwebuike, S Derrick Kindred, CB Mark Myers, P Matt DarrOakland RaidersDE Alex Barrett (waived/injured), RB Mack Brown, LB Bryson Allen-Williams, TE Brandon Barnes, LB James Cowser, CB Joshua Holsey, DB Makinton Dorleant, OL Cameron Hunt, LB Brandon Marshall, S Jordan Richards, DT Eddie Vanderdoes, TE Luke Willson, DT Gabe Wright, WR Keon Hatcher, WR Keelan Doss, LB Jason Cabinda, WR Marcell Ateman, DE Quinton Bell, RB James Butler, LB Jason Cabinda, LB Te’von Coney, G Lester Cotton Sr., WR Keelan Doss, LB Koa Farmer, WR Rico Gafford, WR Keon Hatcher, G/T Denver Kirkland, CB Dylan Mabin, T Justin Murray, CB Nick Nelson, WR De’Mornay Pierson-El, T Tyler Roemer, DT Anthony Rush, FB Keith Smith, DE Ethan Westbrooks, LB Kyle Wilber, TE Paul Butler, DT Justin Ellis (injured/reserve), G Richie Incognito (reserve/suspended), CB Nevin Lawson (reserve/suspended)Philadelphia EaglesG/C Stefen Wisniewski, RB Josh Adams, TE Alex Ellis, DT Treyvon Hester, G Sua Opeta, TE Joshua Perkins, RB Boston Scott, RB Wendell Smallwood, QB Clayton Thorson, OT Brett Toth, WR Greg Ward, DE Kasim Edebali, DE Eli Harold, LB Hayes Pullard, CB Orlando Scandrick, TE Will Tye, WR Carlton Agudosi, S Trae Elston, C Anthony Fabiano, S Deiondre’ Hall, CB Ajene Harris, CB Josh Hawkins, QB Cody Kessler, OT Riley Mayfield, CB Jeremiah McKinnon, WR Marken Michel, RB Donnel Pumphrey, G Keegan Render, CB Sojourn Shelton, LB Alex Singleton, WR DeAndre Thompkins, S Jason Thompson, DT Kevin Wilkins, LB Chris Worley, TE Richard Rodgers (reserve/injured), CB Jalen Mills (reserve/physically unable)Pittsburgh SteelersQB Devlin Hodges, RB Trey Edmunds, RB Travon McMillian, RB Malik Williams, WR Trey Griffey, WR Johnny Holton, WR Tevin Jones, WR Brandon Reilly, WR Eli Rogers, WR Diontae Spencer, TE Micky Crum, TE Kevin Rader, TE Christian Scotland-Williamson, TE Trevor Wood, OL Garrett Brumfield, OL Derwin Gray, OL J.C. Hassanauer, OL Patrick Morris, OL Damian Prince were released, DB Marcus Allen, DB Dravon Askew-Henry, DB Marcelis Branch, DN Jhvonte Dean, DB P.J. Locke, DB Trevon Mathis, LB Jayrone Elliott, LB Christian Kuntz, LB Tegray Scales, LB Sutton Smith, LB Robert Spillane, DL Winston Craig, DL Greg Gilmore, DL Henry Mondeaux, DL Casey Sayles, DL Conor Sheehy, K Matthew Wright, P Ian BerrymanSan Francisco 49ersDL Jay Bromley, CB Chris Campbell, DB Jordan Holland, CB Dontae Johnson, OL Wesley Johnson, TE Tyree Mayfield, CB Quinten Rollins, RB Brandon Wilds, OT Sam Young, DB Antone Exum Jr., LB Demetrius Flannigan-Fowles, DL Jamell Garcia-Williams, G Joshua Garnett, DL Kevin Givens, S Marcell Harris, TE Daniel Helm, WR Malik Henry, LB Elijah Lee, WR Jordan Matthews, LB David Mayo, DL Damontre Moore, LB LaRoy Reynolds, G Ross Reynolds, S Tyree Robinson, QB Wilton Speight, WR Chris Thompson, DL Jordan Thompson, OL Najee Toran, DL Jeremiah Valoaga, RB Austin Walter, RB Jeff Wilson Jr., DB Adrian Colbert (waived/injured), OL Andrew Lauderdale (waived/injured), RB Jerick McKinnon (reserve/injured), WR Nick Williams (reserve/injured), TE Garrett Celek (reserve/physically unable), LS Kyle Nelson (reserve/suspended)Seattle SeahawksFB Nick Bellore, WR Jaron Brown, DE Cassius Marsh, C Marcus Martin, DT Jamie Meder, DB DeShawn Shead, QB Geno Smith, CB Jamar Taylor, QB J.T. Barrett, WR Jazz Ferguson, TE Jackson Harris, OT Will Holden, TE Jacob Hollister, LB Jawuan Johnson, WR Kahlil Lewis, S Shalom Luani, QB Paxton Lynch, KR J.D. McKissic, DT Earl Mitchell, WR Nyqwan Murray, OT Elijah Nkansah, WR Keenan Reynolds, G Jordan Roos, TE Wes Saxton, RB Bo Scarbrough, DE Logan Tago, CB Simeon Thomas, G Landon Turner, RB Xavier Turner, T Brian Wallace, WR Terry Wright, LB Juwon Young, CB Jeremy Boykins (waived/injured), LB Justin Currie (waived/injured), DT Demarcus Christmas (reserve/physically unable), G Phil Haynes (reserve/physically unable), G Jordan Simmons (reserve/injured), DT Jarran Reed (reserve/suspended)last_img read more

Rookie Conner stars in Steelers’ 17-13 win over Falcons

