Diesel-battery hybrid trial ends

first_imgUK: Brush Traction is to return the Class 43 HST power car used to test lithium ion battery hybrid traction technology to its original diesel-only specification. Developed with Hitachi and Porterbrook Leasing, the Hayabusa power car has been running as part of Network Rail’s New Measurement Train since 2007 (RG 7.07 p428).Watch Hayabusa in action Conversion entailed installing a lithium ion battery and inverter in a Mk III coach permanently coupled to the power car. Energy regenerated during braking was stored for re-use. Experience with the inspection train demonstrated fuel savings on the single power car ranging from 12% on long runs to 20% on duties with frequent braking. The power car is to be used from December by East Midlands Trains, which is understood to have been able to accept the loss of a coach for the battery, but the non-standard power car would have complicated operations.last_img read more

Juvenile held after pulling alarm

first_imgBy RAY QUIROGAPort Isabel-South Padre [email protected] Derry Elementary School student will more than likely think twice before pulling a stunt similar to the one he allegedly pulled late last week.According to Port Isabel Fire Marshal Rodrigo Garcia, at about 9:37 a.m. last Friday, an 11-year-old Derry student, who was being escorted by a teacher, pulled one of the school’s fire alarms, forcing the evacuation of the student body and staff. First responders were also called to the scene fully expecting to confront an emergency situation when arriving to the campus, Garcia said.When asked by the teacher why he pulled the alarm, the male student replied with a shrug, saying only that he did it because he wanted to.But while the student may have believed that his actions would warrant a slap on the wrist, Garcia said that the young suspect and his parents were a bit shocked to discover that pulling or causing a false alarm in a school is a jailable offense, no matter the age of the perpetrator.Garcia added that if the perpetrator is under the age of 10, the suspect’s parent or parents could be fined and or jailed.In this particular case, Garcia said the juvenile was taken to the Port Isabel Police Department where he was booked for causing a false alarm at a public school which is a Class “A” misdemeanor in the State of Texas, and he was ultimately remanded to the Darrel Hester Juvenile Justice Center in San Benito where he awaited bail. Garcia went on to add that because the incident occurred in a public school, the incident jumps from a Class “C” to a Class “A” misdemeanor.Garcia said that both the boy and his mother were remorseful and began to cry when they realized the severity of the child’s actions.Garcia concluded by saying that this incident was the third false alarm he investigated within the week. The other two occurred at the Garriga Elementary and the Port Isabel Junior High campus. No suspects were apprehended in those incidents.Read this story in the Dec. 20 edition of the Port Isabel-South Padre Press, or subscribe to our E-Edition by clicking here. Share RelatedGarcia celebrates 40th year with districtBy CHRISTINA R. GARZA Staff Writer [email protected]  Rita “Nina” Garcia is passionate about education. The Port Isabel Junior High School counselor will celebrate her 40th year working for the Point Isabel Independent School District. Garcia and her husband Rudy, currently director of Project Puente, an after-school program, were born and…May 16, 2013In “News”Superintendent: No truth to mass layoff rumorBy HEATHER C. COX Special to the PRESS The Point Isabel Independent School District, along with the other 1,264 districts across the state, has experienced significant budget cuts this year. “We’re operating in the neighborhood of half a million dollars less than before,” said PIISD Superintendent of Schools Lisa Garcia.…November 8, 2012In “News”District reacts to Newtown shootingBy CRAIG ALANIZ Reporter/Photographer [email protected]  The school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut on Friday, December 14, sent shockwaves throughout the United States that were felt in the Laguna Madre area. Point Isabel Independent School District Superintendent Dr. Lisa Garcia said the tragic events that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School in…December 20, 2012In “News”last_img read more

Handicapped crabs can still bluff their way to victory

first_imgMale fiddler crabs (Uca lactea) do epic battle with their massive claws, grappling with their opponents and sometimes tossing them into the air. But crabs whose fighting limbs have been torn off regrow hollow claws: fakes that look like the original solid pincers, but don’t hold up nearly as well in an actual fight. And new research shows they’ve developed a few cheap tactics to compensate. These hollow-clawed crustaceans tend to pick on smaller crabs, possibly in an effort to intimidate their rivals into backing down before a fight becomes too violent—and their hollow claws are exposed for the fragile weapons they are. In 138 crab battles, those with a hollow-clawed male were only about 1/8 as likely to progress to the “fling” stage—the most violent kind of fight—as those between two crabs with their original claws, according to a paper published yesterday in Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology. But males with solid claws are wise to the cheaters’ tricks. In many of the observed fights, these males didn’t back down even against crabs with substantially larger weapons—and when those goliaths were wielding hollow claws, they ended up retreating almost half the time.last_img read more