PNG registers third win in women’s volleyball

first_imgThey beat Solomon Islands 3-0 to secure a spot in the top six that will compete in the playoffs on Thursday.Good ball placement and defence from key players Lois Garena, Zoe Awadu, Kemmy Manoni and Michelle Walo helped PNG win the first set by a huge margin 25-10.In the second set, the home girls maintained lead in a close encounter 25-21. Solomon Islands fought hard in the third set but it was PNG who raced to victory with another margin score 25-12.In other matches today, Fiji defeated Wallis & Futuna 3-0, Tahiti beat Tuvalu 3-0 and Guam thrashed New Caledonia 3-0.last_img

Foreclosure aid

first_imgRe “Foreclosure aid may be on way” (Business, Aug. 2): Why does City Councilman Richard Alarc&oacute:n think that it is my responsibility to bail out mortgage companies, big banks and individuals who make bad business decisions? I take responsibility for the decisions (good and bad) that I make and find it reprehensible that an elected official would take my money to gain access to contributions from big business and to buy votes. The ruse is called socialism. There are a growing number of citizens (myself included) who are getting mighty upset with government officials and their socialistic tactics. – Carol Milton Woodland Hills How many cops? Re “How many cops work the Valley?” (Aug. 2): While the City Council diddles around with a nonproblem that affects hardly anybody, like smoking in parks, the gangs are running rampant and taking control of large areas of the city, which affects so many people. Then Councilman Greig Smith spouts nonsense, like the LAPD has more officers than it ever had. Oh, we’ll sleep so much better knowing that. The point is not that we have MORE officers, but do we have ENOUGH police officers? – Sandy Sand West Hills It’s about money Re “Council tackles two burning issues” (Aug. 2): Two City Council stories are on the front page today. One about it thumbing its nose at federal law and the other about banning smoking in parks. People who think it has the best interests of the citizens at heart need their heads examined. Continuing the illegal sales of marijuana means eventual tax dollars. Banning smoking in parks is a great idea, but the council isn’t doing it to protect nonsmokers. If the public good came first, sales and use of smoking tobacco would be illegal in L.A. By banning smoking in certain areas, it guarantees money coming in from fines and taxes from tobacco sales. The City Council’s actions are all about getting our money, nothing else. – John R. Schlank Granada Hills Community work Thank you for the wonderful article, “Graffiti fighter gains crew” (Aug. 2) on your front page, no less. I was beginning to think it was reserved for naughty movie stars and superstars. It was so nice to see some good news about people doing things for their community. The Coronado family and De La Salle School are the superstars here, in reminding us of what can be done by those who truly care and by taking their own time to make the community a better place. – Rosemary McAnany Chatsworth Radio royalties? Re “Berman vows to change radio royalties” (Aug. 2): With the myriad of problems facing this country, it is beyond my comprehension as to why Rep. Howard Berman would put an emphasis on radio royalties. Who cares about Patsy Cline’s estate? Every time we read a book, should we pay the author and publisher? Every time we sit on a couch, should we pay the furniture company? Every time we play a CD at home, should we pay the record company? (Albeit, I sure don’t want to give the politicians any more dumb ideas.) Our politicians need to get working on the very pressing concerns of the United States and stop this foolishness. – Karen Jackson Valley Village Community planning Re “Balancing needs” (Our Opinions, Aug. 2): To quote the Daily News, the “old ways of building anything anywhere with little regard for surrounding neighborhoods, no longer works ….” That is precisely the point. Home Depot is appropriate for industrial zones. The proposed Foothill site is in a community-oriented small-business and residential area. Since Kmart closed, residents must drive to Glendale or Burbank to shop for everyday necessities. And so far as Home Depot supplying “needed jobs,” a general merchandise store provides jobs, too, and would better serve the surrounding community. Isn’t that what community planning is all about? – Deb Baumann Sun Valley The important things Re “Petty cash” (Your Opinions, Aug. 2): As a voter, I resent being called a “moron” by letter writer Bill Merriman. Maybe we allow incompetent bureaucrats to squander billions and billions of dollars, but we never lose sight of truly important issues. Don’t forget, we jailed notorious criminal Paris Hilton, cheered the coronation of Queen Victoria Beckham, shunned the jezebels Lindsay and Britney, and most importantly, demanded the return of our comics. – Michael Guetzow Woodland Hills Budget impasse Our legislators have one job: the state budget. The Assembly did its job. The governator stands ready to do his. Our Senate has failed its most important task. They need to compromise or resign. How do we encourage action? Stop payments to senators and their staffs. Require that they return funds received after the budget deadline. Stop payment to all commissioners and commissions (coastal, transportation, environmental, etc.). They don’t need to meet when there’s no money to spend. Halt state construction projects. Assure funding for health and human services, education, assistance programs and law enforcement. Taxes are coming in and citizens come before politicians. Immediately start the process of recalling every member of the state Senate. – Pete Brown Sylmar [Where the fault lies Re “Less is more” (Your Opinions, Aug. 1): I agree with the Sylmar lady who wrote “Less is more.” Let’s stop those pesky illegals. They are the main reason for our freeway gridlock and overcrowded public transportation (sarcasm). Ask their employers to stop hiring them as nannies, construction workers, gardeners, and carwash attendants. This would make more room on the freeways for their employers’ BMWs and Escalades. I use both freeways and Metrolink and see more legal immigrants than illegal. People need a reality check. Stop blaming the illegals. Blame the government for allowing them in and blame your law-breaking neighbors, friends and family for hiring them. – Manny Rodriguez Simi Valley Wise and enlightened Re “Less is more” (Your Opinions, Aug. 1): How mesmerized and amazed I was to read your opinion on how to fix the gridlock problem. I still cannot get over all the wisdom and enlightenment I received by reading such a complex idea. Perhaps you should work for our wonderful president, George “War” Bush, because with such bright ideas, you should be driving your own car with the whole freeway to yourself. And to improve upon your wonderful, terrific, amazing idea, let us stop ignorant folks from driving. That way, streets, freeways and highways will be nearly empty. – Edgardo Sanchez Canoga Park It takes a human Re “Glorifying pit bulls” (Your Opinions, July 28): Pit bulls are protective by nature, but not innately destructive. It takes a human to make them killers. News stories involving pit bulls represent a sociological problem with the owners, not a biological problem with the breed. I had two dogs when my kids were born. My pit bull mix was great with the kids, and very protective of the family and house. My fluffy shepherd-mix would nip at the kids if they romped too much or too closely. – John S. Green Northridge Learning from Ron President Bush could and should learn something from such people as Daily News Editor Ron Kaye. Hats off to Kaye, who listened when the readers let him know loud and clear that they weren’t happy with the changes in the comics, etc. He publicly apologized and has taken the necessary steps to correct the situation. He even went so far as to include missed strips of comics with ongoing story lines. Are you listening, George? – Carolyn Whitehead Canyon Country [Setting an example In view of the almost impossible task of uniting the Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds to create a viable government, the least Congress can do is learn what the frightening consequences are of unbridled partisan hatred. Watching our Congress, with its mutual distrust, seems like a copycat version of what is is happening in Iraq. – Harold Gold Woodland Hills Whatcha smokin’? L.A.’s leaders want pot smokin’ to be OK, and cigarette smokin’ to be fined $250, citing the mantra: “It’s for the kids.” – J. L. Hiller Lancaster160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more