first_imgPittsburgh Steelers running back James Conner (30) is tackled by Atlanta Falcons defensive end Courtney Upshaw (91) in the first half of an NFL preseason football game, Sunday, Aug. 20, 2017, in Pittsburgh. (AP Photo/Don Wright)PITTSBURGH (AP) — Rookie running back James Conner set up Pittsburgh’s winning fourth-quarter touchdown pass in the Steelers’ 17-13 exhibition victory over the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday.Conner, the former University of Pittsburgh star who overcame Hodgkin’s lymphoma and a serious right knee injury to reach the NFL, broke off runs of 17 and 19 yards, leading to Bart Houston’s 6-yard touchdown pass to Justin Hunter.Conner was greeted with an ovation on the third series of the game when he made his first carry. The third-round pick busted off three other runs longer than 10 yards and ended his NFL debut with 98 yards rushing on 20 carries.Matt Ryan led the Falcons to a touchdown in his only series and finished 4 of 6 for 57 yards. In two series during the preseason, Ryan, the 2016 NFL’s Most Valuable Player and Offensive Player of the Year, has gone 6 of 8 for 88 yards with a touchdown and a 123.6 passer rating.Pittsburgh receiver Martavis Bryant played his first game more than 18 months.The NFL suspended Bryant in March 2016 for a second violation of its substance abuse policy. He also opened the 2015 season with a four-game suspension because of multiple violations of the league’s substance abuse policy. Bryant, who is still in the process of being fully reinstated by the league, remains suspended, but is permitted to participate in all preseason activities — including practices and games.Steelers rookie Josh Dobbs targeted Bryant on the first play of the game, but the offense sputtered with consecutive three-and-outs. Dobbs, a fourth-round pick, was 10 of 19 for 70 yards with an interception.Bryant, who had two catches for 20 yards, later fumbled an end-around, but made up for it with a 23-yard reception on a drive that ended with a field goal.Tevin Coleman got the start at running back for the Falcons with Devonta Freeman previously ruled out with a concussion. But the Falcons’ primary backfield focus was the competition for the third running back spot.Terron Ward, who ran for 48 yards against Miami, was strong again Sunday. He finished with nine carries for 37 yards and a touchdown. Ward ran for 151 yards in five games last season.Fifth-round pick Brian Hill rushed for 14 yards on seven carries. The former Wyoming product player also struggled in the team’s first preseason game against Miami, gaining 10 yards on nine carries.Falcons first-round pick Takkarist McKinley made his NFL debut.The defensive end had surgery for a torn labrum and fractured right shoulder socket in March and was held out of the preseason opener. The 6-foot-2, 250-pound McKinley had 10 sacks and 18 tackles for loss as a college senior last season at UCLA. He is expected to add punch to a pass rush that features Vic Beasley, who led the league with 15.5 sacks in 2016.WIDE OUTS OUTPittsburgh’s Antonio Brown and Atlanta’s Julio Jones, two of the top receivers in the NFL, sat out Sunday.Steelers coach Mike Tomlin held out Brown for the second straight preseason game. Brown finished second in the league in receptions (106) and touchdowns (12) and fifth with 1,284 yards in 2016.Jones was held out for the second straight preseason game following offseason foot surgery. Jones, who has reported no problems in his recovery, has been limited in training camp. The two-time All-Pro caught 136 passes in 2015, second-most in NFL history, and finished with 1,409 receiving yards last season.ALSO MISSINGFreeman (concussion) was previously ruled out in what coach Dan Quinn described as a precaution. Quinn previously said the injury is not expected to be a long-term issue. Freeman, the league’s highest-paid running back, has rushed for 1,000 yards in back-to-back seasons. He caught a 15-yard touchdown pass in the Falcon’s first preseason game.Tomlin held out quarterback Ben Roethlisberger out for the second straight preseason game. Backup Landry Jones also sat out with an abdominal injury.BIG PLAYSPittsburgh’s Trey Williams returned a punt 64 yards for a touchdown in the third quarter. Steelers linebacker Anthony Chickillo had two sacks. Pittsburgh’s Jordan Dangerfield picked off two passes, while Quincy Mauger and Akeem King had interceptions for the Falcons.INJURY REPORTSteelers nose tackle Javon Hargrave left in the first quarter with a concussion, and linebacker Steven Johnson sustained a hamstring injury.UP NEXTFalcons: Host hosts Indianapolis on Saturday night.Steelers: Host Arizona on Saturday night.___For more NFL coverage: and read more

