Is an Apple TV refresh imminent

first_imgWith all of the rumors of an Apple TV set we’ve been hearing, you may have thought that the current Apple TV set-top box would be on its way out. That doesn’t appear to be the case, as signs are pointing to a new model hitting stores soon.The speculation started with a $10 price drop on the existing model that was made by both Amazon and Best Buy. Adding fuel to the fire, Amazon also renamed the device’s listing from “Apple TV” to “Apple TV (2010).” This all adds up to suggest that the new Apple TV could be in stores just in time for Black Friday.An updated Apple TV could potentially bring the dual-core A5 processor (the current model has the single-core A4). Other possible hardware upgrades include: 1080p playback, 512MB of RAM, and more storage.The software side, however, is where the most exciting additions could come. We will likely see iCloud integration in the next update. This could let users download their music collections via iTunes Match, browse their pictures with Photo Stream, view calendar events and reminders, and possibly even browse documents.While it wouldn’t likely hit this year, the biggest software addition that Apple could bring would be Siri. When Steve Jobs (now famously) stated that he had finally “cracked the code” of an Apple TV, many speculated that the voice-recognition assistant would play an integral part. It wouldn’t necessarily be impossible for Apple to add Siri to this year’s Apple TV, but don’t count on it.As for the possibility of that Apple TV set (iTV?) being what’s right around the corner, you can forget about seeing that before 2012. A new product unveiling of that magnitude would be accompanied by a huge event — complete with a keynote address, promo videos, and pre-orders. It’s way too late for all of that to happen before Black Friday, and there’s no way Apple is going to release it after that in 2011.While the discount on the current Apple TV from Amazon and Best Buy isn’t a bad deal, you might be wise to wait until next week before scooping one up. You just may be able to get a much-improved new media box for only $10 more.via 9to5Maclast_img read more