Differing views on the enigma that is Turkey

first_imgIn addition to this and other important issues the plan did not guarantee the return of all the refugees to their land and their properties, but only a fraction of them, while allowing all the Turkish settlers to remain in our homes. The plan included permanent derogations from the EU acquis communautaire, while not providing for the real unification of the island; thus, perpetuating its division.Lakis Charalambous President of Kypros Fundación CharalambousCancúnMexico As Europe and the world judges Turkey, perhaps it’s time to learn why these worldly women – archaeologists, missionaries, Peace Corps volunteers, entrepreneurs and more – fell in love with the country, the culture, and its people. We would be pleased to supply you with further information about the project and access to the contributors of true tales that refute the widely held belief that Turkey is a barbaric nation requiring the refined tutelage of Europe and the Western world.The book will be published in English by a Turkish-American press in Istanbul, Winter 2005 and later in Turkish.Anastasia M. Ashman and Jennifer Eaton GokmenIstanbulFrom Lakis Charalambous We agree that Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been an exemplary leader in the region. We also believe that the Turkish culture serves as an example to the rest of Europe, so well developed is it in terms of gentility, civility and humanity.We are joined in this belief by 40 other women from five nations, all expatriate writers like us, who have lived, worked and travelled throughout Turkey for the past four decades. We are collecting their tales in the upcoming non-fiction anthology: Tales From The Expat Harem: Foreign Women in Modern Turkey.center_img I write on behalf of Cypriot citizens, to be precise, from the part of Cyprus that Turkey invaded in an unjust and uneven war in 1974. We Cypriots citizens were forced from our homeland to become refugees along with 200,000 others within our own country.In a few days the EU will decide whether Turkey will be granted the privilege of accession negotiations. We feel it is our obligation to remind you that Turkey still occupies a huge part of our country to this day, a country that is now a member of the European Union, yet Turkey deprives the rights of Cypriots to live in their own land.How is it possible not to demand the withdrawal of Turkish troops from Cyprus, now European soil, and only demand compliance with the Copenhagen criteria prior to accession negotiations?How is it possible to even begin accession negotiations with a country that has not signed the protocol extending the Customs Union with the ten new EU member states, because of Turkey’s refusal to recognize Cyprus, a member of the EU?How is it possible to negotiate the accession of Turkey to the Union when Cypriot refugees are prohibited to reclaim their properties, live in their ancestral homes without moratoriums and restrictions, while other Europeans can live anywhere they wish?We would also like to take this opportunity to clarify that the rejection by the majority of the Greek Cypriots of the Annan Plan was mainly due to the fact that this plan did not include the immediate withdrawal of the Turkish troops and allowed a part of them to remain there forever. last_img read more

Court campaigners refuse to give up fight against closure

first_imgCampaigners fighting to keep Chichester Combined Court Centre open have vowed they will not give up – despite the government’s confirmation of closure.More than 200 people attended a protest outside the building earlier this month and discussions have started on a potential legal challenge.The Ministry of Justice has said the building is in poor condition and requires significant investment. Work will be transferred primarily to Worthing.Chichester MP Andrew Tyrie, in a letter to the MoJ, said the decision was ‘wholly unacceptable’ and not backed up by economic evidence. The county and district councils also oppose closure. Tyrie said the consultation response was ambiguous about which, if any, of the facilities in Chichester was being retained.‘The Ministry of Justice’s response is not reasonable. Nor is it adequately explained. Frankly, it is a shambles.’Closure of the building would leave West Sussex as one of only two counties – and certainly the most populated – without a crown court.The county council said it had responded ‘fully and forcefully’ to the MoJ consultation.‘This will mean longer waiting times and further distances to travel to access courts and will add considerably to the cost and effort of getting access to justice,’ added a council spokesman.Senior councillors met last week with two retired circuit judges with a view to a coordinated appeal against closure. A public meeting could be held in the coming weeks to organise support.The government has already admitted to giving an inaccurate usage figure in its impact assessment for Chichester Combined Court, previously thought to be the busiest court earmarked for closure.In a response to a freedom of information request from the Gazette last year, the MoJ said usage for 2014/15 was 60% and not the 78% stated initially. Campaigners to save the court have suggested usage is actually much nearer the 92% recorded five years ago.HMCTS says it will seek to identify alternative arrangements for dealing with county court and family court hearings, or provide video links from alternative venues in Chichester.Its response acknowledged that some people will need to travel further to court, particularly those using public transport, but said arrangements will be made to relocate cases in closer Horsham and Brighton, where appropriate.Advances in technology, the response said, should mean fewer people will need to physically attend court.A total of 62 responses to the consultation proposal for Chichester were received, of which one was in support of closure.last_img read more

Riga “Dinamo” approves Nizhny Novgorod and Vilkoit as Ant assistants –…

first_imgRaimonds Vilkoits was the head coach of the HK “Rīga” team last season, but Aleksandrs Nizhivijs was his assistant, and under the leadership of these specialists, the team entered the MHL championship play-off. Raimonds Vilkoits (1990) after the end of his hockey career in the summer of 2017 became the assistant head coach of HK “Rīga”, but in 2019 he was appointed the head coach of the HK “Rīga” team.Aleksandrs Ņiživijs (1976) is a legend of the Latvian national team and the Riga “Dinamo” team, the club announced. After the end of his brilliant career as a player, Nizhevijs started working as a coach in the Riga “Dinamo” club system in the summer of 2014. For part of the season, Aleksandrs Nizhivijs also worked as the head coach of HK “Lido” in the Latvian championship.Raivis Miezāns (1987) has been performing the duties of a physical fitness coach in the DINAMO RĪGA team since the summer of 2016.In an interview with Sportacentrs.com on Monday, the ant already indicated that it will work with these specialists in training, but an addition to the team of coaches is still expected. Ant did not deny that the goalkeeper coach could be from Russia, saying that it is being worked on.Resources used:https://www.dinamoriga.lv/lv/zinas/…last_img read more