Shout-out to the Black news correspondents for standing behind Jemele Hill

first_imgYou know the old saying, “not all superheroes wear capes.” Well, it certainly applies to several members of the Black Press, who came together like Voltron in defense of Black sports journalist Jemele Hill amid the controversy over her Twitter comments about Donald Trump.Sept. 13th photo of Jemelle Hill posing with five Black sports commentators who also work for ESPN (Twitter Photo @jemelehill)Hill, currently an anchor for ESPN’s flagship program “SportsCenter,” drew criticism when she described Trump as a “White supremacist” during a casual “Twitter debate” on Sept. 11 with some of her Twitter followers.“Donald Trump is a White supremacist who has largely surrounded himself [with] other White supremacists,” Hill tweeted from her personal Twitter account. “Trump is the most ignorant, offensive president of my lifetime. His rise is a direct result of White supremacy. Period.”Her comments prompted ESPN to issue a statement denouncing the tweets, saying they “do not represent the position of ESPN. We have addressed this with Jemele and she recognizes her actions were inappropriate.”Some would argue that ESPN’s statement was unnecessary, as Hill said nothing inappropriate. I personally believe everything she said in describing President Trump was completely accurate and factual. She didn’t use offensive language, or make offensive jokes. She merely described Trump’s extreme racially offensive behavior since he first began his campaign for the presidency years ago. So I’ve had a hard time understanding exactly what ESPN was referring to when it labeled Hill’s actions as inappropriate.But it appears things may have gotten far worse for Hill than just a statement from her employer, had it not been for the heroic actions taken by some of her peers at ESPN.According to ThinkProgress, ESPN initially attempted to keep Hill from appearing on SportsCenter on Sept. 13, but her co-anchor, Michael Smith refused to appear without her. ThinkProgress reported that ESPN then reached out to Michael Eves and Elle Duncan, two other Black anchors of the network, to replace both Hill and Smith on the show, but Eves and Duncan also refused. Faced with the possibility of having to replace Hill and Smith with White anchors, ESPN reversed course and allowed Hill to do the show.Of course, ESPN refuted ThinkProgress’ report, calling its claims false. But you can’t help but believe it’s true, especially given the network’s history of terminating employees who make politically controversial statements.When White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said she considered Hill’s comments “a fireable offense by ESPN,” I honestly feared for Hill’s job. Why would anyone be surprised to see her lose her job, considering we’ve all just witnessed Colin Kaepernick get ousted from the NFL for essentially doing the same thing Hill did: piss off White America.So regardless of what ESPN may admit, I know in my heart that Hill’s job really was in danger, and the only thing that saved her was her brothers and sisters from the Black Press. Hill hasn’t confirmed the rumors that Eves and Duncan refused to sit in for her, but she did post a photo on Twitter on Sept. 13 of her posing with five Black sports commentators who also work for ESPN and, like Hill, are also members of the National Association of Black Journalists. Hill captioned the photo, saying “Love that my NABJ brothers came to a check on me.”I love it, too, Jemele. But what I love even more is how they showed that as long as we stick together, nothing can break us. read more

Column: Reviewing 2018 based on all 14 clubs in the bag

first_img4-IRONKoepka had a one-shot lead with three holes to play in the PGA Championship when he came to the 248-yard 16th hole at Bellerive. He hit a laser of a 4-iron to 6 feet for a birdie that sent him to his second major of the year. “That will probably go down as one of the best shots I’ve ever hit under pressure,” he said.5-IRON“We’re not here to lay up. It’s a major. You’re going to have to take some chances at some point during the week,” Marc Leishman said. And that’s what he did on the par-5 15th hole at Augusta National in the second round at the Masters. His tee shot was too far left, leaving trees between him and the flag. Leishman hooded his 5-iron and hit a 40-yard hook that just caught the front of the green, bounced up and rolled out to 6 feet for eagle.6-IRONFrancesco Molinari started the back nine of his flawless finish in the Quicken Loans National with a 50-foot eagle putt. But his best shot was on the next hole, where his 6-iron to a back right pin settled just under 2 feet for birdie. The 11th hole at TPC Potomac at Avenel Farm yielded only one other birdie in the final round. Molinari shot 62 and won by eight.7-IRONJason Day had a one-shot lead at the Wells Fargo Championship when he came to the par-3 17th hole, with a back pin on a peninsula green that was running hard and fast. On one of the most daunting holes at Quail Hollow, his 7-iron from 230 yards hit the pin and settled 3 feet away for birdie that sent him to his second victory of the year.8-IRONFinau had a Ryder Cup debut to remember, especially on the par-3 16th hole. Finau and Koepka were 1 down when Finau’s 8-iron was headed for the water. Instead, it struck a 12-inch wide board framing the green, soared into the air and plopped down 3 feet away to square the match, which the Americans won on the 18th. It was as lucky as any shot in the Ryder Cup. And it still didn’t help the Americans end 25 years of losing on European soil.9-IRONKoepka is most proud of his 9-iron into the par-3 17th for par because it was such a hard green to hold. But it was his 9-iron to a back pin on the par-5 16th hole at Shinnecock that settled 3 feet away. The birdie gave him a two-shot lead in the U.S. Open with two holes to play.PITCHING WEDGEWoods thought it was the moment that would lead to victory in the British Open. He was in a bunker on the 10th fairway and looked almost certain to lay up short of the burn. Instead, Woods generated enormous speed with a pitching wedge for a shot that narrowly cleared the vetted face of the bunker and came up a few feet short of the green. It would have been the signature moment, except that he made double bogey two holes later and slid from contention. He still called it his best of the year.GAP WEDGEJustin Thomas knew he needed a birdie on the 18th hole of the Mexico Championship to have even a remote chance. He did one better. His gap wedge from 119 yards spun back into the cup for an eagle and a 64, and it was good enough to get into a playoff. He wound up losing to Phil Mickelson on the first extra hole.LOB WEDGEMolinari played bogey-free in the final round at Carnoustie while all of his challengers made mistakes over the final few holes of the British Open. He wasn’t in the last group. The Open wasn’t over. After a clutch drive that avoided a bunker on the 18th, the Italian hit lob wedge to 5 feet and holed the birdie putt, effectively clinching his first major championship.PUTTERThe most memorable shot with the putter didn’t go in the hole. Phil Mickelson only wanted to make sure it didn’t go off the front of the 13th green on Saturday at the U.S. Open. So he trotted over and slapped at the ball as it was still moving , an egregious rules violation. Mickelson says he knew the penalty (two shots) and liked that better than having to play from off the green. He also knew his U.S. Open was over. He made a 10 and shot 81, matching his worst score in the only major he hasn’t won. In this Aug. 12, 2018, file photo, Brooks Koepka celebrates after making his birdie putt on the 16th green during the final round of the PGA Championship golf tournament at Bellerive Country Club, in St. Louis. His 4-iron into the green was among the defining shots of the year. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson, File) Brooks Koepka used a 9-iron on consecutive full swings in the final round at Shinnecock Hills. One led to birdie, the other led to par. Both were crucial in making him the first back-to-back U.S. Open champion in 29 years.Tiger Woods showed glimpses of being back on his game with a long iron and a short one. Tony Finau hit one of the luckiest shots in Ryder Cup history.They were among the memorable shots using all 14 clubs in the bag, from driver to putter, that helped shape 2018 on the PGA Tour.In this July 22, 2018, file photo, Tiger Woods watches his shot on the 10th hole during the final round for the 147th British Open Golf championships in Carnoustie, Scotland. Woods says his pitching wedge from the bunker was his best shot of the year. (AP Photo/Peter Morrison, File)DRIVERDustin Johnson hit the best shot he never saw. His driver on the 433-yard 12th hole at Kapalua disappeared over a steep slope and finally stopped rolling 6 inches in front of the cup. It didn’t factor in the outcome — Johnson won by eight shots — but it sparked a new round of debate on distance, even though the wind was at his back and the last 120 yards are downhill with the grain. It didn’t help that Johnson said he caught it a little thin. He was joking.3-WOODHideki Matsuyama might have hit an even longer shot with his 3-wood, except the Barry Burn got in the way. Matsuyama’s tee shot on the 10th hole at Carnoustie in the first round of the British Open went an estimated 405 yards before it dropped over the edge and into the water. “I couldn’t believe it,” Matsuyama said. It was an example of how tough an Open can play when players have to guess how far the ball will roll on a fast links.5-WOODJustin Thomas was 259 yards from the hole on the par-5 18th in a playoff at the Honda Classic.He went with 5-wood, which he thought was enough until he started farther right than he wanted. It was getting dark, and Thomas couldn’t see. “All I was looking at was the water to see if it splashed,” he said. It didn’t. He saw a tiny white dot on the green, and the two-putt birdie on the par-5 18th gave Thomas the win.3-IRONJust about every tournament brought a moment that indicated Woods was back to being Woods. One of those moments was the opening round of the BMW Championship at rain-softened Aronimink. From 242 yards on the par-5 16th, Woods hit a 3-iron high and straight. It landed 8 feet in front of the hole and stopped 5 feet next to the pin for an eagle on his way to a 62. It was the first time he had at least a share of the lead after any round in five years.last_img read more

NBA Recap, 27/4/19 – Durant scores 50 as the Warriors win the series against…

first_imgGolden State Warriors’ Kevin Durant reacts after making a three-point basket during the first half in Game 6 of a first-round NBA basketball playoff series against the Los Angeles Clippers Friday, April 26, 2019, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)Advertisement 52c65mNBA Finals | Brooklyn VsptrxWingsuit rodeo📽Sindre E223ss( IG: @_aubreyfisher @imraino ) 7g0xmdWould you ever consider trying this?😱xcaCan your students do this? 🌚60p5Roller skating! Powered by Firework Kevin Durant had a mammoth game as the Golden State Warriors progressed to the Western Conference semi-finals. They defeated the Los Angeles Clippers 129-110 in the Staples Center in Game 6. Durant scored 50 points as the Warriors clinched a tough series.Advertisement Not many expected the Clipper to put up a fight in this series, but Doc Rivers’ team had other ideas. They won two games, but the Warriors were better for them in the end. Durant was the main man in Game 6, and he scored the most points in a half of a playoff game in history. KD has 38 in the first half, which set the tone for the rest of the match.Advertisement Draymond Green had a triple-double, with 16 points, 10 assists, and 14 rebounds. Stephen Curry added 24 points, and the Warriors bounced back from their Game 5 loss. Danilo Gallinari top-scored for the Clippers with 29 points. Meanwhile, rookie Shai Gilgeous-Alexander scored 22 points for the home side.The Warriors will face the Rockets in the next round. These two sides met in the conference finals last year, and the Warriors prevailed 4-3 then. It will be another tough series this time as well. That’s all the action from today, visit this space tomorrow for more of the same!Advertisement Advertisementlast_img read more